HUGE GMA Backlash, “Horrified” Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & More

– Sup, you beautiful bastards. Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. Welcome back to the Phillip Defranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
going to talk about today is Good Morning America, GMA. So in a shift for GMA, rather than having a
controversial celebrity who’s in some sort of
scandal come on the show, it appears they’ve decided to cut out the middle man all together and just have the controversy in house. And so, all we saw over the weekend was just a wave of anger and backlash towards GMA co-anchor, Lara Spencer. And as far as why there was this backlash, if you didn’t see, last week she made a
comment during a segment that mentioned six year old, Prince George’s upcoming class corniculum. – [Lara] In addition to the usual first or second grade things, like math, science and history, the future King of England will be putting down the play-doh to take on religious studies, computer programing, poetry and ballet, among other things. (crowd laughing) [Lara] You couldn’t contain– Oh, he looks so happy
about the ballet class. Prince William says George
absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William. We’ll see how long that lasts. (crowd laughter and applause) I mean, he might! – You don’t know.
– [Lara] He might end up– Between the religious studies
and the computer programing I just want to go back to the play-doh. – Following that quickly slammed
the comment as insensitive. They took to social media using
the hashtag, boys dance too. Also notably, the public
reactions from people like Derek Hough, of course
a professional dancer, posting this photo to
Instagram and saying, (reading quote) I’m featuring Derek’s comment here, not just because he’s a
very, very popular dancer but also because outside of people that were
going for Spencer’s throat because of these remarks, you got a lot of people saying, you know, “We don’t think there
was ill-intent here.” but in general we should
use this opportunity to, kind of, change the culture. Some saying more ballet, less bullying. Also, let people pursue whatever interest they want to pursue. And also, part of the reason that we’re talking about this today is that on air this morning,
Lara Spencer apologized. – I… screwed up. I did. The comment I made about
dance was insensitive, it was stupid and I am deeply sorry. – Spencer also saying that
she reached out to members of the dance community
to hear their stories. GMA then cutting to pre-recorded segment of Spencer talking professional dancers who shared their memories of being bullied for dancing as children. Spencer said that these dancers came together to speak with her so they could turn a
negative into a positive. Right, and essentially use the situation to create a teachable moment. I mean, as far as my
reaction to this story, I’m not outraged. It felt kind of like a
throw away comment during– Arguably, I think, the
weirdest part of this story should be that a TV show is reporting on the curriculum of a six year old. That seems like the really
damn weird part to me. I mean, as far as boys in
ballet or boys dancing, I don’t think it should
be a big deal in any way. I’m a big believer and as long as that kid’s
not hurting someone else or hurting themself, just letting them try whatever… Like my son, his own personal interest, he asked us to get him into soccer and to baseball and to karate. But also the same time, he asked his mom to paint his nails. Don’t care, as long as I also equip
him with the information that some people in this
world are stupid and shitty and might make fun of
him for doing something that doesn’t affect them in
any single way, then great. I also feel jealous for the generations that are
coming up now because it, in general, does feel more
accepted for everybody to dance. Whether it’s stemming from
kids doing Fortnite dances or kids doing viral meme stuff on Tik Tok. Hell, even stuff like
mega-popular Tom Holland going on to Lip Sync Battle
doing a Rihanna’s, “Umbrella”. But ultimately, where I really
wanted to end this story is whether you thought this
story was an interesting thing, a big deal or a small deal, I do think that there is at
least one important point. I do believe that, in
general, whenever possible the first reaction to something
being said that you find to be horrendous or disrespectful, I think we should try
and enter that situation with the goal of educating. It’s very easy to and I think most of us, to some degree, have been
guilty of in the past. But it’s very easy to,
kind of, just jump in, pile on and be the worst
version of ourselves. Which is often the worst way
we can respond to the situation if our goal is more good in the world. Yeah, that’s the story. My personal take away. And, of course, I pass
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the secret link of the day, or really anything at all. Links, as always, are in
the description down below. Then, lets talk about the massive news regarding the world of
online entertainment. This, in general, was just gonna kind of be
a happy little segment, a congratulations to Felix, aka PewDiePie, for becoming the first individual to have a channel with over
100 million subscribers. That’s just a ridiculous
and monumental number. But also, something that was very big, especially given the kind of, uh… Complicated slash “How close can we actually
