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we’ll start with the deltoids that sit on the shoulders of your arms there are three parts to your deltoid that I’ll teach you with some charm the anterior fibers are on the front side of you while the lateral fibers sit on the top the shoulders thats two The 3rd part’s called posterior that sits on your back. all three make up your deltoid muscles now how about that the next Muscle we’ll look at Are the Pectorals on your chest There are two parts to this muscle
That I hope you never rest Theres the Pectoral Minor
Which is connected to your ribs Then the Pectoral Major
It make’s your chest look really big On the upper arm is your Bicep
They help you lift heavy things The Biceps Brachii (Long Head)
Sits on the outside while I sing While the Bicep Brachii (Short Head)
Lets you lift things with no harm We’ll take a look at the Triceps
On the back side of your arm There’s the Lateral, Long and Medial Head Which make up the three
parts that concludes the Triceps
very complex anatomy Lets look at the Abdominals
That sit on your tummy This is a pair of 4 muscles
When flexed are very bumpy Hey, there’s the Obliques
They keep your sides really strong There is the Internal Oblique Muscle
That supports your abdomen The External Oblique Muscle
Helps with your side bend Lets look at your Gluteus Maximus
on your rear end It’s the largest muscle in your body
This is true my friend it keeps you standing upright
And it helps you to ascend The Quadriceps are located
on the front side of your thigh there are four muscles
that make up the quads that you do rely The Rectus Femoris
is the first muscle in line While the Vastus Lateralis
Sits to the far outside Vastus Intermedius
Sits under the Rectus And Vastus Medialis
makes the fourth in your Quadriceps Now lets focus on the Hamstrings
There are three muscles we’ll see Biceps Femoris muscle
Is on the outside of the three The Semitendinosus
Makes up the middle part While the Semimembranosus
is the inner on the chart The Gastrocnemius
It’s also known as the calf Is made of the
Lateral and Medial heads two half’s So Take care of your muscles because they’re all made up of me. I am microscopic but when grouped I am real strong you see Here’s some of the 650 muscles in the human body

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