I Am Here And I Am Queer-a slam poem

You question who I am and expect acceptance
Yet in your hour of need you are expectant National tragedy is what you think of us
What has become of the youth How dare they live and love and exist
in a space where they were never welcome You act as though the ground on which my feet
tread is a danger to you When we know that simply isn’t true
Yet you walking the same path as me well that’s a national tragedy I am real and human
I can feel and function Just like you
Just like people you love How dare you imply I am lesser than you
When all comes to end it is clear Living behind a locked door is not healthy
or good but my god I am here and I’m queer. It was not me who kept it in
It was you who told me this was a sin It’s been years since we our paths have even
crossed but memories my god they last No it wasn’t just a phase
Rebellion of my teenage days But even if it was what harm was I doing?
surely it’s only rebellion because you think there’s something wrong with it
And I cannot and will not agree You are wrong I am proud of who I am
I am proud of the ground on which I now stand And nothing you can say or do will erase the
memories of those who fought so I could have this ground Digging up the history of people like me shouldn’t
be this difficult This is something we never learn
We have to find it on our own Those people fought so that I could live and
work and breathe just like you Do not erase our history do not tell me I’m
wrong Marsha,Jackie,Zazu too we owe all of this
to you. Hey pal-erinos
OOft that poem gave me a lot of feelings I hope you enjoyed that
If you did subscribe and like and leave me a comment letting me know your experiences
I got very angry the other night and I wrote this
and then re read it and I got really emotional And then I’ve spent like the past day trying
to learn it I really hope I did it justice
I’m very very proud of it See you guys tomorrow

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