How Yeshua became Jesus (Greek Jesus vs Hebrew Yeshua)

Did you know that the name “Jesus” is
less than 400 years old? Where did this name come from, and what was the original name
of our Messiah? In the Bible, names have significant meanings.
For example, the name Abram means “exalted father”, but the name Abraham means “father
of a multitude”. This is why God changed his name from Abram to Abraham saying, “No longer shall your name be called Abram,
but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations.” Genesis
17:5 Likewise, the name of our Messiah has significant
meaning. When the Angel of the Lord spoke to Joseph about his son, he told Joseph what
to name the child, saying, “And she will bring forth a Son, and you
shall call His name Yeshua, for He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21 This is significant, because the name “Yeshua”
means “salvation”. The Angel was basically saying, “call Him Salvation, because he
will save His people from their sins.” So, where did the name “Jesus” come from? When His name was translated into Greek, it
became Iesous. The “Ie” represents the “Ye” sound, the “s” represents the “sh” sound,
and the “ou” represents the “ua” sound. But, why did they add the “s” to the end of
His name? The Greek language has certain rules about
nouns that indicate case, number, and gender by their spelling. This means the same word
can have different spelling depending on its use as subject or object in a sentence. For
example, Iesous is in the nominative case, while Iesou is in the genitive case. The spelling of the name “Jesus” has been
in use for less than 400 years. This can easily be seen in the fact that the 1611 King James
Version of the Bible still spelled His name “Iesous”, not “Jesus”. The name Iesous
was used in Greek, Latin, and English until the 17th century, when the letter “J”
was introduced as a replacement for the letter “I” when used as a consonant. However,
it was still pronounced “Yea-soos” for many years before it eventually took on the
“g” sound that we know today in the word “Jesus”. This means the pronunciation
of the name “Jesus” is a very recent development in the English language. It is also interesting to note that if His
name was directly translated from Hebrew into English, it would be Joshua, because the Joshua
of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the New Testament are the same name in both Hebrew
and Greek. We can clearly see this in the book of Acts, when Joshua is referenced in
the book of Acts, his name in Greek is identical to the name of Jesus in Greek. Likewise, in
the Septuagint (the Greek version of the Old Testament), Joshua’s name is also translated
into Greek as “Iesous”. In fact, if you look up the name Iesous in the Strong’s
Concordance, it will tell you that Iesous is the Greek form of the name Joshua. So, if Joshua and Jesus share the same Hebrew
and Greek names, why do they have different English names? Some people assume there is
a great conspiracy involved in why the names are different, however, it is a very simple
reason. When the Old Testament Hebrew text was translated into English, they phonetically
translated “Yehoshua” as “Joshua”, and when they translated the Greek New Testament
into English, they phonetically translated “Iesous” as “Jesus”, with one exception,
when “Iesous” referred to Joshua son of Nun the translators chose to continue using
the name Joshua to avoid confusion. I have heard some pretty ridiculous theories
about the name “Jesus”. For example, some people claim that the name “Jesus” really
means “hail Zeus”, which is simply untrue and proves they are unfamiliar with the Greek
language. They make this claim because the words “Jesus” and “Zeus” have similar
sounding pronunciation in English. However, in Greek, there are no connections between
these two names, except that they both end with an “s” sound. If you compare the
two names in Greek, you will see that they have nothing in common. The name Zeus is spelled
Διός in Greek, while the name Jesus is spelled Ἰησοῦς in Greek. Some people also claim that His name was changed
to Jesus to hide the fact that He was a Jew, since Jesus is based on a Greek name rather
than a Hebrew name. While it is possible that there might be some truth to this claim, it
is pretty far fetched to think that it was some grand conspiracy to hide the Jewishness
of Jesus, since the Bible clearly tells us that Jesus was Jewish. “For it is evident that our Lord arose from
Judah, of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood.”
Hebrews 7:14 Likewise, the Gospels contain some pretty
extensive genealogies that trace the Jewish lineage of Jesus back to a number of Old Testament
Jewish people including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. Unfortunately, despite these facts, some people
remain unaware of the fact that Jesus was Jewish. However, I think it has less to do
with the pronunciation of His name, and more to do with these people not knowing what the
Scriptures say about Him. Is it wrong to call Him “Jesus”? I do not think there is anything wrong with
using the name “Jesus”, but in the Bible, names have meaning, and the name Yeshua means
“salvation”. Yet the Greek, Latin, and English translations do not carry any meaning
since they are phonetically created words that did not exist otherwise. I prefer to call Him by His Hebrew name Yeshua,
because it has such powerful meaning and significance. He is salvation and His name IS Salvation!
But I am by no means a “sacred namer”, and I want you to know that it does not bother
me if you prefer to use the name “Jesus”, because I know who you are talking about,
and He knows who you are talking about too. Unfortunately, some people treat His name
as if it were a magic word. They seem to think if you pronounce His name a certain way your
prayers will be answered, but if you don’t say it just right your prayers will be ignored.
I have even heard people argue that you must pronounce His name a certain way if you want
to be saved. Let me just say, that is not the way His name should be treated. Our God
is not so petty that He would reject someone for using the “wrong” name. Languages change over time, pronunciation
changes from one location to another. We can see some pretty vast differences just within
the English language. If you took people from London, New Jersey, Louisiana and Australia
and placed them all in the same room, you would immediately notice how differently they
all speak the same language. They are all speaking English, but which one is speaking
the “right” English? This is a good example of why fighting over pronunciation is unprofitable.
Placing so much emphasis on a certain pronunciation of His name is like the person in New Jersey
telling the person from Australia that they are not speaking English correctly. It is
more important that we understand the meaning of words than it is to have the correct pronunciation
of them. I hope this teaching has helped to clear up
some of the confusion about the name Jesus, and I hope it has given you a better understanding
about how His name was translated from Yeshua to Jesus.

