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Hi YouTube! I am here with Helo again! Thanks Helo! We had a lot of requests to show you another Nightwish song! Its name is The Poet and the Pendulum It’s a Poe reference This song is composed by Tuomas Your favorite keyboard player now He is the band director and the composer In 2005 Their 1rst singer they had differences and then she was expelled It was a very dark time for the band and to the composer So, this song is about that melancholy and all the feelings about starting again This show was in the Wembley Arena One of the biggest London stadiums And it was their first show there They sold out and recorded a Live DVD I was very close to go because during To Nightwish with Love Documentary I was the Cuban guy in the doc Yle raffled some tickets to some fans in the documentary but for me, for being in Cuba, it was impossible to have an UK visa that time was sad to me but a year after I saw the band live here in Miami! and I lived my Dream The song is composed originally for Annette Olzon the Nightwish second singer in another video, I will share something from her with you now is singed by Floor Jansen She is going to cry ! She had an owl in one hand and the flowers in the other She is so beautiful I don’t know if you felt it but is a desperate moment in the song in his life the end part, when the mom is singing giving her support always touch me because it reminds my mom for him, writing this how much painful it was for him? I think is a masterpiece song She owned the song She put a lot of emotion into it that makes you connect 14 minutes because is a story step by step The next song will be 25 minutes Thanks for watching Subscribe and recommend us other songs I haven’t change the chair I tried Last video, of Ghost Love Score all the comments are BURN THE CHAIR

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  2. Thx for the reaction you two !! Such a powerful masterpiece. We should start a get me a damn new chair fund for you lol but you did do better on it than the last vid , looking forward to some more Nightwish. 🤘🏼💥🤘🏼

  3. -floor Jansen Vilja lied.
    -Floor Jansen Shallow.
    -Floor Jansen Winner.
    -Floor Jansen Mamma.
    After Forever-Who I am Floor en Irene Jansen.
    -Floor Jansen Qué Se Siente.
    -Epica Sancta Terra feat. floor Jansen.
    You should check out these clips if you wanna see the different sides of her, and s comment would be nice.

  4. Hola! Terve! (in Finnish) Tough girl! I saw emotional moments and aaaaalmost a tear… in both of yours corner of the eyes, haha! I have seen and heard this song like thousands of times and I never manage to keep my eyes dry. My cheeks are all wet even now… But as a fellow Finn and as a hardcore NW fan I know this backstory and stories around it so well that it hits me probably harder, I think. I'm so happy where they are today as a band. All is so good now between them and the road is open! Can't wait to see your reaction to Greatest Show On Earth!

  5. The Poet and the Pendulum here are some scources.
    First of all the Open Letter to Tarja.Tarja's open letter (why tarja was kicked from nightwish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbkpMgqq8pU
    Interview Nightwish – Tuomas Holopainen (part 1) at around 1:50min Tuomas explained a bit to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPDNEIt4d7U
    Nightwish interview – Tuomas Holopainen (part 1) at 10:00min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v65-ErfUyVM
    Here he stated:

    Cathartic is a good way of putting it. The ultimate example being is The Poet and the Pendulum a song where i literally kill myself in the song so that i wouldnt have to do it in real life.

    At the Ende where all 3 (+1 the drummer he can not leave his place, here it is Kai but originally it was Jukka) stand together is for showing Tuomas that they are all with him, they all have signed that letter.

  6. I love watching these two having a discussion. He obviously understands English but chooses to speak Spanish. She obviously understands Spanish but chooses to speak English. Charming.

    You two should react to Nightwish: Greatest Show On Earth – [email protected]

  7. For next reaction maybe need to check some classics from Judas Priest Judas Priest – Victim of Changes (Live At The Seminole Hard Rock Arena) ( https://youtu.be/J4d5sMg8eCE )

  8. Hola me encantó este video reacción casi lloro también… espero puedan reaccionar al video de Natalia Jiménez y Lila Downs cantando la cigarra :3

  9. DIMASH- SOS, Hello, Unforgatable day, Screaming Idol hits, Adagio, please

  10. Loved your reactions to this song, not afraid to show your humanity instead of putting on a false face like so many other YouTube'rs out there.
    Helo, you are stunningly beautiful and it's a gift to share what you're feeling with one of our favorite bands.

  11. I love this song.. and the Mother and Father part is killing me.. always 😢🖤

  12. Beautiful reaction, you should really show her Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red from the same show. Keep em coming, mucho gusto from Ireland.

