How to Successfully Follow Up with Literary Agents

okay I can start so I'm pretty fast at my queries and submission you started with so you have to start over – yeah what I'm about well I usually respond to most of my queries in a week if I'm in the office yeah about that and submissions right now I am reading the submissions in the month or in yes that's where I like to stay otherwise they get a little overwhelmed and yeah I love CD as you know but we're special yeah of course not everyone is that quick now when not everyone's that quick you got to do some nudging yeah and I and I'm gonna be honest everybody hates following up on things agents hate you know pushing editors on submissions and authors hate pushing agents and submissions but it is a necessary evil yes and the first place to start is with that agency's guidelines on their website every agent has different sets of guidelines I can't even tell you ours I believe our response time on queries is four to six weeks and our submissions are 12 8 to 12 weeks yeah so up to 12 weeks I would do your best not to nudge before those times if for some reason an agency does not have a time frame listed you could probably use 4 to 6 weeks on queries and 8 to 12 weeks and submissions as a general guide for any agency that doesn't have it listed do not nudge before the end date so don't nudge at 8 weeks on a submission and say I know your time frame is 8 to 12 weeks but I haven't heard anything yet because it hasn't been 12 weeks right I also find this weird thing it doesn't happen as much anymore because I don't request as much so I don't have a backlog like I used to but sort of consistently authors would nudge it exactly the 12-week mark and sadly my rejection was crossing paths with a nudge and so it looked like the nudge created the reject which it never does unless you're in nudging every five minutes than it might so how do you go about even wording the nudge I think it's just a matter of saying I'm following up on the query I sent such and such date you know looking forward to hearing from you I would say submission I don't know if you follow up on queries I mean book ends policy is to respond to everything so am I thinking on that is if you haven't heard on a query I think query manager that gives you a status update they give you the link you can track it yeah so you can track it so you should know whether it's been responded to or not so if it hasn't with a query I would just assume it hasn't been gotten to yet yes for booking specific yeah but there are some agents who the no response means no which I know is stressful to authors the way I always think of that is if you haven't had a response in the six to eight week or four to eight week was it four to six week query response time whatever it is then just assume after the end of that response time the doctor pass yes so if you are finding yourself desperate for an answer check those guidelines and if you surpass them send a gentle nudge if not hang tight hopefully you will get receive a response soon

5 thoughts on “How to Successfully Follow Up with Literary Agents

  1. I just wanted you to know that your videos are my favorite. I know you’re busy, but I would love to see them more often and a little bit longer! Thanks! ☺️

  2. I once nudged an agent before I should have and I felt so stupid. πŸ˜‚ after that I haven't nudged anyone again. Being 19 and trying to get published is sometimes a really messy journey πŸ˜‚

  3. Your bookends jr. logo is sooo stinking cute! It fits perfect with its parent. I love it!

  4. Great video! I’ve embarrassed the ever living crap out of myself nudging. If anyone needs tips on the wrong way, hit me up. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Your videos are always right on the money and informative. Keep them coming! Thanks.

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