be to you?” History that PewDiePie and YouTube has. YouTube actually
congratulated him with a tweet and a special video. Which I will say, as just someone that is
apart of the community it was nice to see because I
think that YouTube is aware that the media will take a shot at them for whatever reason they can. And a lot of the places covering the 100 million subscriber milestone keep mentioning the old controversies. And so, to me that was meaningful because YouTube seem to mind
to put a target on their back. But also, at the same time
they probably just made peace with the target being there. But aside from the happy
YouTube history being made, the other big social media
YouTuber story over the weekend was hacking. Major creators got hit over the weekend. You had the likes of Amanda Cerny, King Bach, Shane Dawson, James Charles. And for some there were leaked DMs including ones with Justin Beiber. On Shane Dawson’s account, you had offensive comments, a homophobic slur being
made about James Charles. James Charles’ account, there was a threat to leave
nudes of James Charles. Now, it appears that those creators have regained control of their accounts but that’s also not where the story ends. Regarding James Charles,
to combat the threat made by the hacker to
post a nude photo of him, he posted this photo that I cannot show you the bottom half of with the caption, “Hi, I got my account back. “Just in case I ever get hacked again, “here’s the only nude I’ve ever taken! ” Can’t threaten me with it now. “Get a life.” Now, as a reaction to that, there were a number of people said “Yeah, James take the power back.” Right, it’s somewhat familiar
to the Bella Thorne situation. When she was hacked then
she posted her own photos. There’s also some backlash
and criticism of James Charles and people saying he shouldn’t post this because he has young kids that follow him. We have another tweeting,
“literally no one asked for this” to which Charles replied
“yeah well I didn’t ask “to have my security and
privacy threatened either “so this is me taking back
ownership of the situation, “move on with your day”. The internet, of course, is a place where there can be
a third different reaction, memes. And that’s exactly what we
saw from a ton of creators but most notably Ethan
Klein of H3H3 Productions. It was definitely a mistake
for me to open up twitter while I was in line at Starbucks. But hey, at least it wasn’t the one
that is closest to my house. But the final thing with this story was a ton of backlash
directed towards AT&T with James Charles tweeting “My ATT phone number was
compromised earlier today “and all of my social media accounts “were therefore hacked too! “Your fraud department just hung up on me. “Contact me immediately. “This is a major security threat ” and my lawyer will
be reaching out too.”. Amanda Cerny also tweeting, “Second time my phone number was hacked “because of human error
within company at ATT! “I have all possible steps
of verification added “after the first time again “and my account was still compromised… “time to switch carriers.”. King Bach posting a
video to twitter to say– – And all the text
messages went his phone. He could see everything
I was typing in my phone. So when I changed my password, he saw what I changed it to. The store is closed, the customer service is trash, I was on the phone for hours
trying to figure this out and I couldn’t get no help. So bottom line, you’re trash. – What they’re claiming is that the hackers SIM
swapped their accounts. And, so basically what that would mean is the hackers would have called into AT&T and convinced the carrier that they were someone like James Charles. Then, the hackers would
have requested AT&T switch Charles’ phone number
to a different SIM card. Notably, that SIM card
being that the hackers own. But ultimately, that’s
where we are right now. I will say it’ll be interesting to see what happens from here. Obviously, James Charles
mentioned his lawyer. So are we going to see a lawsuit? Notably, it wouldn’t be the
first time AT&T was sued for a SIM swapping incident. Yeah. Ultimately, we’re going
to have to wait and see. And the last thing we’re
going to talk about today is the G7 summit which started over the
weekend and it wraps up today. This year, the summit was hosted by France and the other G7 countries, which include Canada,
Germany, Japan, Italy, the UK, the Unites States all attended. And the purpose of this summit is for the leaders of these countries to discuss economics, politics
and other global issues. But as you can imagine,
a lot of things happened but here are some of the highlights. One of the big stories to come out of this were remarks President Donald Trump made about trade negotiations with China. For some background here, the two countries have
been in a public trade war for about a year and this has been escalating
throughout the month. Most recently, with trump
raising tariffs on China this last Friday. With a reported 250 billion
dollars worth of goods seeing a hike from 25 percent
to 30 percent in October. As well as, another 300
billion seeing an increase from 10 percent to 15 percent next month. With Trump also encouraging
American businesses to find alternatives to China and condemning Chinese
president, Xi Jinping. But, at the summit he appeared to take a step back from this. He called President Xi a good leader and added he had taken two phone calls with Chinese officials and then adding… – And we’re gonna start very shortly to… um, negotiate. We’ll see what happens but I think we’re gonna make it here. – [Phil] Also, this weekend