  13. Lovely reaction guys, Nightwish take us to many places and expose every emotions ….they are awesome 🤘

  14. Oye bro, te recomiendo que reacciones a wintersun sons of winter and stars rehearsal (sonic pump studios)

  15. She is by far the best in these reactions. She acknowledges the band members and when/what they play. As a musician, each time the music gets a nod, it's appreciated. Especially when it's so hard to see passed Floor's unearthly talent. Good reaction.

  16. Alterbridge , words darker than their wings is a song you should do soon . Preferably a live version of it . You will love it , I promise.

  17. "The drummer is amazing too" "double paddle" as a drummer I very much appreciate that being noticed 🙂

  18. Oh dear the onion army is coming ……..i can hear them close bey ……runnnnnn 😩😩😩😩😩

  19. With this song I always like to point out how it starts with the words "The end" Tuomas being pessimistic and thinking it is over. And it ends with the words "The beginning" Tuomas realizing that every ending is a new beginning.

  20. Pretty deep, dark, tortured and tumultuous stuff for people of your age.
    Not an easy piece to experience, if you connect at all with it.

  21. Lost Society has made a great song with sello metal band called Apocalyptica. Name of the song is "Into Eternity".

  22. I'm taking a survey. At what point in the song do you guys(the comments section) start crying?
    For me it's 'try to save them all' because the camera goes over to Tuomas singing along with and he just looks so saddened and it breaks my heart.

  23. you should guys should react to some alter bridge,especially the "blackbird" live performances are really amazing

  24. Enjoyed watching your reactions to Nightwish….looks like you guys had a lot of fun! By the way, for the love of God, put some WD-40 on that chair….loudest chair on the face of the planet 😀

  25. Your friend is amazing bro. Its amazing to watch someone so pretty like this type of music and understand it in an intelligent way. Goes to show again never judge a book by its cover expression. Lol Keep her around! Another great reaction!

  26. Gran banda y hermosa cancion m, tenemosa entradas para el proximo ano en Ziggo Dome . Que hermosa obra de arte detras de ti a quien pertenece ? encanta escocharlo , Marijke , Paises Bajos

  27. Watching these two always give me a Star Wars vibe where you have constantily characters in fluent conversation speaking each one in their own language.

  28. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    the title is in English so why aren't you?

  29. "next song will be 25 minutes"…. YEAH greatest show on earth!!! i can't wait for it!!!

  30. I don't know how you did it…but the audio clarity/volume of your review is one of the best that I've heard!👍
    Edit: "High Hopes"- Marko, Emppu, Jukka and Tuomas at their best…just the guys

  31. Oh watching this again with you made me tear up like the first time I watched it. Keep reacting for us. You’re great. Next up… Greatest Show on Earth live Tampere or Phantom of the Opera live with the original vocalist Tarja. Without her The Poet and the Pendulum would never have been created.

  32. Great reaction! 😊

    I would like to suggest you to react Wintersun – Sons of Winter and Stars live rehearsal at Sonic Pump Studio. It is Nightwish drummer Kai Hahto's previous band where he played. Guitarist and lead singer Jari Mäenpää is mastermind behind the band. I really hope you pick this one. Please and peace 🙏🏼😎✌🏼

  33. the song performed live is so much more beautiful, saw them recently and tuomas did break down in tears only to be consoled by emppu (guitarist) in particular during and after the song. don't worry it had a happy ending as there was a lovely moment when tuomas and floor shared a bottle of red wine, happy and smiling.
    i'm not going to go against the grain – greatest show on earth must be next if no tarja songs are on there – end of an era concert 2005 was immense but also part what this song was about

  34. Por favor reaccionen a Diana Ankudinova – RECHENKA. Ella es una chica de Rusia, al momento de grabar esa canción en un concurso de talentos de rusia ella tenía 15 años, ella es huérfana y esta canción trata de una novia que va a un río a pedir la bendición de su madre muerta para poder casarse. Es una canción antigua de algunas partes de Rusia y Diana misma deciende de los Nivkh una de las primeras tribus en la Rusia asiática, así que lo que verán es un ritual con una voz que los mismos rusos dicen… Que llama a dioses antiguos.

  35. I'm 54 years old and have been listening to heavy metal music since I was around 10. I've grew up with and listened to all of the iconic bands. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera. I could go on and on. This version of this song is not only my favorite Nightwish song but my favorite song EVER. That's no small feat considering all of the music that has played in my ears over the last few decades.

