I am that I AM – Matt Kahn

and as I get ready to offer tonight’s
teaching I just want to take this moment to meet you in love because love is what
I represent love is the source of my teachings love is the reason I exist
love is what is bringing us together for the dance of transformation that occurs
when we meet and with tonight’s teaching I wanted to unpack a very sacred phrase
that has been heard throughout many traditions and in fact I was reminded of
this phrase while waiting in line at Whole Foods I know you’re gonna say mat
again another grocery store story and of course I was at a water cleanse in line
at Whole Foods cuz you have to buy more water and as I’m in line with my water
or as I called it the other night dinner which by the way if you think I’m gonna
put it in the nice champagne flute it’s not gonna matter that’s better I didn’t
put it in the champagne flute because who has the strength at that point I
barely open the bottle UNH’s kidding but I was in line at Whole Foods and there’s
a man in front of me talking to the clerk and the man in front of me his
boisterous personality was asking the clerk about this symbol he had tattooed
on him and the guy said what does that mean he goes oh it means I am that I am
but I thought we must be in the fifth dimension I’m at Whole Foods Market and
casually in front of me we’re just gonna talk I am that I am this is amazing
where am I that’s where I’m like literally check it like it was this
water cleanse okay am i okay I might help us in hating this am i okay
and the guy said oh what’s I am that I am because no you know in the Hebrew Old
Testament you know like Moses met God just by the way I’m not making fun of
the person this is literally how it happened or at least that’s how it
sounded to me you know Testament Moses you know Matt God and said hey God who
are you and he goes I am that I am and Moses went whoa you’re God that’s
literally explanation he gave it was the most Keanu Reeves explanation I’ve ever
heard in my entire life it was amazing and then the person checked out it was
my turn I am that I am that’s cool and I walked away and I thought let’s unpack
that I am that I am because if we really look
at it and that’s something that I can tell you in my own personal journey my
spiritual practice is not being up here with you meaning my life’s mission is to
be here with you but I have a separate life of spiritual practice where I’m
always exploring and pushing the envelope and just looking at things from
different perspectives to always glean new insights so I’m someone who has
taken a phrase like I am that I am and I look at it and literally when I look at
it what I do is I literally stare at it and I let things energetically come out
of it like you know one of those pictures or if you look at it something
opens up those magic pictures when I was a kid they had these kiosks in the mall
or if you look at it closely something pops up in the beginning I couldn’t do
it then all of a sudden I see the castle oh my god I see a castle so I’ve stared
at this phrase I am that I am and I want to share with you something a few things
that came to me about it because everything like a work of art whether
it’s a DaVinci painting has a code a code of consciousness and when you crack
the code which by the way cracking the code of consciousness is looking at it
from the right vibrational perspective and the minute you look at it the door
opens so we have I am that I am the first part of I am that I am is simply I
am now we notice in the sentence there’s I am twice what would be more accurate
for this statement is if the first I am was in lowercase letters and the second
one was in uppercase letters because the interesting thing would often they call
the Rays edge and that can be describing a lot of
things is that the degree between soul and ego is but a razor’s edge away
there’s literally no space between the two that’s how close they are related so
the ego says I am the soul says I am and it sounds like they’re the same thing
but one is a lowercase I am and one is an uppercase I am the lowercase I am is
the personal I am the personality the you who has survived your past the you
that has the experience of feeling entrenched in your family dynamic the
you that when your family invites you to a function and you think I don’t know if
I want to go there’s that party that goes I have to go that’s a little I am little I am and little I am likes to
impersonate big I am like a little boy putting on his father’s fireman boots
and walking around the house pretending he’s fighting fires the ego likes to
impersonate divinity because it thinks it’s two separate things but whether
we’re talking about little or big I am which is just a degree of maturity when
you’re little I am that means you are divinity in your potential when you’re
big I am that means your divinity in your reality kind of like a child will
become an adult but has to grow through the process in the same way little I am
is divine but hasn’t fully realized its potential as an adult
masterful expression of divinity so there is an I am on both sides and
