YO SOY YO NUNCA PRETENDÍ SER NADIE MÁS Nunca querría ser nadie más No cambiaré mi forma de ser para que me consideren. YO SOY YO No soy perfecto … pero estoy trabajando… Trabajando para ser la mejor versión de mí mismo. Estoy trabajando para…. …continuar acrecentar mi yo mismo. … a través de MI TRABAJO, a MI MODO. YO SOY YO. No el YO que tú piensas que SOY ; ) No, el YO que tú quieres que SEA sino solo YO. El que YO quiero SER. YO SOY YO. Yo tomo mis propias decisiones. Yo no sigo. Yo ando por mi propio camino. No siempre es fácil, pero mejor andar solo, que caminar junto a otros en la dirección equivocada. YO SOY YO. Yo soy fuerte. Tengo un gran corazón Cuento mi verdad. No doy mi brazo a torcer YO SOY YO No me conformo.. Lucho por lo que quiero No me disculparé por ser yo. YO SOY YO Yo te acepto a tí Yo acepto a todo el mundo… … tal y como son. Tal y como quieren ser ESE soy YO. “Uno de los mayores cumplidos en este mundo que siempre está intentando que seas otra cosa, es que seas TÜ mismo” – Ralp Waldo Emerson “Sé tú mismo; todos los demás puestos ya están cogidos” – Oscar Wilde Sé Tú, YO nunca voy a dejar de ser YO. -Corazón Sin Miedo

100 thoughts on “I AM ME.

  1. I am me . I don't wanna to copy others and mimic others.the one who thinks I can't make my personality ,are the one who are in great doubt

  2. Hi my soul,s Frd Fearless soul Team. Thanks for each and every video who make me better than the best.

  3. Ok the video is owsem but if some ones do a wrong with him self…I tell him that it's not good for ur healt the drugs addicts n I pretend him that I'll go away if uhh can't stop then it says that I'm me…so I did agreed!!

  4. i am me i am not you i am me i love all the peaple just you iam plz go to another life not me

  5. I AM ME

  6. Im Amazing THANK you Lord keep giving straight to go on my life in purpose yes is a great feeling of acumplis ment. 🕊✌👊

  7. I can not say I am me untill i have complete self discipline that time I becomes bold and useless.
    I will say I am me..after I have the best version of me rule my heart and wealth.

  8. I am me and i am you! I am everywhere and everybody! We're all one! Namaste

  9. I am me is not really counted in real life. This may be the way of bachelors but it cant be the way of a family person…

    I am me i am me not possible.

  10. you and me can't saying be yourself is a righ thing because no one know why we live what's this f**** life can someone explain i know no one can't i know dear fearless soul you making a good motivation for us but hmmmm more and more hmmmmm…………….

  11. I am me !!
    Thankyou ! Fearless Soul for this lovely video….powerful words…. I always watch and listen to such inspiring videos in the morning and also during the day ….. as for the lovely music that you put on in the background it is very uplifting and makes me feel happy ….have a great day….Keep up the good work.👍🏻👍🏻


  13. A work in progress!, I Am Me!!!! I Am taken by Me…I am becoming a greater Me! I believe in Me!!!

  14. I Am Fearless

    I Am The Unstoppable

    I Am The Angelic Voice Of Hunger And Pain

    I Am A Fighter

  15. I Am ME… Fearless soul makes me greatful to my life and myself…your all the videos so Amazing and Mind Blowing…world's All souls will be greatful for your great voice , background music 🎧and Helping others who really loss meaning from life and how to live IT…!!! great forever… FEARLESS SOUL..!!! ❣️😇🇮🇳

  16. Great! I need to listen to it often, growing !
    Thanks för what you are doing,
    Team Fearless 🌱🌾!

  17. If you are you and you don't want to be what others want you to be, then why do you say "I'm working on myself"?? That is a logical falacy. If you work on yourself it is necessarily to be what others want, because all you have ever had contact with was built by someone else, and all of that is influencing your mind and the thing you call self. So, you want to build a better self, but both the concept of self and the concept of better are influenced by others. There's no difference between what others want and what you want, since we all live in a society and share means like food and money. I'd say you would feel better and motivated if you wanted just to build a self inside you that gets you to get a lot of serotonin most of the time, and the less cortisol possible, instead of reafirming that you don't need others and can happy alone

