How to Write/Plan/Brainstorm for a Story by Author Carlos Salinas

hey guys hey guys it's carlos salinas i just wanted to share a technique that I used I'm writing my stories and it works for me but if you have any way that works for you by all means use that I just wanted to share my technique and it might coincide with something that you already do so I have a sketchbook you guys might like to use lying paper but I really like white paper because it lets me there's no limitation so you can draw you come right you can do anything how to write story or how to plan story and again this is just brainstorming do whatever works for you you grab another pen so hopefully it'll show up better I always like to start with an idea a central idea it could be whatever you have for example one of my topics and my stories that I use a lot is we can make the world a better place that's my idea but then from here you can branch off to all sorts of things like for example kindness it could be to two people or two animals or to nature whatever you want to do really um like for example animals you can rescue you can feed them with nature of course you can protect it conserve and this is just brainstorming off the top of my head I really like people though because I think that that lets you delve into human relationships a little bit more so they can be kindness of course to people acts of kindness and of course giving is one of my favorites you can have it for money food time whatever it is and see just by one idea you can branch off to all the sorts of things the one I'm going to focus on though is people subscribe highlighted here so this is the one that I want to use right here and just bring it over to where you have more space and this is the technique I used for one of my what I think is one of my best stories called the girl at a bakery shop and I just pictured you know a a guy and you don't have to be formal when you're planning things out I just put a guy coming home hmm and for me I like the idea that it was raining and stops by bakery and does something nice does something nice for the girl that works there and of course it could be give her money but that's not really you know I mean that's an idea but not for me I don't like that so what I ended up doing isn't that story that he does something nice for her has to do with the bakery shop and I don't want to give it away but I'll put a link to the story in the description in this video but see you can start from anywhere and end up exactly where you want to be if we go back to animals over here I really like the idea of rescuing animals or maybe they could even teach you a lesson you can have a talk of course and that leads you into what it's called fables and some that I recommend definitely is read some by Aesop he's probably the king of fables the most famous writer of fables and of course fables are basically where animals talking a teach a lesson so if you really like short stories with a lesson I mean the animals talk but it's still great for anybody of all ages so that's another good one Aesop and I'll put a link in the video also to short stories or a few short stories that actually have impacted me as a writer of course or a Gift of the Magi enjoy and that is by oh Henry another one is an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and that one is by Ambrose Bierce of course the fables by Aesop specifically for the fables I recommend reading the Frog now the Scorpion and the Frog great lesson than that one so thanks for watching I hope I gave you some type of you know starting point and I hope you enjoyed it thanks again

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