the reason why the phrase is I am that I am is because it shows you your journey
is going from I am to I am which on a very zen level means you’re not going
anywhere which is also why the freight the this the the Cohen the timeless
Cohen has been before enlightenment chop wood carry water after enlightenment
chop wood and carry water because you’re going from I am too I am you’re not
actually going anywhere but there is a spiritual and energetic maturity that
happens in you to where even though you’re going from I am to I am you’re
going from lower case I am to upper case I am which is actually going a great
distance energetically and emotionally metaphorically does that make sense so I
am is where you start off I am is where you end up and in between that we have a
journey of expansion growth integration and embodiment that as hard as you try
to do this smoothly is gonna go the way it’s gonna go I am
in other videos and teachings I’ve talked about and I think in my second
book I talked about I am as the I is also a Roman numeral one and if you look
at a capital letter I in your mind’s eye when is it the eye and when is it the
Roman numeral one can you tell same thing and what that actually shows you
is that there’s no dividing the eye from the one which means your personal
experience of self and the source that you are animating into reality are one
not separate who sees an eye and who sees a one is a matter of perspective
and the difference between if you see an eye or if you see a one determines if
you’re seeing from the perspective of lowercase I am or uppercase I am some
will see I some will see one some will see both and they’re all just layers of
perspective but in the I am there’s eye but the eye means one and then there’s
am for awareness manifested one awareness manifested now in your
personal I am in your lowercase I am as the eye you experience awareness what
you see what you feel what you remember what you think what you choose you have
an awareness and your awareness is very different than other people’s awareness
have you noticed that have you had enough disagreements with people to
realize I think we all think a little differently we all have our own unique
perspectives but we’re all bringing through the same energetic source of
truth so we all are representatives of the
collective one I am and individually we all are seeing it just a little bit
differently so that all perspectives and voices can be seen valued and heard in
unity consciousness so one awareness manifested means we’re
all seeing it differently but we’re all being fueled by the same source awakening is when you start to live as
the source of your perspective and not just lost in the fantasy of your
individual viewpoint and the only reason why people call your individual
viewpoint of fantasy is not to say that it’s not real but because when you’re in
your own individual viewpoint have you ever noticed this that when you’re the
most entrenched and when you’re the most attached to your own individual
viewpoint when you are defending your viewpoints to someone who disagrees when
you’re trying to get a partner to see your point of view if they could just
see my way right they could just see my way they’d be so much smarter isn’t that
the funniest most subtle egotistical thing we can think if only they could
think the way I think and when we’re the most entrenched in our individual
perception we have this subtle belief that there’s no other truth but what we
see and that’s what light that’s what’s meant by fantasy is that you think the
way you see it is right but right is not just the way you see it right is the
space where everyone has the right to see it uniquely so we in spirituality we
only call the individual viewpoint of fantasy
because when you’re so entrenched in the individual viewpoint you tend to believe
there’s no other viewpoint that’s equally as valid and when you awaken you
awaken out of the defending and the attachment to your viewpoint and you
open up to the Equality of all viewpoints I am and even if you take
these two things side by side I am means one awareness manifested if you put them
together it actually is a teaching I am one awareness manifested and just as I
break it down as you feel again there’s a really peaceful energy I’m channeling
tonight that’s really relaxing your nervous system and as it relaxes your
nervous system just know the challenge can be the the actual physiological
challenge of awakening is can you be this relaxed can your mind be this empty
and can you stay awake tonight’s meditation will be two words don’t snore
that’s it because really in awakening the training ground truly of awakening
the training ground is not digging in yourself trying to find more things to
throw away it’s not putting yourself under a spiritual microscope the real
training on a physiological level is actually training a nervous system to
have the endurance to channel high vibrational energy so you can actually
be totally relaxed your mind can be completely blank and it doesn’t tell
