Hysterical Literature: Session Ten: Janet (Official)

hi I'm Jana and I'm going to read from the book friendship and character by Ralph Waldo Emerson friendship we have a great deal more kindness than has ever spoken barring all the selfish that chills like east winds the world the whole human family is bathed with an element of love like a fine ether how many persons we meet in houses whom we scarcely speak to whom yet we honor and who honor us how many we see in the street or sit with in church whom though silently we warmly rejoice to be with read the language of these wandering eye beams the heart knoweth the effect of the indulgence of this human affection is a certain cordial exhilaration in poetry and in common speech the emotions of benevolence and complacency which are felt toward others are likened to the materials effect of fire so Swift or much more Swift more active more cheering are these fine inward radiations from the highest degree of passionate love to the lowest degree of goodwill they make the sweetness of life our intellectual and active powers increase with our affection the scholar sits down to write and all his years of meditation do not furnish him with one good thought or happy expression but it is necessary to write a letter to a friend and forth with troops of gentle thoughts invest themselves on every hand with chosen words see in any house where virtue and self-respect abide the palpitation which the approach of a stranger causes a commanded stranger is expected and announced and an uneasy uneasiness between pleasure and pain invades all the hearts of a household his arrival almost brings fear to the good hearts that would welcome him the house is dusted all things fly into their places the old coat is exchanged for the new and they must get up a dinner if they can of a commanded stranger only the good report is told by others only the good and new is heard by us having imagined and invested him we asked how we should stand related in conversation and action with such a man and I and our uneasy with fear the same idea exalts conversation with him we talk better than we are want we have the nimblest fancy a richer memory and our dumb devil has taken leave for the time for long hours we can continue a series of sincere graceful rich communications drawn from the oldest secret experience so that they who set by of our own kins folk and acquaintances shall feel a lively surprise at our unusual powers but as soon as the stranger begins to intrude his partialities his definitions his defects into the conversation it is all over he has heard the first the last and best he will ever hear from us he is no stranger now vulgarity ignorance misapprehension our old acquaintances now when he comes he may get the order the dress and the dinner but the throbbing of the heart and the communications of the soul no more pleasant are the Jets of affection which rule oom a young world for me again delicious is a justin firm encounter of two in a thought in a feeling how beautiful on their approach to this beating heart the steps and forms of the gifted and the true the moment we indulge our affections the earth is met metamorph there is no winter and no night all tragedies all annuus vanish all duties even nothing fills a proceeding eternity but the forms all radiant of beloved persons let the soul be assured that somewhere in the universe it shall rejoin its friend and it would we be content and cheerful alone for a thousand years I am Janet and I read friendship by Emerson oh my god that last one was it killing me man that was hot I needed that thank you very much I'm gonna do it do it double take on this don't you think I need to do it better you

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