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  2. What version of the Bible does Matthew 1:21 state his name is Yeshua? I looked on the King James Version and NIV and it says ye shall call him Jesus

  3. Yashua not Yeshua.
    Yahveh not Yehveh.
    Yah is God.
    Do you like to be called by something other than your name?
    To show proper reverence one should call Yahveh by His Proper name. "God" is a word that was applied to the pagan gods of the Germanic tribes. Just as the pagans of old called their god(s) Baal. Yahveh was offended to be called Baal as it is not His Rightful name.
    If you love Yahveh then you will hold Him in the Highest respect and will want to call Him by His True name.

  4. I call him the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! There are not enough names or words to describe the Majesty of the Holy living God, our Lord Jesus Christ

  5. עכשיו אני בת שלושים, אבל פעם הייתי צעיר

  6. Yahusha is his name halleluyah Yahuah and they white washed Everthing

  7. ……I heard we got the “J” from some German translation…. maybe related to Martin Luther

  8. A, E, I, O, U are vowels.
    Ah, Ba, Ga, Da, Ha, etc
    Are all consonants…
    The original language
    used didn't have vowels.
    I hope this helps.

  9. Start by spelling the name correctly: is not yashua
    , is ישוע

  10. He answers to Jesus. 'Nuff said. But thanks for the information.🙏

  11. I don't understand the explanation of this. I think they keep changing the name because the real name really DOES matter. Example, Trump's name is pronounced the same in every language. Our names will be spelled or even pronounced the same way in every language. Why on Earth are they changing the spelling and pronounciation of our Savior's name? I just don't get it….. something is being hidden….

  12. So it is more accurate to call him as Salvation of the Lord or Saviour.

  13. Fantastic explanation, respectful and factual. Rare on the internet. You just got a subscriber

  14. I got saved when I put my faith in Jesus and his Spirit came to live in me. I'm pretty sure God knew who I was talking to. 🙂

  15. The problem you have is that old Hebrew is different to modern Hebrew. old Hebrew has got a very unique connection with old Greek.

  16. "Jesus" is His name in English and "Yeshua" is His name in Hebrew and Aramaic. In America we speak English, not Hebrew or Aramaic.

    If you insist on using Jesus' Hebrew/Aramaic name why don't you call Peter, Paul, Luke, Mark, James, John, and everyone else in the New Testament by their Hebrew/Aramaic names?

  17. Nahhhhh lol Yeshua is Y'saYah in the Bantu/Congo speech…Jew-ISH (a little of) but we know who the real Yahudi's are don't we?! smh Shalom

  18. Hmmm! In the Old Testament, Joshua in Hebrew was Yoshuyah and that was the same Hebrew name in the New Testament Gospels before the Greeks and Romans decided to change it to a variety of different names over the past few thousands of years.

  19. The problems of Christianity

    1. Iesous kristos is a fake name.
    Iesous is transliterated name from his original semitic name.
    Kristos is translated name from his original semitic name.
    His name in his language Aramaic language is Isa Masiha. In another Aramaic dialect it's Iso Masiho
    Stop faking his name!