  36. Ojalá todas las personas se informaran tanto como vos, muchos reaccionan a esta canción sin saber porque fue escrita y que quiere decir.

  37. Great reaction! I'm a Nightwish super fan too. Looking foward to Nightwish content! Keep doing it please!

  38. gotta upgrade from this rubbish airpods to some proper headphones man, this always gives me the cringes =D

  39. Guys this was no wembley stadium with 80+k people this is arena near what is near 15 k people

  40. I dislike watch reactions what consist of two and more persons, and ofc dislike, when one of them saw this video. So i have one lifehack for this, i close one who saw this video, and enjoy reaction of another(this beatiful lady).

  41. that was great again , darn she didnt cried .
    But damn man i could feel your emotions aswel at the mother father part .
    thanks again and see you in the greatest show on earth

  42. I have heard this 50+ times and it still makes me a sloppy mess during Mother and Father

  43. Great reaction! I often point out this following detail if I don't see anyone else has done it yet—> In the first spoken word verse many reactors appear taken aback by the line, "being raped again and again and again," as it is probably shocking or offensive to women listeners. One must keep in mind here that the lyrics are Tuomas speaking about himself, and he's using the word metaphorically I guess one could say. It is he, himself, who is being "raped" by Poe's pendulum blade as it swings back and forth cutting through his abdomen "again and again and again." So we have to be careful not to misinterpret it as something offensive. … I enjoy watching you two guys, you are both very likable and fun people! Rock on! Gracias!

  44. The drummer, Kai Hahto, had to replace the original drummer, Jukka Nevelainien. Jukka had to step aside from drumming for the band due to suffering from chronic insomnia, which prevents him from recording or touring. The good news is that he has, since day one, been very involved with the band in a business sense., and continues to work with them in that capacity.

  45. C’mon man, what the hell with that stupid chair! Nice reaction tho!

  46. Cant Wait for THE greatest show on earth. Great reaction. Nightwish really Gets to you. Ps heloise gorgeous

  47. If you listen to this song and you feel nothing, please report to Area 51. You are an Alien.

  48. Tuomas makes awesome music and poetical lyrics. GLS, GSOE, BOTB, DBP and this just as examples.

  49. I’m just wondering how you guys understand one another? Do you have translation in your headphones?

  50. Sigh* How beautiful is to understand two different languages at the same time… Ella sabe español pero no lo habla o cómo está el rollo?!

  51. Helo be prepared! He isn't kidding when he says the next song is 25 minutes long! I really appreciated seeing your reaction to this!

  52. Wow , la chava es mas metalera que vos, jajajaj, nunca escucho Nightwish ? me encanto su reaccion, asi que manito para arriba amigo !

  53. Man, que alegría ver a alguien de cuba con un canal así. MIL FELICITACIONES, me encantó el video, Suggestion?, "The greatest show on earth live at Tampere" it's a big one (and 21 min), A MASTERPIECE! saludos desde la habana

  54. 5:43 i was like: Yeah show me the windmill Helo, well…maybe next Nightwish video 🤘

  55. You have to bring her back for
    Epica – Sancta Terra (feat Floor Jansen) Live Retrospect show
    Neither one of you will be disappointed, it's fantastic.

  56. It's a perfect song, especially when Floor sings it. I look forward to The Greatest Show on Earth live @ Tampere!

  57. N1CK, it's almost unfair — you're grinning like the Cheshire Cat as the song opens, glancing at Helo… k.n.o.w.i.n.g. this song is going to be a punch in the head. I came back to watch you and her react to Nightwish (again).

  58. Hola! Amo sus reacciones! Watching Helo is such a delight! In the end, Mother and Father always gets me, luego Floor con esa especie de llanto, like a siren crying for the loss of a loved one… Ugh… ❤💔

  59. Funny to watch this reaction video where you bring in your attractive friend for eye candy, only to have her mesmerized by Floor, and calling her beautiful & a goddess. Floor has worked for nearly 20 years to get to where she is now. She is finally getting a little of the recognition she deserves. I wish her all the success and happiness in life. She brings so much entertainment and joy to us fans. Honestly i doubt i would have gotten into Nightwish without her.

  60. Miss America!!! you should try this night-orgasam-wished is guaranteed. During middle-ages Northeastern European fucked times.

  61. Dude! WTH!..
    You´ve got such a gorgeous beauty/goddess next to you, who listen to the most Epic Female Singer in Metal History and loves it too! => MARRY HER! 😛

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