the Chinese vice premier made a statement about scaling
back the trade war saying, (reading quote) But also, regarding this specifically, Obviously words can change
how the stock market reacts but as far as what is
actually going to happen, I really do think that it is a, wait and see what actually happens. And on this specific issue, for example, there was a
moment where Donald Trump was meeting with Boris Johnson. And during that, reportedly regarding his approach to China he was asked by a reporter, “Are you having second thoughts about it?” to which the president responded “Yeah, sure.
Why not?” “I have second thoughts about everything.” Then later, according to reports, White House press
secretary Stephanie Grisham put out a statement saying that Trumps comment had
been greatly misinterpreted and adding his regret is only that he’s not raising the tariffs higher. I guess we’ll see. Also, another big story
that came from the G7 was the appearance of
Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday. Something that appeared to
be a last minute surprise orchestrated by French
president Emmanuel Macron who met with Zarif privately. According to reports, Trump and other world leaders were warned of the visit the night before but Zarif mainly stayed on
the sidelines of this summit. Reportedly, never meeting with Trump but all of this coming
as Macron has been trying to get Trump to take an
easier approach on Iran. Of course, famously, Trump left the Iran
Nuclear Deal back in 2018 and of course in the headlines
you’ve seen, kind of, the escalation of everything
that’s been stemming from this. Also, during a press
conference this morning, Macron and Trump both spoke about Iran. The two agreeing that the country should not have nuclear weapons. Macron also saying that he
wants to organize a meeting between the United States and
Iran in the next few weeks. And while trump did
not commit to anything, he alluded that it would be possible. Saying , (reading the quotes) And then, one of the stories under the G7 that a lot of people are talking about is the deal reached regarding
the fires in the Amazon. And this reportedly happened
during a session on climate which, notably, did not attend. Probably, he was the
only leader from the G7 who did not go and instead
the US was represented by a Senior Administration member. Still, President Macron along
with the president of Chile announced that all countries
agreed on 20 million dollars in aid for the fires and saying that they want these
funds to be made immediately and that most would go to
planes fighting the fire. Also, an agreement to
further protect the forest and begin reforestation
efforts was also reached. Now for some context here, in case you haven’t seen previous shows. Reports show that fires in
Brazil’s amazon have increased by 84 percent this year. Something that was made even more notable when you consider the Amazon Rainforest counts for 20 percent of
the worlds oxygen supply. With many experts believing
that deforestation efforts are the cause o the fires. With many criticizing Brazilian
president, Jair Bolsonaro for both supporting deforestation and not doing enough to stop the fires. Though, on that note, Brazil has now also
promised action of its own. Over the weekend, saying
they have 44 thousand troops available to help the effort as well as planes that can dump water on the burning areas of the forest. These fires have also,
seemingly, started a feud connected to the G7. You know the fires in the
Amazon were high on the agenda of several G7 leaders including Macron. Before the summit started, he had sent out a tweet calling
it an “international crisis” also suggesting that it be
a priority in discussions. Bolsonaro then tweeted in response, (reading quote) He also tweeted about Macron as the G7 announced their
plans to give aid to the fire saying, (reading tweet) But, at the same time
the president of Chile who was reportedly an
allay to Bolsonaro saying that he understood why the issue deserved international attention and also clearing why tensions
between Macron and Bolsonaro were starting to loosen up. (reading quote) But, despite those comments, I don’t know it that’s true because reportedly, when
someone posted a meme comparing Bolsonaro’s
wife to Macron’s wife, Bolsonaro’s account responded by saying, “Don’t humiliate the guy.” which understandably, many have interpreted it as
a dig at Macron and his wife. And during the G7, Macron
called the remark disrespectful and added, (reading quote) Ultimately that is where we
are with that story as of now. It’s gonna be interesting to see what else comes from this summit, if any remarks change, if people can actually work together. Yeah, like with everything we talk about, of course I’d love to know your thoughts. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you like this, be sure to hit that like button. Also, if your new here, be sure to hit subscribe. Definitely click that bell
to turn on notifications that way you don’t miss these
daily dives into the news. Which actually, if you did miss the last
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something a little bit extra you can click a tb right there
to watch those right now. But with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Phillip Defranco. You’ve just been filled in. I love your faces and
I’ll see you tomorrow.