  18. "Very inspiring!!!" The "Greatest Messages!" ever spoken were NOT because of using large, obnoxious, scientifical, intellectual, "Words!" that only showed one's educational level; and NOT their "TRUTH!" or Sincerity!! … using a "vocabulary" that WILL NOT be received by the masses because many "Words!" were "misunderstood!" or blocked-out completely, due to "educational levels!!" If one desires to be "HEARD!!!" … keep IT Simple, Strong, LOVING & CARING! … and "MOST IMPORTANT!" … "TRUTH!!!" LOVE * LIGHT * TRUTH

  19. So good idea but you so much more than this video but you 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 follow me thanks very much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  20. I AM ME.
    I am strong.
    I have big heart.
    I speak my truth.
    I don't back down.
    I AM ME.
    I don't settle.
    I go after what I want.
    I won't apologize for being me.
    I AM ME.
    I accept you.
    I accept everyone.
    As they are.
    As they want to be.
    That's ME…

  21. A "lil" poem I wrote for all those who *hate on life *or feel like going through bad times….

    I am

    Shaping from nothingness
    I had to grow strong
    These winds blew on my heart
    To glide me all along
    I thought of a struggle
    I thought of a star
    I shed through pieces
    To be a silent scar
    The winds kept blowing
    I thought to survive
    Gasping through fear
    I started them a fight
    But one day I rose
    To see the crystal sight
    But one day the sun
    Rose to make me alive
    I was never broken
    I was never on the wrong side
    The winds were always guiding
    Asking me not to survive
    But be alive
    I went as was told
    I made hated thing called life
    Until this one day
    That I realised
    These breaths were so gifted
    To make me feel alive
    These things that never shifted
    Were always a sign
    That I had not gone deeper
    To the essence of MY LIFE
    I was so under bound
    Grated n downsized
    By all wrong mindsets
    And people of fake beliefs
    They did nothing for themselves
    So wanted to stop me
    From seeing MY LIFE

    Now that I've survived (lol)
    Now that I realise
    I never had to do that
    Because I am alive
    I am all that's needed
    To sail through the times
    To chase the windy oceans
    To dive and to fly
    For these breaths I am grateful
    For this heart and this mind
    I peep a bit deeper
    And it's my soul glowing bright
    I AM what I'm seeking
    I AM the truth to find
    I'd place my soul in patience
    And savour as moments rise
    I'd put my thoughts to do
    What really do excite
    What stir a certain motion
    What makes me feel alive..

  22. Thank you! People always want me to apologise for being me! I Love me and people try to change me. I will never let one of those people interfere with me!

  23. I can be only me who others i should be the neighbor?🤣🤣🤣🤣hi i'm" the neighbor"…

  24. I am Me I am Reem , I am strong and weak too , I am friendly and unfriendly too , I am working on myself .

  25. You may have ALL, of which I have to give but once have taken from 'ME' you shall forever hear your 'OWN' echo. You know my 'NAME' but it must never be shared for it is a riddle that cannot be solved and will forever remain a mystery. Oh! 'ME' is 'ALL' and 'ALL' is 'NOTHING' which has a 'NAME'. What is, is. Who is who and what is what. I am ME and you are you but we are ALL many 'NAMES'. Many from one and one from many. ALL but own yourself and stop trying to be someone else. ONE is ONE and ONE is ME and I am. I am ME and you are ME too but I do not wish to own you because I don't like hearing my own ECHO. I accept and love myself completely and this in includes you which is ME but I am not you. Forever giving and yet never really receiving unless you become your OWN self. This is how concsiousness began with words.

  26. In my time. No hurry no worries. Go that way ⬇️🔃if you don't like it. Good day

  27. I AM ME Toi la toi – Who are you Ban la ai -Toi la Ban -Ban la Toi – Chung Ta la 1
    Thanks 🤙🤙🤙💪💪💪💪 that hay that tuyet voi hanh phuc ban oi ! OK

  28. i am me ,i am strong ,i have a big heart
    i speak my truth
    i don’t back down
    I AM ME .

  29. Thank you for this video! It inspires me to be myself completely! Keep working!

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