    2. His identity is hijacked by bad people. He is not a european man blonde with blue eyes. He is a descendant of Israel (yakub peace be upon him) a semitic, as semitic as the Arabs are. Jews and Arabs are one family of Abraham, not different race or nation. Just different in family lineage. He is from middle East where camels dates and desert exist.

    3. His statues paintings drawings pictures around the world from the past till present are fake. Made and claimed by the maker of those statues paintings drawings and pictures

    4. His Bible is corrupted by bad people.
    Catholics bible 73 books
    Protestants bible 66 books
    Syriac bible 61 books
    Greek Orthodox bible 78 books
    Ethiopian bible 81 books
    Coptic bible 75 books

    Some bad people added reduced his bible

    5. He is not crucified and he is not the God.
    The crucified one crying out loud
    אלהי אלהי למא שבקתני
    ilahiy ilahiy lama sabaqtaniy

    He was calling his own God.
    ilahiy means my God. So the crucified one has his own God. He is clearly crystal clear not the God.

    He was questioning the God
    Lama sabaqtaniy
    Why/for what did you leave me?
    It means he is far away from the God. The God left him.

    Impossible a man with faith will condemn the God.
    Impossible for Isa Masiha who is close to the God to say such desperate question to the God who sent him to guide people. The crucified one is not Isa Masiha.

    Honesty is the teaching of Isa Masiha, a mere human being sent by the God to guide us.

    Faking, hijacking, corrupting, manipulating are the teaching of Satan.

  20. I speak english. The Hebrew language died out a long time ago , and we simply don't know if it would be pronounced "Yeh"-shua Yehoshua "Yay"-shua … we simply do NOT know.
    If I thought Hebrew was a "holier" language, and it was necessary for my salvation, I would learn the language. But then that would be works (and also the version of the language after it was dead for a thousand years … Oops)
    Also, what do we do with the tens of thousands of healings, done in the name of Jesus??! And there are many hundreds which are well-documented (for the skeptic…).
    Jesus is Lord!!
    (PS: if you want to get into "the Greek" (?!), then Hades, that place of Greek mythology, is a real place! No thanks!)

  21. Very much a burnt out Jesus raised kid from the Bible Belt, and only have a historical interest in this. But the early English and most likely Saxon of course would still be Jesu. The J, substituting for a ya in most central and Eastern European languages. No horse in the game here, but I’ve studied early Christianity and it seems like the eastern order did more justice to adopting it as the breakaway Judaic sect that it was. Jus sayin 🤷‍♂️

  22. Jesus was not born to die . Jesus ended up dying because deliverer leaders of the Jews

  23. Well there is ways that seem right to man but are the ways of death or that's the way that verse reads or not I'm just guessing but either way I wouldn't be so sure about mentioning the actual name the wrong way so I would have to look into it further to comment about all this here my friends and would advise you to do the same.

  24. This is true. Done a bit of studying on this however I am not able to recall such knowledge as efficiently as you brother. In this way you are blessed. Praise be to Yeshua, Jesu, Jesus , Joshua!

  25. This is true. Done a bit of studying on this however I am not able to recall such knowledge as efficiently as you brother. In this way you are blessed. Praise be to Yeshua, Jesu, Jesus , Joshua!

  26. I heard the name "Yehoshua" in a dream which is more full- bodied, and gives glory to God the Father as the source of Salvation because the name means "YHVH saves." Yeshua is an abbreviated form of Yehoshua, like Josh is a shortened version of Joshua.

  27. Unlearn the lies? Paul rebuked the judiazers, who try and put us back under the law.

  28. He is (TRUTH) so is his name Yeshua! Call on him by name there is power in the name! If your name is Mike I'm not going to call you Bill. The apostate Roman Catholic Church keep his name from the people! The devil controls them! If you don't believe that church is evil then I dare you to study the art at st. Peter's Basilica in the entire Vatican! I mean study! Turn it upside down and you even see more!!!! They secretly worship Satan !!!!

  29. Thank you for the videó I’m for sharing your videos and sharing unlearning bad habits is make perfect seance

  30. But I don’t think it was malicious intentions anyway I hope that is the case🤟🇺🇸🇮🇱🌎
    In the name of Jesus Christ are savior Yeshua

  31. The Synagogue of Satan created that name. And the Profit said that his name would be EMMANUEL. No Hebrew maiden would disobey a Profit because of the curse, so EMMANUEL is MESSIAH. I don't know who implanted the Jesus. Matters not. And Judah is a Hebrew and is a Hebrew Tribe NOT a Jew!

