How to write a mini literature review.

hi class this is Professor Moore I wanted to make sure to send a video out about writing the literature review because I realize that there may be some confusion that can't be addressed in email or in text so I thought I explained this to you so what you're doing is running a miniature literature review which is different than a review of literature in the past where you're doing a book review or a review of an article you're reviewing one piece of literature but with your literature review you're reviewing a number of sources so I think I'll just go through this to make a little better sense for you so a literature review is a piece of discursive prose not a list of describing or summarizing one piece of literature after or after after another you know as it states here so when do you can duck tailor to review so for the sake of this class or this first assignment you're writing a review paper so you're kind of reviewing all the literature that's out there it's kind of helping you to address or talk about what your research topic is and thank you all for your entries onto the Google Doc so far because I have that and I'm responding to those emails over the next few days so second to write an introduction to research paper this piece right here this is what your literature review is going to provide you is going to provide us with a a introduction to your research paper once you turn it in at the end of the semester so a good chunk of your research paper will be done by having this literature review done it's a piece of your research paper and then sometimes it's embark on a new area research was kind of applies to all and to write a research proposal that might need to be approved by you know like I had to write one before my dissertation etc so that's kind of like what that is so the function of a literature review is not just to review the literature and that's kind of a misnomer for it but pretty much it's going to its kind of summarize the literature it's going to evaluate the literature show relationships between different studies and methodologies and a researcher proposal should show how the published work relates to your work so my main purpose for having everyone do the literature review is that you can take those sources and show how they relate to your work in are you helping what I'm sorry in helping you address your research question that's the main purpose for it so reviews must be accurate so your citations and your findings must be it should be it to the correct authors I'm not going to be too much of a stickler and go back and do some detective work and see but I think it will help you more so in the end if you or even for your classes and feature where there might be more investigative faculty who will go check your sources if your citations etc are correct because then you can take your literature review and know what content areas to go back to when you're trying to expand upon material for later also it must be complete include all appropriate papers now for this as a shirt letter to review so I know all papers aren't going to apply and that's why I said 10 sources you already have a number of sources from your reading so if you just use those that would cover most of and you probably have to find about two or three more in your own if I had not provided you with so many resources that I probably would have only had you do five so that's kind of reason why you have ten as your target so what is literature these are different aspect pieces of literature journal articles internet sources conference proceedings government corporate reports decent thesis or dissertation a book so these are all can count as a source on your literature so I think that it's important to realize that you have a broad range of sources now internet sources this is used widely now I think that we want to stray away from using too many internet sources but also remember that you can find journal articles conference jeans and thesis dissertations books etc all this on internet and you can cite them as a book a thesis etc rather than just citing them as an Internet source if you found one Internet that's fine but if they are standalone article or book etc that is totally fine so what kinds of questions do literature reviews answer so for first we see here that what do we know about an area of inquiry picado will tell you about the key concepts and variables so it'll dig deeper into what those concepts mean and it will be an author who's wrote written a whole book that goes deeper into the aspect it'll show what the relationships well I'm sorry what are the relationships between key concepts factors and variables I think that if we're looking at something like low test scores right that's a concept there might be certain factors that contribute to it like you know malnutrition or I'm sorry or low fluency level economic status etc then those aspects become variables that you can then discuss to help you understand when this is present like a lower socioeconomic status this can help me understand this issue etc so they talk about the relationship so what you're doing when you're going through the literature's you might find that a few authors talk about those same variables or factors that kind of you know talk about that key concept if you a few authors are talking about you know poverty having something to do or gender having something to do with low test scores and that's an emerging factor or a very better you want to look at because it's common in a literature so and then it also talks about the current theories the the this is perhaps the most important aspect of the literature view because you want to be current you want to make sure that you are not you're doing worthwhile research or it's kind of like pointless to do something that hasn't gone into the current theories and taken at and experiment expounded upon that so says what do literature reviews answer it says what are the inconsistencies and other shortcomings so a literature review you can be critical about this whatever your literature you see if you don't see enough you can say that in your review and say this is the literature I found I did not see much more beyond blah blah blah kind of speak to it I'm going to also attach a few examples for you to kind of see how people go and flow with writing their literature review sometimes with me I don't like providing an example because it feels makes people feel like they have to reach that bar or they can only shape their paper after that but I think for the sake of on not having everyone confuse us in one so then it says what needs further testing because evidence is lacking not inconclusive so your literature review even your whole study for that matter can basically say there is more that needs to be done in this area and no one should ever expect to answer everything with their literature review or their research because everything is limited you know you cannot have a study or especially not literature review two covers all the last few points what designs or methods are faulty as we kind of discussed what study this questions why this that why this why this question further and that basically of saying why study is question further it's kind of like okay this is an important of juicy topic and it's something that is um that I'm passionate about as a writer and that you should be passionate about you kind of want to get that across and then what contribution the work will make or your work so a literature review should answer that don't worry about this question but so much it's just something that it should be a parent with when you're writing your literature review so avoid these traps trying to read everything you can't read everything you only can read the most relevant work so don't try to read everything reading but not writing write is a way of thinking so you can write many drafts of it for the sake of this paper one or two drops is fine or whatever your first draft is okay but for the future reference just realize that you have to write you have to take what you read and write about it sometimes people three too much and they think too much and then they're not at the point where they can write I'm failing to keep it with the bibliographic information remember that you'll be writing a page and title reference at some point so you want to keep track of where you're finding this information and that's the reason for the literature review so that you can easily go back to these areas so organizing your review chronological analogically organize your paper by ideas like subject headings etc the examples I'm going to send you don't quite necessarily have that but that's a really important piece yes they do have abstracts but you don't necessarily have to worry about it if you want to have an abstract that is fine but you don't necessarily have to have an abstract with yours a good unless your reviews focus remember your purpose read with purpose and write with the purpose there's a reason and a purpose that you are doing this literature review and make sure not to forget that when doing yours and then examples of literature review I'll kind of send it out to you this kind of an outline of what someone you know has and you guys can see right there how it kind of goes through or forecast design so just kind of we'll skip over this for sake of time I have to make this video short I skipped over those last slides because this video should be under ten minutes um in part as part of my you know training and even for YouTube purposes is better make a shorter video but I also attach this document so that you all can kind of go through it on your own and see so hopefully it makes a little bit more sense how to approach your literature review please forward any questions my way and I hope that this is helpful

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