HURRAY! We got to a million!! // the week on eNtR

1 million views everybody it’s josh and jonathan from enter berlin welcome to the week on enter 1 million views on our channel that’s right hit it last week so big party in the office yeah feels pretty good feels pretty good do you want to do your 1 million views dance I have to do it yet and I have to do it I don’t have you would tell me about this so what do we have going on this week Jonathan okay so monday we have a nude with the founder of d my that’s the design week design your chance versus design festival check out our on the beat at d my if you haven’t already on wednesday we have a candy trips melissa is at coffee she’s at the my before it’s a very well-known part of berlin eating and fighting drugs and all sorts of crazy stuff segment two of us our son check that out on wednesday candy trips so thursday we have an inter meets with an ax to joke it is about for music so make sure to check that out now we’ve got looking to get hit by kong at honking at us we were walking backwards the contrary it’s so airy here whoa jaywalking not okay here friday we are on the beat the international poetry slam producer Dirk was there met up with some really amazing international poetry slam stars Jeff little only for 14 years little holy land of many not seek to understand more places damn awaiting we got is great to expel them into exile some really amazing stuff in there so check that out on Friday and then on Saturday we have another pitch episode with rest day a so you like rap you need to check it out we run another red lights we gotta hurry across bit this week on under Berlin we’re just trying to hit every red light at the intersection of melting down your casa and how we do g’nite master awesome I don’t devil good ok so now come in time when are we going here right this looks so weird that obama ‘then made it into obama speech I did not watch that video Obama’s been able to listen to my phone calls for the past five years but I can’t go listen to him speak right now so we had a comment from the central services what a loser give up because give up because a couple of friendly police constables no ddr citizen would have been able to cross the berlin wall with this kind of attitude though he did not like you’re in here what Allah we move it smells like journals and I thought you were talking about the comment no I think we may have been sitting in some urine so that allows a boob wrote first the silent schwager and now Josh doesn’t see Obama what is going on with the world you know what that’s a good question last week was a week of like Nazi disappointment just women now next question on our piece where Melissa also didn’t get to see someone she didn’t get to see til schweiger so he’s busy saying without any bullshit Melissa you are amazing you’re super you glow yeah everything about you oh he has no idea how we should say it sign Taurus the course and thank you for subscribing them Sir frantic light wrote were you guys already in front of the Brandenburger tor with candy trips we like to cover a little bit more of the edge you’re kind of things people don’t really see very often here in Berlin so on our train writing video we had a few comments they’re gone yeah you call this art you call this art that’s vandalism every year we pay so much money but we got an answer fuck i’m rich wrote yeah but who’s actually still buying tickets but i don’t know about the i don’t know if it’s fair for someone who says fuck I’m rich to say that he doesn’t care if the ticket prices go up cuz he’s rich I’ve never had a million views before don’t put that in there because I you know trash can we have a million views empty cigarette box yeah folks thanks for watching this is going to don’t forget subscribe to our channel check us out on Twitter on Facebook on vine on Instagram on Instagram video yeah we have another social media tool that we have to use now someone should vine us an Instagram video think about that one for a minute subscribe see you next week everybody sacramento son I kind of feel a mistake class be able to die but need a plan I just thought suns vs United civil to them

5 thoughts on “HURRAY! We got to a million!! // the week on eNtR

  1. Wie wäre es mit dem "Videospielmuseum" für Candytrips? Würde mich freuen, da ich vor habe, dorthin zu gehen, sobald ich einmal in Berlin bin.

  2. Hey, Merci für den Tipp! Wir waren schon mit H0llY im Videospielmuseum, mal gucken…. – Regina

  3. Bald 🙂 Da es ein On the Beat ist, wird es an einem Freitag kommen. Klick am besten ins nächste Redaktionsvideo rein, da machen wir immer die Ankündigungen für die Woche. – Laura

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