How to Write a Literature Essay – short version!

at the very top of that he's Hey our introduction needs to be short it needs to be crisp in East to be quick you might want to write a little bit about the time the book was written you might want to talk a little bit about the writers life and what they were thinking about what they were experiencing when they wrote the book or poem but keep it quick that's the key to strip to your answer you start off with a point best way to do is to recycle the words in the question so if you're asked something like how did the poets use contrast you would say the poet uses contrast in this poem by example just keep them short keep them simple keep them focused and finally your analysis you want to try and say sentences like this shows that this explains that this makes the reader feel that as you've done all of this work so far you've given your quotation you've talked about the words in each form and you're almost there you've got to think about the big idea what does this play or poem or book mean to you hmm I think he's really talking about this so you're gonna use sentences like the writer is trying to suggest that this links to the idea of rule because the writer deliberately wanted to make is read to think about the idea of and you've got to ask yourself what are the main themes in the book so once you've finished your first paragraph you simply use a linking word something like indeed the writer goes on to say or equally if you're doing a comparison text you might say in comparison or you might say something like likewise in the other text and that can help you if you have an essay where you're comparing two thing either choose the pinstripe or choose the check talk about one text and then talk about the second thing and as you talk about the second text keep men from comparisons or you can attempt the check-in approach which is where you talking about one text and then compare it to a bit of your second text so looking back your first text and compare it to your second text and so on and you just keep going all the way through the essay your conclusion just needs to go back to the beginning again in conclusion having looked at the way that uses Miller in blue and you summarizing points what was the writer trying to do in this book this work we've made it we finally made it and there it is the gray day it's more beautiful than I ever thought

18 thoughts on “How to Write a Literature Essay – short version!

  1. Im so glad you've decided to make a video like this, im gonna use this in my essay of mice and men i hope i do well and not get a D (this is my first time i will get graded in an english essay)

  2. Like the pirate hat when you're wearing the Point Example Explain bib thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. mate you just got me and A in my Eng lit exam today you are a legend

  4. I probably should have started watching these videos before my exam today, not after :/

  5. I remember you showing us this in class sir.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    And you say that no Millthorpians watch your videos..! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. thumbs up if ur here doing last minute revision for tomorrows exam XD

  7. I would say that at then end of the video where Davis' hand is outstretched as if to grab the A represents how lucrative the A grade really is, but instead he turns his hand showing that the A grade is there for the viewer to take for themselves and he is just giving the viewer the tools to do so.

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