How to Use Windows Live Writer on Your Mac

everyone this is ryan from WP side care i wanted to do a tutorial today it's 1 i've actually meant to do for a while but i want to show you guys how to run Windows Live Writer on your Mac and it's actually not anywhere near as complicated as it sounds there is a small cost involved to get it to get it to work but the actual process of getting it to work is actually quite easy so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to come over here and open up a program called parallels desktop parallels is really awesome basically what it does is it allows you to run any windows any version of windows inside what's called a virtual machine basically you can run windows on your mac without any kind of hang ups or issues you can see i have windows XP and windows seven installed already but i'm going to go ahead and install windows 8 just be just so you can see that how you know how easy this process is i think people get intimidated by the idea of you know a virtual machine and what that is and what that entails so let's go ahead and create a new one here for for windows 8 and we want to go ahead and install windows from a DVD or image file I've downloaded that file to my computer already which brings up a point you will need to purchase a copy of windows in order to make this make this tutorial work you can obviously purchase whichever excuse me whichever version you're most comfortable with but for today's purposes we're going to install windows 8 so go ahead and select that click continue and we are going to choose our image file and it's just right here on our desktop so we're going to open that up continue and it kind of it actually really surprised me that how quickly how quickly we were able to install this so I'm actually going to go ahead and choose to run windows like windows okay we are back all I did literally was wait for windows to finish installing I didn't click anything else I didn't you know didn't I basically just waited 11 minutes windows is installed now and as you can see we are now running windows 8 on on our Mac so which is pretty sweet so the rest is pretty straightforward all we need to do is open up our browser browse for Windows Live Writer and we're going to download it here this should just take a second Oh we'll go ahead and install Windows Live Writer and we are now using well actually we're going to skip over all this stuff all this extra stuff we want to keep writer we'll go ahead and install writer all right so i have finished installing Windows Live Writer I didn't think you guys need to see that so I just let it go and from this point on you guys know what to do but but what I wanted to show you was something that it is pretty sweet because you know the process of opening up one of these virtual machines every time you want to use it or or something like that is not you know totally ideal so what I wanted to show you how to do is use Windows Live Writer without having to open a parrot without having to open a virtual machine so I'm not going to finish configuring windows live do you know how to do that but I do want to come over here and suspend this virtual machine and then I want to go ahead and close my virtual machine so what when we installed windows 8 on this mac it added a new folder called windows 8 applications now this is pretty sweet you're gonna like this so now you know I don't have parallels open anymore I'm going to come over here i'm going to open this windows 8 applications folder and i am going to find Windows Live Writer right here this is something that I can easily add to my desktop if I want to and what this does is it launches Windows Live Writer in what's called a coherence bloat and if your virtual machines already been started will never take this long but now our we're right back where we started but we're not inside any kind of extra window we're not running it doesn't we are running Windows but it's not within another window if that makes sense so it's just like any other application on our Mac we are able to use it just like we were on a Windows machine so let's go ahead and set this up really quick we're just going to set up set it up using my blog so we'll go ahead and choose oldest dad our address here username and we're set up and we're ready to go so again this is the here we are we're going to use Windows Live Writer on our Mac completely transparently just like we were going to use it on windows and here we are ready to write our post so I hope that was a good tutorial a little bit of waiting time and hope that was it wasn't too big a deal but now you know how to use Windows Live Writer on your Mac thanks

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