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the day is a woman who loves you open dear drink close to the road and Magpies spray from your car miles from any town your radio comes in strong this is the opening to the poem kicking the loose gravel home by richard hugo hugo was born in seattle in 1923 and rose to prominence within the city's vast poetic community as a highly successful and skilled teacher and writer and eventually became a beloved legend in the seattle writing scene although he died almost four decades ago his name still invokes great reverence and love throughout the city's literary circles to this day he inspires many young poets and artists all throughout Seattle who follow his passion led dive into writing and they continue his legacy through a non-profit local writing center called Hugo house located right next to the beautiful Cal Anderson park at one the 6-3 for 11th Avenue seattle hugo house provides a cozy home for riders to recede into their imagination and polish the craft under the careful instruction and guidance of many skilled professionals or else with the support of a like-minded community of writers who work to improve themselves and each other it serves as a place for writers from all walks of life to come together under the umbrella of a single community according to their website Hugo houses mission is to be a place where people can read words hear words and make their own words better they operate with three values in mind all based on different Richard Hugo poems still Hugo house is more than just a community it's a building that has many different facilities and offers many different services what's great about this in the lapis theater is where Hugo house hosts their poetry readings performances and many other special events events are very common at Hugo house they don't just include classes and lectures but also a multitude of different activities all year round that's designed to entertain both new and seasoned writers of any age as well as those who just may be considering writing for the very first time performing like live performance and obviously goons in two days we also have our open mics which is like or works in progress so anything you're working on in you then you can like show up on the first and third Monday of every month on top of that the house also hosts a variety of activities for children and teens who simply love to write as Amanda explains you have our scribes program which is basically like the summer camp for pigs so I think this year we have like a sci-fi frighten camp and then I think the screenwriting and it differs based on grades in terms of the future Hugo house is confident that they can continue the legacy of richard hugo as well as gives seattle riders an open space to share here or create work and be a part of a growing community or otherwise just to find a quiet corner to read however they also have ambitions for further advancement particularly personally what I would like to see is with high hopes for the future of Seattle's writing community Hyuga house strives to continue to help writers develop their passion and to keep writing in this beautiful and literary city thriving for many years to come

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  1. Excellent piece. I'd love to hear more from writers who are enjoying the opportunity to explore their craft at Hugo House. Some sound issues too, between cuts. I'm really impresssed!!!

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