28 thoughts on “How will George R.R. Martin’s final “Game of Thrones” books end?

  1. when will you finish the books?

    In the year: ……………….öhhhhhhhh PLEASE CALL 911!!!!

  2. See him moving his tongue !!?? .. He' s a lizaaaaard !!. (Joking people,joking ..)

  3. Why is Goerge not at his desk, writing. Don't make me chain you to it, George!

  4. No one is going to argue in favor of D&D's version, George, don't worry.

  5. Gosh, we would have waited. george had in his head a drama that would`ve lasted for more two ten episodes season. So desapointing. D&D i`m not blamming you though, it feels like you wanted to accomplish in some sort of deadend.

  6. No George, there won`t be a debate. Any ending that comes from you is going to be certainly better. there isn`t going to be loose ends at least. too bad you didn`t have enough time to write it your way.

  7. D&D basically ruined GRR Martins art work, it's like someone walked in while Da Vinci was painting Mona Lisa and cut the lower section of his painting.

  8. I really love how he said that, the plot will be the same, but the whole storyline will lead characters to differents things and so different plot twist than just foreshadowing and cinema code argument. I don't like the writing style of george, but I can only agree about how immersive and impredictable the twist as been (sometimes). Would love to see the end made in two season or one and 13 episode, more dialogue and real plot than just…

    The reason I loved to watch game of throne was because it was game of throne. With my friends who are fan of works of G.M discuss about things I always found stupid or disguting and cliché in the show, everything who actually unplease me was the exact opposite in the book. Then he ask me when I started being bored of got, I said "after season 5" and he said "this is the last season he write" UH…. BIG DEAL XD…. I really love his work, truly love his work and how FAR HE CAN GO… but… I can't handle his writing style, I love his spirit I love his story, the character he build. I'm pretty sure he don't lie in his book like D.D did in certains episode to make the plot more unlikable.

    I always said to my friends fan, I'll wait the end season to read the books and I'll keep my mind safe from the disapointing of a book reader, NOW I'LL READ THEM ALL AND MAKE MY LIFE BETTER @[email protected]

  9. Sansa should have been the mad queen and Danny should have lived.

  10. There is no difference in the endings… Everyone took issue with how it happened as opposed to what. Maybe in a few years, after the books are finished we will get another adaptation to with cameos from previous actors and actresses.

  11. Im almost wishing Game of thrones happened later.. When the show came out and the fame with it, it totally affected Georges writing as it opened up a lot of different opportunities and projects for him to focus on. Like I hope he was able to finish winds of winter at least.. so we’re only waiting for the last book instead of two. 😢 Although I think of the cast and realise how lucky we are to have gotten every single one of them and come to peace with it

  12. Stardom got to him and because he didn't write the books the last few seasons suffered greatly.

  13. This is the first time in my life I'm looking forward to a book coming out.

  14. Unsubscribe from HBO and boycott anything that D&D touch, you can still pirate the movies/tv series if you absolutely have no self respect and must watch regardless of how studios and writers treat you, but ffs don't give them any money – they don't deserve it.

  15. When the books get finished please bring back the cast to truly end the series in an epic way… not that way D&D ended the series

  16. You’re ending better be different, there better be payoffs instead of D+D’s asinine subversion of expectations

  17. Never read the books but after season 8 finale I think I will but only after all of them will come out

  18. “Pretty much the same ending”
    Asking now 22/5/19 ……….is your ending going to be the same as Dan and Dave’s.
    If so stop……………………put down the pen ……DONT DO IT.
    Been waiting years for these final books and you just basically said it’s more of the same…………….. 🤬

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