How to write great headlines / titles for max YouTube views & clicks on your links!

Hey guys, Gabe Turner here. Just wanted to
share a quick tip with you today about how to write great headlines. You want your videos
to get viewed, if you want your emails to get opened, your tweets to get retweeted you’ve
got to write a great headline. I’m still learning and I’m just sharing what I’m learning. This
is from Gary Bencivenga. His formula for writing great headlines is Interest=Benefit + Curiousity.
He says your level of interest is directly proportional to the presence of two factors:
benefit and curiosity. Either one without the other is a devastating weakening. Even
if a headline is well written… if I suspect that I can predict what the article will likely
say, I will skip the article. He says, Predictability Kills Curiosity. When an article promises
something of interest and the title leaves me wondering, “How could this be?” (when it’s
unpredictably) it inflames my curiosity and I have to read it. Gary Halbert, another amazing
guy, his newsletter issues and headlines were SO interesting that they lived up to this
definition of compelling copy – They were easier to read than to ignore. You’ve gotta
make your headlines, your videos, your emails easier to read than ignore. How many emails
and videos and stuff do you just scroll right by? There are so many that I just ignore every
single day. But there are some out there that are just too juicy, too something, something
else, something different, something really inspires my curiosity and it’s that formula.
It’s Interest=Benefit + Curiosity. Really really powerful tip to remember as you write
your headlines, your YouTube titles of your videos and all that stuff. So, if you want
to check this out, Gary Bencivenga is an amazing copywriter, maybe the best in the world, he
has a book called, well it’s not a book, it’s a series of emails that gets sent so you can
get this. He’s not trying to sell you stuff and all that, it’s just total raw awesome
content value stuff. It’s called Marketing Bullets, you definitely want to get this,
it is a very very valuable resource. I actually got it on pdf and put it on my Kindle. Really
really valuable, free resource out there. Just wanted to share that with you guys. If
you like this, subscribe to my channel, check out my blog and I hope you
have a great day. Bye.

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