100 thoughts on “HUGE GMA Backlash, “Horrified” Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & More

  1. Sad that only the actual ballet dancers of the world understand how perpetuating the stigma around boys in ballet is serious. But yes, it is happy to see a lot of the dance world has risen above the ignorant comments of people and held a massive ballet class outside GMA studios as a protest.

    It might not matter to the rest of you, but her comments struck a nerve in the dance community.

  2. I mean personally I see her comment more as he’s young and will drop it because kids are all over the place on what they want to do. I don’t think it was because it was dance, I think it was just a poor misunderstanding. I think she was saying kids wanted to do one thing one day but not the next. I still think it was not really her place to judge, but I just saw her comment as something else

  3. @Phil can you stop spouting out fake statistics please and make a retraction?! You're just perpetuating fake alarm and feeding the people like @AOC saying the world is going to end in 12 years. You're better an this Phil.

    Amazon doesn't provide 20% of Earth's oxygen nor is it. "the lungs of the planet."

    The number of fires are average for the Amazon.

  4. Don't think the dance comment was solely because of a kid learning to dance. If it was modern dance stuff, she'd have said anything. I'm pretty sure it's just Ballet that she was mocking as an overall thing. Most people laugh at how if you go to a Ballet show, you're going to fall asleep halfway through it.

  5. I feel like she wasn’t even commenting on the ballet specifically. Because she continued to say stuff about his other classes and she said “he might want to go back to play doh” it seems more like a comment on pushing him a lot. But she was also laughing about the dancing so I’m not sure. Also though, why does it matter? Let him do his thing? He’s getting a significantly better education than anyone in America by FAR. Which should be a different discussion, we deserve better education.

  6. I'm a girl, and I still got flack for showing interest in dance as a child. I can imagine it being even more difficult for little boys growing up during my time.

    I'm glad times are changing.

  7. Hey Phil the amazon rainforest doesn’t make up for 20% of the oxygen we breath that’s a myth. In fact, most oxygen we breath comes from plankton inside the ocean. The oxygen released from the raining forest like most forest is used by the surrounding plants and ecosystem. Preserving the forest is very important but please don’t spread false info!

  8. The good morning America story isn't just about an ignorant commentary on dance, but she was also condescending and disencouraging education and learning altogether. Embracing learning at any age is important for the self as well as the growth of our society as human beings.

  9. I think the problem is that it is an adult making fun of a young child. What's wrong with u? Kids bully kids, not grown ups.

  10. Wow Phil. Did you not see the story about trump LYING about phone calls to China? China denied trump called after trump stated he called twice and talked about the trade war.

    He lied. Made an ass out of himself.

    You need to let go of your bias. USA looked like total fools at G7.

  11. Bolsonaro pretending to be anti-colonialist while he furthers his policy of indigenous genocide. I want to see that man suffer.

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    HUGE GMA Backlash, "Horrified" Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & Moreto anybody. “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed. “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate. “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense

  14. Billy Elliot is a hugely popular musical (in Britain especially) all about a little boy who wanted to dance ballet… I hope the little prince follows his dreams.

  15. Jesus she is a bitch. Dancers have it hard, it’s made even worse when you’re bullied. Go for it.

  16. Wow. The things people find the time to be outraged about…..WAIT, not everyone….just fucking twitter…

    I love how twitter is somehow "everyone"

  17. Coming from the dance community it’s so hard to get our art to be considered valid. This mistake was uneducated statement due to the lack of understanding for dancers and our art form. It was a great learning moment but still just a rude comment, especially against all boys who dance.

  18. Why the F are you people wasting your time on this less than trivia ? Times are at a loggerhead and dance is the subject of talk ? Idiots or cowards all.

  19. Guys you really need to leave the time stamps on the side for more than a couple of seconds. Can barely even see them or pause the video in time.

  20. 12:07 Myth

    The error, commonly repeated in recent decades, makes a calculation about the high oxygen production in the photosynthesis process of the great trees of the Amazon. However, mature trees consume almost the same amount of oxygen spent on photosynthesis in their respiration. Therefore, the balance of oxygen production generated by the forest is small.

    Just over half of the oxygen produced on the planet is produced by seaweed (55%). The lung of the world, therefore, is in the oceans.

    The Amazon Rainforest is more focused on maintaining water resources and climate stability than on replenishing oxygen in the atmosphere. "What the Amazon produces in terms of oxygen is practically all consumed by the forest itself."

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  25. what's wrong with Ballet? My brother was in ballet and gymnastics. Helped a lot when he went into martial arts and football. Like it has for thousands of male athletes.
    She's just a dumb dinosaur. It happens.

  26. Phil!!! The Amazon DOES NOT account for 20% of the worlds oxygen supply… Jesus Christ man. Stop replicating that bullshit.

  27. I took it as a jab at the short commitment to activities that young children generally have.

  28. That is why I'm a Verizon user til the day I die. I've never had an issue with them whatsoever although I'm sure there is some weakness somewhere with verizon.

  29. Perhaps what was said on GMA could've been taken outta context. Perhaps they were laughing at the AMOUNT of classes he has to take ALONG with ballet. Ballet is a very difficult yet majestic talent and skill to learn and takes major focus and some kids may not be able to focus on that with all his other classes going on, including computer science. Some kids do tend to lose focus when feeling too pressured, not all, so it could be different for him as well. Sometimes, context is everything.

  30. Even some of us Iranians take our kids to ballet
    my own sister said this:
    "when I get married and have my own family, I will take my children to different classes ESPECIALLY ballet regardless of gender"
    sooooooooo who gives a flying shit if the person doing ballet is a boy, I like practicing karate, is it wrong for me to like rough sports???

  31. I'm not a Trump fan. HOWEVER … Don't y'all see what Trump is doing with this 'trade war?'
    He wants other countries to pick up China's business such as Japan. Thus, your country will still get the goods you need at the price you want. Just not have all your required eggs in ONE chinese basket. China's Monopoly on your economy! Trump can't tell you this cause it shows his hand to the world. Explain why this isn't logical, please?? I'm no major in Economics but I did take basic in High School.

