How to Write a Poem in Iambic Pentameter

how to write a poem in iambic pentameter the most common meter in poetry I am back pentameter is famously associated with William Shakespeare here's how you can rhyme like a modern-day bard you will need an understanding of poetic feet an understanding of poetic meter a rhyme scheme a pen and paper and the works of renowned poets optional a thesaurus step 1 know that an IM is a rhythmic unit called a foot and is a combination of unstressed and stressed syllables one word with two syllables like instead could be an IM or two monosyllabic words could be an IM like she wants step to understand that pentameter is a meter that means the I M is repeated five times so I am back pentameter is a line of poetry with five items use this famous line from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as a guide if music be the food of love play on step 3 choose a rhyme scheme like a B a B each letter represents the ending sound of the line so a B a B means the first line rhymes with the third and the second line rhymes with the fourth step 4 draw a row of five short lines on your paper write one I M one unstressed syllable and one stressed on each line until you have ten syllables in iambic pentameter step 5 repeat for the next three lines making sure the last syllable of line 1 rhymes with the end of line 3 and the end of line 2 rhymes with the end of line 4 step 6 expand the four lines to create a sonnet which comprises fourteen lines of iambic pentameter the Shakespearean sonnet typically has a rhyme scheme of a b a b c d c d e f EF g g the four lines together in a sonnet are called a quatrain while the ending two lines are called a rhyming couplet step seven study the works of great poets who used the form including Shakespeare William Wordsworth Percy Shelley Edna st. Vincent Millay and Elizabeth Barrett Browning did you know Shakespeare wrote thirty seven plays and 154 sonnets Oh

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  1. The underlying music is nice, except for the fact that it is not underlying. It makes it rather distracting and difficult to focus on the content.

  2. 그래서 어떤게 stressed고 어떤게 unstressed인지는 어케 알아요?;;

  3. What great communication this is! Great voice too! Shall I compare thy voice to a summer's day?

  4. But how do you know which syllable is stressed and which is unstressed? For example, is the line below in iambic pentameter?

    "When our nights were soft and our days were fair"

  5. Child of my enemy why have you come? I offer no forgiveness, a father's sin passed to his son.

  6. How to write a poem in Iambic Pentameter (as explained by this video)

    All you need is a full understanding of what Iambic Pentameter is, and how it works. Along with examples of other people doing it first.

    Step 1: Write a poem in Iambic Pentameter, following the rules and timing of Iambic Pentameter, if you get stuck, check your examples, then try again.
    (Pro tip, if your poem sucks, try making a better one)

    That concludes today's lesson!

    Join us next week as we explore how to build a rocket-ship in one easy step, for anyone with an advanced degree in astrophysics, $1,000,000,000 in funding, and a team of 10,000 highly skilled engineers and scientists.

  7. Thank you so much for that tutorial!
    Kendrick Lamar also raps in this style.

  8. BUT HOW can you tell what is stressed and what isn't!? This is driving me crazy. The internet is just like "you can tell"–NO I CAN'T. >=( Never understood it in middle school, still don't in college.

  9. Have to write a personal Iambic Pentameter by Monday.  The teacher said "I cant do these very well so good luck"
    yay school.

  10. Anything can be a poem, this is how to write a sonnet. Sonnets are pretty hard to compose, but they're actually really pretty and flow nicely. They're definitely worth reading, and they're worth a try to compose. It's just 14 lines composed of 10 syllables in each line, ending in an ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme. If any one of those concepts is hard for you just leave it out of your first few poems. Good luck!

  11. Your first line only has 3 iambs, your second line only has 3 1/2, and your fourth line has 4. Furthermore "Go" and "It" don't rhyme, if you wanted a rhyme scheme. See:

    Your pentameter is not very good
    Keep working on it bro, and you will see
    that practice makes perfect as it should
    then maybe you could write a poem for me!

  12. And here's the second verse!

    HAMLET: Gee gosh, what to do?
    GERTRUDE: Please go spy.
    HAMLET: Bet they sent you.
    GUILDENSTERN: You’re sly.
    HAMLET: Fishmonger?
    POLONIUS: No lad.
    HAMLET: You’re a dad?
    POLONIUS: Poor guy’s mad.
    HAMLET: Hmmm. Should I or should I not die?

  13. Here's the first stanza from "Ham-letting", a summary of Hamlet in limerick verse (from the Tangled Limericks website):

    ALL: The King’s dead.
    CLAUDIUS: So let’s wed.
    GERTRUDE: Well, okay.
    HAMLET: I’m so sad.
    CLAUDIUS: Don’t be bad.
    GERTRUDE: Just be gay.
    GHOST: Hey Hamlet, t’was bro’.
    HAMLET: That clap-addled schmo!
    HORATIO/ My Lord?
    HAMLET: Take an oath!
    MARCELLUS: We’ll ne’er stray!

  14. Theirs no way of learning to be a poet, You just have to put your thoughts words and your words to a story. Its kinda like free styling, Try to look up Miles Hodges "Maskless" tht inspired me

  15. of course they don't mention chaucer who all of those poets based their work off of

  16. I saw a poem passing me by, it was running so fast and It run run a distance of 5,000 feet. After it finished running the poem was all stressed and tired. Stupid poem, I wonder why it had to run when it could have taken the bus to get to its destination.

  17. i would really like to write some poetry
    but this consept is alittle hard to grasp
    thanks much for the vid/ trying to teach me
    but its not like i really like howcast

    ok now time to watch some smosh

  18. Let me have a go:

    I want to be a poet,
    but I don't think I can do it.

    Oh hey! 😀 I'm a natural!

  19. Come here to learn about poetic meter
    requirements: and understanding of poetic meter

  20. Want to write a poem ? take a pad and pen …. and push your imagination button …. your first poem wont be as good as Shakesphere's ,, but each poem you write will be better than the last one …. plus : Dont give up !

  21. Iambic pentameter does not have to Rhyme. Iambic Pentameter has NOTHING to do with Rhyming. It is simply the measurement of stressed and unstressed syllables that make up 5 feet. And no, poetry is not "supposed" to rhyme and sonnets do not have to rhyme or be written in Iambic Pentameter. So much misinformation is such a short video.

  22. @fcpusername If you choose to be a pedant, and speak of grammatical concepts, Then please correct your sentence. Lol or dont I just laughed when I read your comment to saintsFlow

  23. dont fucking tell me what to do got that?

    Peepz who don't kno what ur talking bout

  24. @agvoerdict Yes it does; a pentameter has 10 syllables. "If mu-sic be the food of love, play on."

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