HUMANITY IN DISGUISE #Internationalwarcrime #Poem#Poetry

Hi. This is Sakib Niaz.And I wrote this poem
two years ago! And the name of this poem is “Humanity in Disguise”.
It’s a bright sunny day i was enjoying, The shining sun rays started entering through
the naked balcony; I saw a pen coming down from the sky,
Oh,No! What a disturbance!! I heard someone crying! Crying for help!
Who is it? Who is crying? To discover, I just watched out;
And then i discovered, It wasn’t a pen i saw coming down to right the story of a perfect
civilization , the literature of mankind;
It was nothing but a missile!

6 thoughts on “HUMANITY IN DISGUISE #Internationalwarcrime #Poem#Poetry

  1. NICE. Please add English subtitles so that people can grasp, understand better.

  2. Nice Poem. It reflected the truth of present condition. Good Job…
    You could also elaborate it by giving more details, nevertheless the poem was really good.

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