How To Write A Love Poem || Spoken Word Poetry

Yes. Right. Okay. So, next performer is an open mic-er that unfortunately didn’t put down their BYOB, because I guess she forgot. But it’s okay.
I’ll let them tell you what it is. Please bring to the stage my very very
good friend and also very amazing talented poet, Nana! (off mic: what does BYOB mean to you?) Uhh… bring your own bisexuals. There used to be bisexual lighting. What
happened intunnation? This lighting is biphobic. So uh, hello. Confession: I’ve
never done a list poem. A list poem is like: One! bla bla bla! Two! bla bla bla! Three! Because to be honest my brain is… …very messy and I’ve never been really
good at decluttering… …until Marie Kondo came along! She’s adorable, isn’t she? I love her! So this poem was inspired by Dhabitah
who is part of Jack It! so I guess this poem is a love poem for Dhabitah! So, basically she asked how to write a love poem, ah? So I jokingly said first step… …you write “I love you”.
Second step, you write words between the “I” and the “love” and the “you” and third step you just remove all the “I” and the “love” and the “you” …and then it becomes a love poem lah! So here is: How To Write A Love Poem Here is how to write a love poem: One! Love someone. …especially your own goddamn self Buy chocolates in January at the
Christmas clearance sale. It’s cheaper that way and keep the crinkly wrappings
after a night of Netflix, masturbation… and chill. Repeat in February. Repeat
every single day you feel lonely. Repeat… when your body needs an earthquake, but
scale up to Reichter 10. Until you feel your fingers falling off. Two! Taste the salt from your tears mixed with popcorn and rom-com. The ones where the characters
are neither rich nor white. Trust me this will be harder than finding a romantic
partner. Three! Find that lipstick you’ve never used. You know the one that’s too
red for office, it’s too red for “real life”. A gift from a friend who sees your
sexy Which you would never believe is true but it’s true. It’s true! Four! You are art. Your bed is a canvas. Sometimes thorns are more beautiful than roses. Five! Boldly and in red write I. LOVE. YOU. and break them apart because absence makes
way for desire Fill the distance with adjectives, nouns, and verbs. All the words
that were in your head and it’s now part of a poem’s heart. Six! You are the
sweetest thing. You can now throw the crinkly chocolate wrappings away, or recycle? A responsible poet should show respect to their tools, to show respect to
their muse. Seven! Make your bed, …wash your bullets. The war has ended but the world is still on fire. Your body is poetry, and you have sparked joy. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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