Humble The Poet – H.A.I.R (Lyric Video)

29 thoughts on “Humble The Poet – H.A.I.R (Lyric Video)

  1. if you like H.A.I.R, you'll LOVE the rest of my project RIGHTEOUS/RATCHET
    Listen here: =)

    You guys have NO IDEA how happy I am that my new music is finally out and that you're all digging it. Please share the music with your friends, and let this song be the soundtrack to your summer =) #LOVE

  2. Cant go back is the best, but this one rocks too! @aLifeofMagicMoments appreciate you Humble. Keep it simple, keep it going! We support you!

  3. I just found you recently here on YouTube…and I have to say this song is amazing! Same as the rest of the content you are giving!
    Best regards from Germany. Keep on shining bright!

  4. I have the undeniable urge to feel his beard

    Edit: oh my gosh thanks for the heart, humble!!

  5. Love this! But I need to know what H.A.I.R stands for… any help?

  6. Now this is something that needs to go viral.
    Why can’t stuff like this go viral?
    Please go viral.

  7. I know I'm late but love you humble you're are on of my favourite artists

  8. OMG HAIR IS AMAZING. HUMBLE YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE HUMANS. (FYI it’s hard to get on there because I lost all faith In humanity.)

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