  32. Seriously people got butt hurt because she mentioned something about dancing. How in the heck did she mock anyone? Whatever is all I have to say. Enough with this PC crap.

  33. I really didn’t take offense to what she said honestly I took it as he has all that curriculum going on he probably would rather be playing with the play doh…that’s where I thought she was going with that. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I thought she was basically saying he’s just a kid.

  34. That GMA host isn’t just insensitively deriding a child with presumptuous sexist insinuations… she also just comes off as a basic bimbo.

    A lot of vapid people feel compelled to mock those more privileged with a better early education, more fulfilling and worldly cultural exposure, and healthy lifestyles and talents or other advantageous traits.
    It’s like a way of reassuring the jealous ego that what we lack is actually not valuable anyway, and the derision at the expense of more skilled or fortunate children is a comforting bonding exercise for regular petty people to stave off any inadequacy in mass.

  35. 1:00 Aw man I Wish I got some education about other world religions growing up, before stepping out into the multicultural world.
    But I was just publicly educating, in America :/
    it’s more like a tax funded babysitting service, where the primary goal is just to keep the kids inundated with busywork and quizzes about random facts.
    Never even Heard a subject like epistemology mentioned in my 12 years a student.

    I did take a boys ballet class outside of school for 8 years and I still benefit from that early discipline and agility and strength training. Plus if you’re a straight guy in the company, the ratio of beautiful girls to boys is like unfairly in your favor. I’m just saying.

  36. I appreciate the attitude of calling in someone to educate with other perspectives rather than immediately just tearing them down destructively…
    but in cases like this GMA host, I mean COME ON. She’s a grown up woman, speaking to a huge audience. hasn’t she heard of Billy Eliot ? it’s been a pretty mainstream for nearly the past 2 decades… how someone in her position could have not ever learned better before now is just, pathetic.

  37. I am sorry that it took so long for me to post. I was just in so much shock! Your son … (wait for it) … wants … to play baseball! Seriously. How could you allow such a thing? Wait. Hard ball or soft ball? Will he bat left or right? These are the real issues.
    By the way, when I was a kid (and this IS the truth), I wanted a pink hockey stick (yes, I am a guy, happily married to my wife). My mom actually painted a hockey stick pink for me. I loved it and I loved her for supporting me.

  38. The American and Brazillian presidents literally can’t be bothered to show up for the urgent battle against our greatest natural threat to the human way of life.

    What is wrong with these guys? Can’t rightly tell if they’re honestly that scientifically illiterate, or willfully ignorant because they genuinely only care about prosperity for themselves with the decade or so of their own lifetimes…
    I’m pretty sure Trump at least only pretends to believe in a god to keep the Christians hooked, but I know at least many religious conservatives don’t care about our global climate gradually becoming less hospitable for humanity because they’re literally convinced that THE END IS NYE anyway and all they can do is pray pray pray away the gay to get into the Good place and not the bad place when their god will destroy Earth and then re-terraform it to be a magic kingdom for only the obedient subjects of the Lord. . .
    So if you’ve been convinced to believe some apocalyptic prophecy like that is both inevitable and even a Good plan to have faith in…. then I can understand the lack of incentive to stop burning our largest single source of breathable oxygen and polluting our atmosphere.

  39. I opened Twitter for one day ONE DAY and the first thing I see is Jame’s tweet ..

  40. Bunch of cry babies. So what she made a joke.
    Teachable moment. Like I said snowflakes and cry babies.
    No Phil, those strong dancers are what and who they are because they went through a little struggle and got made fun of and put in all that work.
    Giving people easy pass or making it easy for people does not build character, it's been proven time and again.
    Hard working actor lazy ass kids with no worries, but their parents said I'm giving my kid everything I didn't have making them ungrateful little basterds.
    This is not only to actors but all those that came from nothing.
    Babying people will not create character in people.

  41. I could never watch this guys videos because he just talks so fast, doesn't take a breath, and is kind of monotone.

  42. Am I the only person who didn’t think they were digging out dancers. That she would have been better off saying I didn’t mean any offence I was making a joke of how much a 6 year old is doing and that he will probably grow out of loving ballet as he gets older or maybe he won’t. But it didn’t feel mean spirited ?!? Just that yeah he probably will get into other things art poetry girls boys and what your into when your 6 is normally something fun.
    Can understand people saying hey maybe you should think it’s sounds like your making fun of the dancing but outrage. Bit much soon you will not be able to have an opinion on any thing.

  43. What's wrong with what's basically a dance class? Like people said, boys dance too. You're not gonna kick all the boys out of what people think is a Girls Class. They'd all fail in that case.