  32. Sound Massaging…However I Prefer YESHUA, but it is Not Wrong To say Jesus…SELAH AND SHALOM

  33. If the angel Gabriel was specific about the name Yeshua even though he was called Yehoshua, It would show that it obviously matters.

  34. Except, you know… The NT was originally written in Greek, so Jesus was never translated from anything!
    Why do you lie?

  35. What is original source of Yeshua name? BTW from which Bible you showed verse, as in kjv it's different.

  36. I read the comments and I'm saddened by how we treat each other. Whether you keep Shabbat or call Him by His right name and jump through hoops with traditions, but treat your brother poorly you are still breaking the second commandment. Is the fruit of the Spirit not kindness? I'm afraid I don't see this anymore. No wonder the world calls us hypocrites.

    Side note. *There might be no repercussion for what you say on social media right now, but one day you will stand before a Judge who will judge you for every word, every comment made. Calling people retards and idiots thereby tarnishing His name in the process. Think about it. Be kind. Stop the online bullying, no matter your title or how educated you think you are.

  37. 100% true…Yeshua is the true name of salvation.jesus is the translation of corrupt language in english.why? Firts language on earth is hebrew.before everything else…

  38. This a little old comment but I hope you can help me out. Matt 1:21 does say that but in my King James of course it's Jesus. My question is 2 versus later at 23 it says His name shall be called Immanuel which means God with us. In my understanding I believe 2000 years ago to call a child God might have been a problem. So Immanuel might have been more acceptable. If not why a different name clearly so back to back in scripture. Also if you have God with you, you are saved. Not a question but if you have a Hebrew pronunciation for Immanuel please respond. The answer may be in the details of the pronunciation.

  39. Id rather call him by his correct name scholars and linguist mess many things up would you call him Jesse I think other names are disrespectful.

  40. The Hebrew name is irrelevant because the New testament was written in Koine Greek. The prophets name was Ἰησοῦς which in English is Jesus.

  41. Thank you. Tomaa toes.. Potatoes ! Yaa think the Messiah gives a hoot which name is political correctness? Naah.. He knows the called and the hearts. They know his voice and his name.

  42. You shall call his name Emanuel .

    Paul is that wicked one Jesus warned all was coming after him .

    Genesis 49:10 Jacob say's Judah will carry the scepter until Shiloh comes then it goes to he it belongs and the gathering will be unto him . = the scepter never ever belongs to Judah . messiah not from the tribe of Judah .

    When David said the scepter has been given to him and his descendants forever then named Solomon his successor the northern 10 tribes of Israel separated from Judah because they all knew what daddy Jacob said about the scepter and all of them as well .

    There is no turning in the GOD of Jacob .

    Revelation chapter 2 Jesus the Christ = anointed of Judah gives the power to rule all nations with a rod of iron to another = the scepter going to he it belongs = the messiah . that matches exactly what Jacob say's.

  43. I have my theories the name Jesus probably derived from Titus Flavius Josephus last name. Is it just a coincidence?

  44. When you speak to me in English, call me by my name. When you speak to me in Tagalog , call me by my name. When you speak to me in Spanish do not translate my name, otherwise I am not sure anymore it's me you are speaking with. And there is one thing that I really want to know. When they translated the bible from Hebrew to English why they deleted the name of God the creator (YAHUAH) 7000 times and replaced it with Lord God? Lord is only a ranking of British monarchy and can never equate the name of the Almighty YAHUAH.

  45. Don’t Confuse Hellenes With Greek Name . Greace Or Greek Name Newer Existet In Ancient Time. Creator of Greace Name is German King Otto In 1829 .

  46. Yeshua or Jesus, does it really matter? A rose by any other name is still a rose. If he is the messiah name does not matter, what matters is your actions. Jesus/Yeshua did not come to preach himself, but to preach the Golden Rule.

