How to Understand the Dewey Decimal System

How to Understand the Dewey Decimal System. The Dewey Decimal System is a logical and
popular book classification system for libraries and schools. You will need Library and understanding of
decimals and numbers. Step 1. Understand that the Dewey Decimal System categorizes
books according to 10 broad classes, including computers, technology, arts, and literature. The Dewey Decimal numbers on the spines of
books are “call numbers.”The book’s Dewey number and the first three letters of the
author’s last name make up the book’s call number. Step 2. Learn the classification within the 10 main
categories, which divide books according to subject matter. For instance, the 700 class, Arts, is subdivided
into 10 divisions, including Drawing, Painting, and Music. Step 3. Consider subdivisions within subdivisions. For example, within 750, Painting, you will
find Color, Symbolism, Religion, and Human Figures. Step 4. Divide the subdivisions into sections. The subdivision of class 700, Arts, includes
the division 750, Painting, which includes 759, Historical, which comprises such sections
as 759.11 (Canadian), 759.13 (American), and 759.2 (British). The decimal in the Dewey Decimal System lets
books be organized into smaller, more precise categories. Step 5. Arrange books numerically on shelves within
the library, according to the Dewey number. Step 6. Scan shelves of similar numeric groupings
to pinpoint a selected book. Dewey numbers range from 001 to 999. Did you know Did you know? The creator of the Dewey Decimal System, Melvil
Dewey, preferred to spell his last name “Dui.”

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  1. I just wanted a book on penguins


  2. Its the modern organization technique used by librarians instead of just alphabetical

  3. Dewey Decimal Classification is a system to arrange books on Libraries' shelves.

  4. I'm so glad we have the internet now and this method of research is almost obsolete.

    I say "almost" only because some books are not yet available in PDF and are not yet out dated.

  5. That is something way too confusing to make any sense at all. No wonders why the librarians loves the RFID tags installed in our library.

  6. Dewey = Dui, yes. He had health problems and wanted to save every step and letter.

  7. The subtitles are very important to share this beautiful video in Latin America, thanks!!!!

  8. There goes my library assistant career, I gave up a minute into the video.

  9. I used to work at a library and it too me a few days to learn the Dewey decimal system

  10. Disney's "An Extremely Goofy Movie" told me to respect the Dewey Decimal System…so here I am.

  11. I almost feel like this video was created to deter you from leaning the Dewey Decimal System. The music in the background sounded like spiraling out of control.

  12. "tHe dEWey DeCiMaL sYSteM iS an eAsY aNd coMmON PRActiCe in LiBraRieS"

  13. This is some very interesting information.  Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. question? why do they call the shelving that holds books in a Library Stacks?

  15. This literally did not help, they ask as if we already know the system, and we are just revising. 😛

  16. 1:18 Somebody didn't do a quick shelf-reading before filming? 759.5 Angelico… you are not in the right place!

  17. Someone in a video I just watched said this is hard stuff. I just googled it and learned this in 10 min.

  18. I haven't been in a library in 20 years. Kind of shame, but seriously. Never understood the system. I just wanted to go where they kept the Jules Verne novels.

  19. I'm pretty sure Dewy was the great grandfather of Dewy Cocks from the movie Walk The Line.

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