    My middle school and onward schools classes were –
    Eng Lit, (studying stories, poetry and even subliminal messages in movie posters, SCREAM and RED EYE have been on my list to watch since)

    Maths, (yes, multiple maths)

    Science (three different types, Chemistry, Biology and whatever the last one was. Been 15 years),

    PE (Physical Education but mostly we played sports (tennis, football, rugby, badminton, Rounders, or used treadmills or other machines),

    RE (Religious Education, I still remember learning about Khrisna but again it has been over a decade so spelling could be wrong),

    ICT (Information, Communication & Technology, basically just computer/programming and Internet classes),

    DT (Design & Technology, you make things and use big scary tools, the Boy's Class if we're labelling school topics by gender lol)

    Whatever language class/classes (most just French, German or Spanish back in my day, I heard they were adding Sign Language (hearing people want to learn this??? I barely remember my SL I was taught before school) and Japanese as we were leaving middle school)

    And Drama which can also have Dance in it.

    Dance is basically PE but fun. I mean Rounders was fun but that was a once/twice a Spring term game. I miss Rounders.

  44. I did Ballet for 8 years and it really improved my flexibility and athleticism. The only reason I left it was because the Ballet studio in my area wasn't well equipped for men's ballet and exercises and I simply wasn't getting enough exercise out of it for the time I put in. I think this is the very reason we need more boys and men in Ballet so there is support for different body types.

  45. I thought the co-anchor was making fun of the fact that the kid was doing so much at a young age o.O

  46. So a couple things, 1) Didn't Tupac study ballet? 2) That's why I stick with T-Mobile, no problems there 🤷

  47. As a British person, I do hope he pursues it. It's such an impressive thing to do. It requires patience, strength, poise, dedication and passion. Exactly the kind of King I want xxx

  48. When a feature of nature is so important to the global climate that its loss threatens everyone, that feature no longer should belong to any person or country except local indigenous people who have historically (as far as I know) not been known for utterly decimating vital ecosystems.

  49. NO ONE….NOOOO ONE, not even the hackers posted his "nude". Except for James Charles. He's the only one obsessed with his own ass. I might sue him for harrassment. THIS IS UNWANTED lmfaoo

  50. There is a kid i was a camp counselor for and this kid, who was the sweetest kid EVER, LOVED ballet, and was an avid ballet viewer. He is 5! He informed me on soooo much about certain shows he went to see and even showed me some of his favorite moves.

    The fact that people still gives a shit and gender activities is insane.

  51. I’m sorry my son in his school has ballet classes….with other boys and girls
    Who laughs at that is just thick minded and just plain stupid -it’s actually very difficult
    Sorry the damage is done she showed it as a natural reflex to laugh at a boy who dances ballet

  52. My best mate in a professional dancer and specialises in ballet. He's a beast. Ballet is no joke.

  53. I'll always love how people make fun of religion like no ones business until its not christianity.

  54. What’s wrong with males dancing ballet? It makes them gracefully and more aware of themselves

  55. I do NOt see the problem. It was light hearted. I saw no I'll intent. It would be different if the kid was very serious about ballet and was ridiculed for it. This was not the case. Please don't let Offend-a-Flakes be your morning breakfast.

  56. I didn't interpret is as "boys dancing is silly" … rather, a kid in a dance class during school is silly. Also, kids that age commonly like something for a short about of time then get bored with it and want to do something else.


  58. I was certainly upset by the ballet comment at the expensive of Prince George, however those that follow the Rf family deeply and the connections of on of the RF members to American Entertainment reporters have a good idea of where this came from and the setup around it – the big problem was that there has always been a very strong tradition in the press that kids of celebrities, political figures etc are basically 'hands off' and until the left driven main stream media decided to open season on Trump's son that was pretty much, except for maybe Ellen's show where there is anything for a laugh, and since they it seems like that just opened up all these actors pretending to be reporters license to go after kids. The fact that the audience laughed, and that she took and extended pause waiting for the laugh, when she said 'Ballet" makes it look totally staged and that the take audience we re prepped to laugh when she brought up ballet and joking about George. The laughter from the audience did sound a bit uncomfortable too. I can't wait to see what they do when he has to take etiquette classes and ballroom dancing. Did this reporter, or GMA ever stop to think that this child is one day, most likely, going to be the King o England and perhaps his education needs to be more well rounded and in things that the kid down the street who wants an IT job would ever need? Besides just making her look rude and discriminatory she ended up looking ill informed and uneducated. Whoever wrote that piece should no longer be writing for GMA and she should no longer be working there based on the fact that she should have seem that "quip" and known better than to make it.

