I AM NOT READING THAT! | Doki Doki Literature Club PART 4

hey all I'm back it's been a while we're back with Doki Doki lurch Club oh that's that's a really I'm not doing voices because I don't feel good and my voice probably sounds like Josh right now I didn't like and of this my throat back also I like the poem even much short it was really descriptive it wasn't too short I usually write longer poems not at all I'm really glad you like it I'll be honest since it's our first time sharing I wanted to write something a little more mild something easy to digest I suppose are you in to go steering whoo-hoo wait how do you pronounce but okay hu hu oh like you have found out my secret that way a stories about a ghost at all really low-key really unless have totally missed the point and he was voice over after all remember that poems all express their own thoughts feelings and experiences in their work they'll usually do more than tell a simple story or paint a picture in this case perhaps the subject the poem is only being symbolic we compared to hosts lingering in her last remaining place of comfort I was like was it the one when you were on the ghost the streetlight I'm not sure I'm just looking at the posters in the background because you don't know what might show but it wouldn't show up yeah I think it shows up at mm-hmm and soon left with nothing that's a lot more sullen putting putting it that way I hadn't even thought of that that's impressive it's nothing really well it may be that you think that just remember that it won't be long before you pick up on these things to be super fast learner no yeah maybe you're right I guess I'll keep trying oh I'm counting on you I'm counting oh I I just say oh yeah I got that thought goodness this is so good did I write it I think I did more words than her like if he's liking the new earrings liking and I love it squiggly I had no idea we're such a good gosh don't bless this cute little thing oh my good she's so cute she's so adorable I'm not picking favorites or anything Jacko Yuma seriously overreacting and say re you must be seriously I'm I'm not a good writer at all such honesty he may be that's why because I know what I like either either even either either I don't know uh-huh hilarious ha ha ha I probably should your is over here being a whoo Jesus you're his opinion was way more constructive are you sure you don't like it just because I wrote it yeah well I'm sure that's a part of it oh I think I understand I've been a lot of other people you know so when I read your poem it's not just a poem it's a little low-key poem and that makes it feel extra special like I can feel feel your feelings in it soon all right hugs the sheet against your chest they are hehe I'm sorry I'm really happy just that you robot I'm really happy that you just I don't I don't remember what it was it reminds me of how you're really close now Squibb only not to mention the fact standing in front of you in the club ring and well of course all right that's not a dan salvato home it's the RR it's like air or something bird and I to it yeah but that doesn't mean I'll break my promise see it's like I said before though deep down selfish at all you know oh I'm so glad I'm so glad that you think I I don't think I'm selfish try new things like this for other people that's something that only really good people do same day your thanks dot dot dot I'm not sure if they are a sees the picture of my motive here then again I can't deny that she's part of the reason I joined I don't know why I'm even recording this game anymore it's 2019 it's died down I don't even know this thing a year old I remember when that people made a playthrough of this a year so I'm thinking it's like it was new a year ago a pretty old it's died down how many people do it now I can't deny that she's part of isn't I join well I wish dan salvato would post more team so father you did she also calls him like how much this means to her and all yeah she read that in the wrong like I made a higher-pitched enthusiastic then it should have been and I'm gonna make sure lots of fun here okay that will be my thanking you squiggly line alright I'm going to alright I'm going to hold you to that yeah now you'll read my poem too right I am really bad at this mmm-hmm we'll see about that here sunshine the way you go through my mind in the morning makes me feel like you must me kissing my forehead to help me on I'm reading this too fast making me rub the sleepy from my own oh you mean those weird crusts of yellow things that you that are in your eyes when you wake up those are the sleepy from your eyes are you asking me to come out and play are you trusting me to wish away a rainy day I look above the sky is blue it's a secret but I trust you too if it wasn't for you I could sleep forever but I'm not mad I won't pressure oh my gosh I thought I'd really get meaningful and deep and I just I want breakfast it sounds like a dr. Seuss poem with all the rhyming in them childishly say hello I'm okay this is just a guess but Naomi doctors did you want wait until