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Alright. So, for all of the up and coming rappers out
there who may be wondering how to write a 16-bar verse, here is how you do it. For the most part when you write a line across
the page, when you write a line across the page, more often than not, according to how
big you write, most rappers, I’ve done this many years, most rappers, when they write
a line across the page that usually equates to one bar. That equates to one bar. So, if you said “I’m the illest rapper alive. Watch me do my thing.” That’s usually one bar. So, 16 lines down the paper will equal to
16 bars. And to double check, what you usually do is
you find the section of the song, of an instrumental, that is the same amount of time as a regular
16 bar verse. And once you finish writing your 16 lines,
you measure it by rhyming, or rapping, your verse along that same time period. If it goes over than you know it’s over. But, more often than not, 16 lines on a paper
will lead you into 16-bar verses.

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  1. I'm the illest rapper alive watch me do my thing
    I contradict all your beliefs i got not bling
    I'm reppin the south and the 423
    I hate fakes i wouldn't even spew thee
    But when ya see me pull up in my lude
    You can't count all the money i've accrued
    I cruise fabreeze smilin wit my hubcaps
    But even danny tell me i got too many gaps
    This is just my daily life my daily grind

  2. I rap through my life leave haters twined
    I try hard, i try my best
    I puff my chest wide breast
    Don't mess wit my crew unless you got a tuck
    Ain't one to f***, but b**** don't press ya luck

  3. like a hectic train surface i glide thru the mist of life concealing no fears as of a invincible human

  4. whats the point of it each of my raps have 40 bars in each and around 100 bars altogether

  5. thats a load of shit. one bar is 4 beats or one measure. not a line on a paper

  6. if you tryna make a song you gotta really know the beat and listen to how long you got before the hook drops again. my style is story telling so if i go over, its easier for me to just edit my verse and pick up where i left off.

  7. This is god-level trolling. Props to every moron in the comments who 1) didn't get it and 2) actually caught feelings. I see y'all.

  8. A bar is a musical measure, not a line. 4 beats "a.k.a" bob your head 4 times = 1 bar. 

    A guideline to flowing words over a bar is by is counting syllables. In 1 bar (4 beats), you can fit:

    4 syllables (a note or beat) = slow flow

    8 syllables (half note) = faster but hippy hoppy like a nursery rhyme, Biggie likes to rap like this

    16 syllables (16th note) =  closest to regular speech speed, most rappers sit at this tempo

    32 syllables (32nd note) = very fast, almost impossible to hear or understand on faster songs, busta rhymes and tech n9ne like to rap in that zone.

    The rule is often to put your "rhyme" word or syllable(s) at the end of the bar (4th beat), You can sketch a unique flow by mixing halfs, 16ths and 32nd syllable notes sporadically in bars. Mastering that craft will allow you to create an authentic pattern flow that still sounds good to the ear and gives you identity.  

  9. Actually 2 lines is 1 bar – you need to do some research before doing a video like this

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  11. All I know is grass wont grow in a city where man wont go
    desperation is a steady medication tho specially when your flat broke
    cant afford the food let alone the coke so I save my nose and smoke
    Pass the bic it's time to choke I inhale the new exhale o's

  12. I'm like a hunted ghost on elm st hunting everyone crib for a single record label on their kitchen table fools running around thinking they can get somewhere because they couldn't have love for a spared minute or two they look homeless they must don't have a qlue life is too short the streets are like glue.

  13. So would an example of a bar be: /I'm going to the zoo, so I need some comfy shoes/ or is it just /I'm going to the zoo/

  14. How you a upcomin rapper if you dont know how to write a 16?…u mean beginners rapper wannabees

  15. 2 bars: (Almost quoted Canibus' lyrics 4,3,2,1 remix)
    "I'm the illest rapper alive watch me prove it/
    I'll snatch your crown with your head still attached to it"

    For those just starting study some Canibus. Dude was the 'illest' in his day..

  16. No it dont nine times outta ten i need more then one single line guess i write way to big

  17. This is not explaining how to write a 16-bar verse, this is explaining what a bar is.

  18. I wrote 17 bars before this vidoe but usaly I write 10 or 9 11 sometime short bars

  19. And does each bar have to fit into a 4 beat depending on how fast or slow the rapper is

  20. like I write raps all the time but I just write em so its good to know what bars actually are

  21. i thought a bar is 2 lines like
    hey the names ron
    im like hey thats my mom
    isnt that a bar? 😥

  22. wtf is this? we wanted to see how to write a 16-bar verse. not be lectured on wtf it is.

  23. it's not that hard..
    for example these lyrics are from a biggie song:
    Today's agenda, got the suitcase up in the Sentra Go to room 112, tell them Blanco sent ya

    now that line is 2 bars "Today's agenda, got the suitcase up in the Sentra" that's the first bar
    "Go to room 112, tell them Blanco sent ya" that is the second bar.

  24. How to get 16 bars verse:
    Step1: commit a crime
    Step2: go to a prison
    Step3: enter a jail cell
    Step4: have fun with 16 bars for years to come!

  25. It was simpler than I thought, although I do say alot in a short period of time so I have to balance it

  26. It was simpler than I thought, although I do say alot in a short period of time so I have to balance it

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  28. I picked this up way before i even knew about bars i right 4 lines stop there then so for more

  29. You see the problem is that joyner lucas can write 16 bars worth of lyrics and spit it in like 4 💀

  30. A rap song contain 4 * 4 lines which equal 16 bars. Every four lines is a verse a normal rap contain only of four verses


  32. I need help on a rap about stars.
    It can be at least 8 lines.
    Its due on September 29,2018. HURRY!!

  33. This was more informative than the 12 minutes I just wasted watching another video. Thanks 😎💯

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