    As for James Charles being hacked: The reason he got disconnected from the fraid line was that he could not convince them to say he was hacked and he was never hacked. Had his phone been hacked he would not have been back online as fast as he 'got his phone' back and he would have had to have recovered all his social accounts to. As Shane how really long that takee and the hoops you have to go through. From the news of someone inside of his team that one picture (and as we know not the only nude that JC has on his accounts not of all made public but he ha sent to individuals) this was a photo that he had takens and worked on in photoshop for some time and was very proud of it and kept pushing for a chance to post it. Since the coachella reception of his butt hanging out was not received as well as his 'management' would have liked they kept telling him not to post it which is a bit odd as his management rarely says no, but they did keep telling him that he could not post it. Shane and others getting hacked was apparently a good opportunity for JC to say he had been hacked also and release that picture to 'pre-empt' the hackers. Most people, even before getting confirmation from an inside source had pretty much figured this out anyway but confirmation is nice.

    As for the Amazon fires, I am not sure – other than its large then it has been in about 7 years, the Amazon does burn every year. Rainforests (as those that live in Washington State) tend to have a natural burn off cycle and as they could never conclude that these were set fires one wonders why this time around they are something to throw money at and whether that money really will actually go to fighting the fire as the countries getting the money really need money for people not fires? And actually if the Amazon rainforest does not have burn off as part of its cycle the overgrowth that is never burned away can do more damage and inhibit growth of the forest. At this point the 'environmentalists' are raging about the fires while the real scientists are still sitting on the fence unsure if this is really an issue. So many places burn that are important parts of the environment and no one makes a big deal out of it as they are not areas with 'big names' that can b used to make a political statement. Look at the NJ pine barrens and the need for that habitat and its impact to the environment and no one whines when it burns, or Yosemite or Yellowstone or huge swaths of Russia?

  59. “As long as I also equip him with information that some people are stupid and shitty and might make fun of him ……. THEN GREAT 😃👍”

    I nearly shat myself on that delivery😂

  60. The first line of defense of the forces of prejudice is a roll of the eyes, and accusations that the the targets of the prejudice — or others who dare to raise their voices against it — are being too sensitive, have no sense of humor, and are only whining about mild forms for prejudice when they shouldn't conflate the mild with the egregious. Those tactics work really well to keep people from raising their voices on the inner fringe of where prejudice operates. Nobody wants to be considered a stick-in-the-mud, or worse: a person who trivializes "real" prejudice. The fact of the matter, IMHO, is that these inner fringes — the insidious but superficially harmless arena of the off-hand, laughed-off versions of bigotry — is where a good deal of the heavy lifting of positive change occurs. It's the place where you or I am more likely to unintentionally advance attitudes toward a minority that suffers from unfair perceptions because, since you and I are (ostensibly) shining examples of individuals who would never transgress in actions or expressions of bigotry of a truly harmful nature, we therefore stand as examples for the acceptable norm.

    The problem with this dismissive attitude or with the shaming of those who raise their hands and venture a criticism is that we unwittingly participate in the campaign that resists positive change. It's such an effective and critical edge of the fight against progress because it easily presents as "overly sensitive" and lacking in humor and appears to place you in the company of those who lack an edge and are terminally un-hip. That's not a place where those of a liberal sensibility are comfortable or very willing to exist for long before they feel the need to prove their anti-goodie-2-shoes bona fides. Worse, having witnessed this process, it just appears reasonable to keep one's mouth shut rather than speaking up, especially since the infraction seems so mild that that it doesn't justify the social risks or the efforts entailed in maintaining one's edgy persona.

    I ramble on horribly. What I was trying to get to is the frustration that I feel that we need to constantly preface any complaint of offense or statement against minor expressions of prejudice with an apology. We scrape and mew and hem and haw and beg forgiveness for what we're about to say: that something said was insulting to us, or that we might have a suggestion for an improved way to express something so that we aren't participating in the indoctrination of children into immoral modes of thought, or the reinforcement of adults' attitudes toward them. I can't fault anyone, since I do it myself, and it's understandable that we perform this theater in the act of speaking up, because we want to preempt the inevitable attacks on us. It's just a shame that we are so cowed by concern for social costs that we can't just say what we have to say and allow the statement to stand on its own merits without going to all lengths to apologize for being offended (an amazingly absurd concept) and to be sure that those we might be criticizing understand that we don't think they're monsters or that their intent was malicious, or — heaven forbid — racist.

    Language is both the solution to our misunderstandings and its cause. "Racism" for instance, is such a loaded word that it has become very tricky to use as descriptive of words or attitudes without risking immense insult to people who are certainly not "racist" but might be, as we all are, capable of perpetuating its very mildest form. The woman who laughed at the notion of a boy being interested in ballet couldn't be properly described as a "bigot", for instance, and the dancer who felt he had to stand up for boy dancers was understandably delicate in how he raised his point.

    It feels to me as if the real "snowflakes" are the ones who can't take a little constructive criticism, even if it involves words that one would hope never to associate with oneself. The sensitivity among members of the right towards the gall of anyone who would employ the word "racism" or "bigotry" is the hottest, most un-touchable button to be found in public discourse these days. I have ideas about why this is, and how we can all talk more frankly while also not taking such easy offense, but this comment has already gone on far too long… Apologies.

