27 thoughts on “Hunger Games Author Working on Prequel Novel – IGN News

  1. this could be interesting, seeing a backstory as to why they started it in the first place

  2. This is pretty cool. She could create a good prequel book because the original series has so much lore.

  3. Honestly I'm upset because I kind of wanted to see the war an aspect in the beginning of the movie and then they move towards the end of it was decided to do the colonies and it from their creation of The hunger games you know what made the war I think they might just do a meditation of like a slight two bit of what the war was and infer medical basically into the whole politics of how The hunger game was born

  4. Ugh. Not to be a downer, but why do I feel Suzanne is just making a book series prequel just for the sake of having a movie. I mean I guess its everyone's goal to make money, but I just get the feeling that this will be rushed for the movie's sake or have no actual integrity because of the intentions behind it.

  5. YYEEESSS!!! Literally the only three books I've ever read have been the hunger games!

  6. Why does everything need a prequel these days? Sometimes when things are mysterious and characters have dialogues about the past and have different perspectives is its own treasure imo

  7. As long as it's different enough to warrant its existence because otherwise it's just more Hunger Games which isn't really necessary.

  8. I always wanted to read about Haymitch’s experience in the games. It seemed so dark. And to make him practically rely on alcohol to keep straight, it must’ve been traumatic af

  9. Nobody:

    JK Rowling:

    News: Hunger Games Prequel in the works

    JK Rowling: Harry’s grandmother was a dyke

  10. Ngl sounds exciting. Hopefully the author hasn't lost touch of their world

  11. Peeta was also in an intense sexual relationship with Katniss.

  12. So she will plagiarize someone else lol. I'm not making fun of the author or anything but I hope anyone reading this understands the joke.

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