  47. It doesn't matter if you say Jesus,Yeshua,or say it in Chinese or Zulu,God reads peoples hearts anyway.

  48. So called Jesus doesn't even know his name is jesus, he only knows what his names is in Hebrew. If you're going to call on the spirit of savior then call him by his one true name. Our job as children of the most high is to seek his name, his truth and his ways of life diligently. Accepting what man has misconstrued as truth, is utter ridiculousness and laziness, in not wanting to know more of the ultimate truth. All the languages, because Hebrew are results of the curses of the tongues from when the most high struck hebrews down from building the tower of babel in Babylon. Mankind was no longer worthy to speak the native human tongue of civilization. So the most high cursed the tongue and made everyone speak differently. There were still those who had some the first tongue of civilization, which is paleo Hebrew, and from there, the letters of the original language changed. Those who were cursed had to be re-taught the language, by the chosen disciples/ people. Which were the Hebrew Israelites. They were to go out and teach the nations of the truth. As hebrews were trying to do so, they were met with resistance from those who were cursed already, like the babylonians, assyrians, persians, chaldeans, Egyptians and so on… then they were to teach the albino Greeks they rebelled the truth, and warred with the Hebrew Israelites, sending them into exile, and forced them out of Israel back on into Egypt and the southern. Western and central Africa. In paleo Hebrew the saviour name is Yishiya. Hoses 2:16
    King James Bible
    And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD, thatthou shalt call me 👉🏿Ishi👈🏿; and shalt call me no more Baali.
    Is is translated to Yishi in Paleo Hebrew and baali means Lord in Paleo Hebrew.
    It does matter what you call the savior, because how would he know you're set apart from the blinded sheep. He will know that the truth is not in you. He will say part from me I never knew you. Because if you don't take the the time to seek his ONE true NAME Yishiya then you've failed being a child of the most high. Study to show thyself approved. This video is misleading.

  49. My thing is: If you know someone's name, try your best to call them by it.

    No one likes to be called by a different name. I know it makes me cringe a little bit.

    But at the same time, He is looking for those who will worship in Spirit and in Truth.

    But understanding his Hebrew name opens tremendous doors in understanding his power.

    Yeshua which stems from a Hebrew root word YASHA has SOO much meaning that once find out the true essence of his name, you won't want to call him Jesus anymore.

    In Matthew the Angel says "you will call him Jesus because he will save his people from their sin"

    But exchange that with the meaning of the name of Yeshua (like go to the concordance or blue letter Bible and search "Salvation"), it puts what the Angel was saying in context.

  50. hahahahahhhaaa so according to ur explain i mst call him: yeshua??? xixixixixixixiii i'm not jewish who spell hebrew, so ur explain true JUST ONLY IN UR OWN LANGUAGE

  51. Power is in the name of our Lord God, every language has a different word for Salvation, but only one Saviour is acceptable to the Father of the Christ,
    Be lt Jesus,lesous, Yeshua, or what ever language spoken, one Saviour one Almighty God Creator,
    Faith in the Salvation through the Blood of the Son of GOD!!!**

  52. Well done.a lot of christians dont have this knoweldge.sad but true…you made it obvious that its whats in your heart…when you make effort to educate yourself God holds that as precious.p

  53. In Mexico our Lord is called ; Jesus , and every true believer knows that Jesus is The Son of God.

  54. okay so why all these israelite groups using yahyaya or other so called israelite names- and why these black hebrew groups using all these wrong name of jesus name

  55. Is it possible?; that Jesus came from the French Je suis (I am), then add Christ (The Messiah) Jesus Christ= I am The Messiah. Just a thought not wanted to add to or take away just looking at a different angle perhaps on how the name Jesus came to be used.
    Being from Tennessee, I have noticed our slang or our twist on the English language is also a twist on or from other languages such as German, French, Hebrew, Cherokee, etc. Especially German and French words that have been shorten down. The meaning holds true but the full word is no longer used for the convenience of communication.
    The thought entered my mind that the same thing could have occurred here during the Crusades' with the French communicating with the English.
    The Je ' "I" is French almost any word you look up that starts with "Je" is of French origin.
    If it was I believe that it would be just another testimony on how great our God is and how he hides himself in simplicity. To think to this very day he has us calling him the same thing he told Moses to call him so long ago. I AM.
    God bless to all. Amen…

  56. I had this question about 2 years after I got saved, so I asked God “Should I call you Jesus, or Yeshua?”. Well the next day I was playing this game called League of Legends with millions of players , it’s 5v5 and it just so happened that the person I was playing against his username was “CallMeYeshua”. I smiled and thanked him for answering my question 😂.

  57. Liar!
    Jesus is the European spelling due the land pronunciation. Why do you divert the attention to unimportant matters.
    Repent and believe, unless what you'll perish.

  58. There is power in the tounge, what if there is another named Jesus and you are praying to another God. The whole universe can be broken down into energy vibration and frequency. When you talk are you not creating all three with your voice. That is why there is power in the tonguethat is why I think praying to the wrong name is praying to the wrong God

  59. If names are important then my elohim would place importance on it don't downplay truth the bible is wrong on many accounts not just changing names that are important the conspiracy is elshatan is changing names and truth to destroy the truth wake up

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