  61. hey Phillip, I doubt you'll see this but i totally agree with you on supporting kids. Kids should do what they want. Nobody needs to pressure them into doing anything beyond what they're curious about

  62. I actually was shocked by the laughter. I’m an old-school mom living in the United States and all I could think to myself was this is so 1980s thinking, gross!

  63. That fact about 20% of the world's oxygen coming from the Amazon is actually false…

  64. What's funny is the French president has the same surname as a pastry

  65. I think no one has mentioned this but as someone who works for AT&T, I can tell you this has nothing to do with them. If someone calls in saying they are that person, passes verification, which to change a sim card you still need to pass verification with a pin sent to you, and everything works out, the old sim card would stop working immediately. They would definitely notice something is going on because they would lose service. Also, the fraud dep will not be helpful either, they don't handle anything about hacking :/

  66. Doesn’t every school do religious studies? I’ve been doing since I was 4, and I didn’t even go to a posh school, that’s just extremely common in England

  67. I took up ballet at a very old age (17 to be exact). In the girls who where younger then me where the girls who had been doing it with me. As well as they should. They had me do a move here you tossed a girl in the sky and caught her. My only thought was don’t let her hit the ground. I caught her, and we both hit the ground. But she didn’t. If he learns anything is to protect those you care about.

  68. I think these newscasters and on air personalities have a really tough job these days. They have to report stories and then have a producer in their ear telling them to keep talking and stretch it the next break. Then they just do a few throwaway comments and bam-they have backed themselves into a corner and said something offensive. I agree with Phil. It’s more of a problem to me that they need to report on this child’s curriculum. She was trying to joke around about it and keep it light and still managed to get in hot water. I cannot even imagine being in the public eye in this day and age of everyone being so so sensitive. I do not even know how comedians plan a show. How on earth do they do it without offending someone? I do not know. I am 50 and remember a time when people had much thicker skins and didn’t get hurt feelings so easily. And if people got their feelings hurt, they simply addressed it by going to the person in private. Jokes were considered funny and people could actually laugh at themselves. Yes, there were things that needed to be addressed and rightfully so. It just seemed like these things have become more and more the main topic and it has gone way too far and now everybody finds something offensive in everything. If we keep looking for the offensive in everything, I am afraid we are going to forget how to extend unsolicited forgiveness. I’m afraid our nation will never come together under this climate of super sensitivity. I do understand why people get upset to a point. But if I enjoyed ballet, hearing her throwaway comment would not make me stop enjoying it. And making her apologize may or may not make others have a different opinion on it anyway. I would rather go about it from the angle of trying to educate my children to value and respect these things and always respect others from the home. I feel that home education would be much more beneficial. It also seems artificial to me to have my kids believe that nothing will ever be said to hurt their feelings or make them feel bad about themselves. Humans are complex and unique and we see things in a million different ways. I have tried to teach my kids to use the hurtful comments to make them stronger and stronger. I am overweight and deal with fat comments all the time. Just like anyone else, it can hurt my feelings. BUT, I don’t want comedians to be
    forced to wipe it from their show because there are some funny things that go along with it. It doesn’t break me to laugh at myself. My parents taught me to be strong and just have a sense of humor about it. Life is hard. But they prepared me by making sure I knew that there would not be someone fixing things for me everyday. I just had to toughen up. It seems like every other day someone is on tv or social media making the “obligatory apology” whether they really want to or not. Of course people need to treat people with respect. I believe in the Golden Rule and feel like it would be much better for parents to be teaching their children how to live by this rule. I realize this is just my opinion. I don’t expect everyone to see my point of view since I am ancient, but that is ok!! Lol. I want us to all come together as a nation and from what I am seeing throughout my lifetime we are growing apart instead. But at some point, I am afraid we may be sacrificing free thought and speech somewhat in order to make sure that everyone is “comfortable” and as I get older it concerns me. I don’t have any answers but I am definitely thinking about the changes America is going through.

  69. Nothing wrong with ballet. Everything wrong with being offended for other people. You can tell that many of you that throw around the word "bullying" don't know what bullying is.

  70. Maybe celebrities shouldn't put pictures available to be hacked if they don't want them to be hacked. Hacking has always and will always happen. Apparently so will social media celebrities. Lol smh

  71. I think that GMA woman was just saying see how long that lasts because kids change they're mind at a drop of a hat, not that men that dance are weird.

  72. Is this the first time Phil has PewDiePie in one of the stories, and not used his face in the thumbnail?
    Normally, even if PewDiePie is mentioned even for a split second they just add his face to the thumbnail.

  73. Regarding the ballet issue:
    That is all thank you for coming to my TED Talk

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