46 thoughts on “How to Write: Listen to Your Animal Impulses. A Lesson from Joshua Cohen

  1. 'kilLing your inner lions'? .. n i had drifted away..
    i am Tamoras sons in exiatence.. lavenia aint much wild child or cjild of nature. problem?

  2. Did this guy hear how he talked? Wow….face for radio…….this guy has a talking style meant for books. πŸ˜‰

  3. Even the description sounds a little like a highschooler's blog. You might want to work on that speaking part m8.

    Yes, real artists try to bypass the shallowness of animal instincts – that's how we evolved to have reason and self-awareness, though a lot of people these days tend not to use either of the two. Yes, writing and motives based on such will be bad, for writing is making reason into art, which is very hard to do – Plato himself said that theory is impossible, and it damn well is.

    Writing is hard, yep. But what else are you saying that writers don't already seem to know?

  4. I've found that the people with the most umms and uhhs often end up having the most interesting things to say

  5. "Because it requires a little bit more education, right, to make the same amount of noise let’s say. But writing then becomes the most basic way besides speech of communication. And people do it very easily, right. But then it also becomes the hardest thing to do."


    " And I think that getting in touch with some of those honestly instincts that are animal inside of us like rage, resentment, the strength that comes from fear will always again make good writing and life bad."


  6. "The best way to start writing is to stop watching videos."

    Ok. Closes tab*

  7. whoever has been through a writing experience… and felt lost and overwhelmed by the complexity of his own thoughts… will understand every word of this man…

  8. Get your thoughts in order before you talk, Mr. Cohen, and don't waste our time listening to your umms and ahhs, before you get to the point! Otherwise, don't talk, just write, instead…

  9. I do not mean to seem contradictory but it is a huge, unscientific concept to assume humans are not part of the animal kingdom. We are all animals; consciousness is not an reason to argue against that.

    This may oppose an earlier belief of mine but consciousness is as much an animalistic characteristic as say specific birds' ability to see UV electromagnetic radiation. I believe, at least for now, that the conceit of consciousness as free will, depending on how one defines the phrase, is false. Consciousness, which can be seen as an grand overlay of neural interaction through neurotransmission is wholly experience through the brain. It is difficult to say what the unconscious, or subconscious if one prefers, interacts with the conscious mind (Calculated research may prove me inaccurate here.). For all one knows all of the conscious mind's decisions are a result of subconscious machinations.


  10. Ahhh, sound advice. The next time I hear my dog fucking the neighbor's dog, I'll grab paper and pen to take notes on the inspiration mused into my thoughts. Thank you Mr. Cohen.

  11. Mr Cohen, please watch this video of yours and realize how much it is dull and utterly annoying to watch a mumbling daydreamer who ostensibly shows how much he does not give a f*ck about whomever is watching him. Chances are you will not love watching yourself. Although being unaware of his or her audience may be, as you said (or as I have understood it), a good rule for an author, however, it is certainly not a good practice for a performer -or a public speaker like yourself in that video up there- not to want to provide the best possible experience to whomever will watch him or listen to him.

  12. O.0 Fuckers don't get quantum mechanics.
    __/ It's, I won't be around to smooth it out for you.

  13. he's absolutely awkward in speaking, his communication skills must be entirely in the written category, and that's why i trust him lol

  14. If you read the description you can see the person transcribing gradually lose hope and give up at around the 6 minute mark πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. his mouth-noises are very cringe, also he speaks so slow, gosh
    My animal impulse says nothing but "punsh this guy as hard as you can in the face for no logical reason"
    so I better do not listen to my animal impulses

  16. This asshole claims to be a write yet he clearly has no concept of the outline.

  17. I think he's suffering from an acute case of esoteric constipation.

  18. Rabbi sucked the blood from his penis too much when he was a baby…

  19. Resentment is definitely not an animal feeling. I think the rest of what he said was reasonable enough, but yeah maybe he should have rehearsed before or something so that there was less disfluencies.

  20. This video is what it would look visually and auditorily when we take the first step in our writing process. Explore, get it all down on the page, and learn about our self and our motivations. Based on his opening points I feel his intent was to show us this process while telling us the process.

  21. its interesting to listen to it while writing

    maybe theres some subliminal shit to what he was saying. i really didnt get much of it

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