How to write a love poem for your grandchild

It just might be true that the person who brings the biggest gush of love to your heart is not actually your husband or wife or your romantic partner or a distant dream boat but — your grandchild. Even when they’re tiny you’ve probably got so many feelings! I don’t know, you feel tender, you feel protective, fascinated, You’re grateful, you’re amazed at this little one and you’re certainly amused. But I still look at my grownup grandchildren and sometimes I just want to burst. What do you do with these feelings? You write a poem of course! No? Well you can, I promise you can. Because I’ve made this little course especially for you and writing your first love poem’s going to be easy and your second one and your third one, Forever more you’re going to have that ability and you can only get better. And then you’re going to present it as a genuine haiku totally authentic and totally original. I hope to see you soon doing this course, Write haiku love poems and thrill the one you love.

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