good evening my friends today we shall discuss about English literature for TGT and PG t as States English and these are most important questions related to our literature if you are students of literature so it is necessary to know about these questions and best of luck to all candidates popuiarity tgd and PGD so first question father of English novel Henry Fielding second question father of English poem Geoffrey Chaucer far of modern English literature GB sha far off and preseason Francis Bacon point of boys Edmund Spenser part of beauty John kids point of nature William Wordsworth part of Skylark and Vince PB Sally poet and painter Black Rebel poet Lord Byron epic poet John Milton next wealth mock heroic poet Alec general pop lake poets st Coleridge port of love John Donne now we are going to discuss about some famous persons in English literature so first for some William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is a greatest novelist dramatist poet and he has written he had written 154 sonnets you know very well about sonnets so Knights is a 40 lines point which can also be sung so his famous works first Hamlet second The Tempest third as you like it fourth Julius Caesar fifth matpat sixth a Romeo and Juliet seventh Othello next Antony and Cleopatra next at the comedy of errors next time a Midsummer's Night's Dream next in the Merchant of Venice next King Lear next The Taming of the Shrew next important person in English literature Ernest Hemingway his famous works first a farewell to arms second For Whom the Bell Tolls and third the Old Man and the sea they're the most important work done by Ernest Hemingway the Old Man and the sea discussion has come many times in net and estate agents next John Milton first Paradise Lost it is a mess most famous epic written by John Milton in this epic Adam Eve and Saturn three are the main characters next Paradise Regained and third loose Edith next important person william wordsworth integer points first solitaire per second the def rise next the Lucy point next written in March and next per loads these are the most important work done by William Wordsworth so these are the most important questions related to our PG T and T DT English if you are like my channel so please subscribe it thank you very much


  1. I want growth and development of victorian novel in 3 pages

  2. Cleopatra, this pronunciation will be "leopatra " here the letter 'c' will be mute.

  3. Please provide me htet pgt and tgt english literature syllabus

  4. Nothing much bt ya i liked the matter u presented.Accent needs to b worked on…

  5. U should work on your speaking it seems really bad speaking English this way


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