this morning to write this no j-just just just a little bit you can enjoy just a little bit – yes or no question forgot to do it last night well I like that makes me feel a little bit better about myself don't be mean I still tried my best yeah I didn't mean to say that it was a bad poem it came out nice or how should I put it sounds just like you really yeah especially that last line I made eggs and toast it's just like oh I know what the last line is I made exit toast even though you were late to school I'm sorry I put that in the statement I said question even though you were late to school it's been reckless I get all cranky well I guess there's no point in arguing anyways thanks Joey eheehee scribbling this is so much fun Monica is the best I agree I actually I actually do like put on the other girls I mean she's I really like her design but next time Emily and I'm gonna alright the best poem ever I guess I look forward to it I honestly Monica want to delete girls she just loves me so much and sincerely she takes so good of care of up so it's kind of sad like much about everyone in it i guess that's everyone I glanced around that was a little more stressful than I anticipated it's as if everyone is judging me from what my mediocre writing abilities I just being nice there's my poems can stand up to theirs this is a large club after all I saw I guess that's what getting myself into across the room sorry Monica happy Jen yeah happily on your ENL Sookie they gingerly change sheets of paper sharing their respective homes as they read in tandem I want essence change and see his eyebrows in frustration URI smells that way what's with this I think I'll do not Sookie's ways I feel like it yeah um did you say something I would think I'm not really gonna do it Natsuki dismissively returns the punches a desk with one hand I guess it's fancy I click Thanks yours is cute cute excuse me did you completely miss the symbolism or something it's clear feeling of giving up can that be cute I I know that I just meant oh you're he's trying to be you're standing so say so then I think you didn't feel bad it's the language – this would be nice eh you mean you had that hard to come up with something nice to say yes not – no thanks but it really nice at all um well couple suggestions huh if I was looking for suggestion I would have I would have asked woman who actually well like which people did by the way say where I liked it and then I did too so based on that I'm gladly Jessie's up my health first of all I the offer but I spent a long time establishing my writing style I don't expect it to change anytime soon unless of course I can particularly inspiring which I haven't and looking like home to even pull me over he was impressed by it absolutely Natsuki sing my stanza oh I didn't busy resume it doesn't trying to finesse I remember Yuri en that's not what I you you you you're just simple as well if you just a little bit more than he appreciated how do you mean mean to you by are you talk no was focused I could make everything I do cutesy is everything what okay well you know what I wasn't the one who's oh my goodness okay I'm not I'm not reading this I'm not the he's writing style madami group magic up that the members showing up refreezing Natsuki I'm not safety this a little this doesn't into I don't like fighting guys filling both girls turn towards me as if they just know so Stan yeah lo hee hee she's trying that's a myth not sure if she could go that simple right Martin first place what's the point in making your poems on that conduit for reason three or steering out let me explain that to me wait there's a reason we have so many keep an expressive word which see on my day lends a meaning to them off the most effectively an avoiding those not the limit understand that right well it's not like know anything any who memorize so probably think more highly of me so of course that's going to be not always right not lucky I see view there's something drying up anyone's in the mouth since then I turn to Gary yeah but yours expensive so defensive I came from what I've seen you say worry and all she came here the flashes like I am ready to help you busty yeah everyone seems making super comfortable how can the two of you keep fighting when you know you feel like this oh wow that's hairy problem this isn't about her okay I'm gonna start during the buses I think it's unfair for others to interject their own feelings into our conflict yeah unless theory was to tell URI was a jerk she's being she would never protect her the first is me princess I need to yourself this isn't exactly why nobody likes stop hmm URI you guys are mittens I just want everyone to get along and Gaby or she's crying one of the differences Sookie's fallen as a bee feelings and your emotions are amazing everyone so talented so why are we fighting because well that's a Keith you and there's nothing wrong with that your niece is here increment I'll burn your Sicily oh why thank you tiny Lucca stands behind your pair with

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