your brain to go to sleep that’s why a lot of people when they meditate they
doze off most people their mind is alert their bodies contracted if their bodies
Addie’s and their mind is blank they’re sound asleep so what we’re learning to do is to be
mentally alert and physically relaxed at the same time that’s why I was created
to channel healing energy as a transmission that every time you watch
these videos you’re in training to the vibrational frequency because it is
endurance training for your nervous system and you know what happens when
your nervous system is properly trained energetically other people’s egos don’t
trigger you hey what the funniest thing about that
is is when other people’s egos don’t trigger you it’s at that point that it
wouldn’t matter if you were triggered because it doesn’t mean anything it
means nothing means nothing youtube if you were
triggered it means nothing nothing but in our and this is especially what makes
it very strange a lot of times in the spiritual journey we’re not using the
spiritual journey to actually to see through and to transcend or more
importantly to move the little I am to the big I am instead we just make the
little I am very spiritual and we all walk around with spiritual little Iams
who can say a lot of beautiful things but now their individual viewpoint is a
spiritual viewpoint so now it’s not just your point of view it’s the Word of God
and that can get very dangerous and very short-sighted because it’s very hard to
see through an individual perception when you think it’s a spiritual insight nothing that you see is wrong it’s just
not the whole truth do you want to know what the whole truth is the whole truth
is standing back and watching the entire universe at once all individuals in all
universes equally talk out their truth at the same moment that’s the truth someone’s gonna say namaste someone’s
gonna say god is hot in Florida someone’s gonna be sitting at their
dinner table with their partner god I hate it when they do that and all of
those suggestions perceptions spoken by all at once that’s truth truth is the
inclusion of all perceptions and viewpoints and what makes it very
confusing is that even though there’s only one we’re
all one we’re all connected the way it’s been taught and propagated in some
circles is that that is actually taught as a new singular viewpoint and the
little I am loves that because it gets to walk around with this little campaign
and it gets to say the little campaign in moments that it doesn’t require it
right you see two people arguing at the store hey I don’t mean to interrupt you
guys did you know there were all one well I did that go so well they must be
in resistance life has a very funny way of letting you know when you’re giving
the right spiritual insight at the wrong most inappropriate time because they’ll
put you around people which is the same source you are dressed up as a character
who will look at you funny and the moment will get really really weird
because we’re meant to hold these truths in our hearts but the truths we hold in
our hearts is not an attachment to a fixed point of view it is an open
perspective that allows all the right to view however they wish to view and
what’s amazing is on the inside when you come from that space without having to
first let all your friends know okay I just want to let you all know I have had
a spiritual awakening and I’m now in a place where I’m gonna welcome all points
of view I just want to let you know that ahead of time so that if I’m sitting at
the couch feeling extra enlighten II you’ll know why it doesn’t just an
inside shift where all of a sudden people who say things that you don’t
agree with are valid not because you agree but because they have the right to
be and when you come from that internal space it’s very amazing the versions of
other people you attract you tend to attract the most enlightened
versions of every person and someone who has a negative or inauthentic agenda
will somehow not want to be around you very long because you are the light
calling their darkness home I am one awareness manifested and just before I
go further with deconstructing it I want to try this as a repeat after me so you
can feel at your body and just feel what happens when we take the statements this
trend celoud with me I am one awareness manifested I am one awareness manifested
I am one awareness manifested I am one awareness manifested I am one
awareness manifested I am one awareness manifested on by YouTube and I am one
awareness manifested I am one awareness manifested I am one awareness manifested
I am one awareness manifested just feel do you feel the energy
instantly third eye starts to buzz crown chakra starts to open maybe even the
back here ahead where the Atlas’s starts to blow open and what you’re actually
feeling and everytime you do repeat after me
that I’m channeling like right now the reason I do the repeat after me is
because I’m channeling words from the universe that when you say I’m out loud
and as often as you say I’m in your private life is actually maturing you
from little I am too big I am mean I don’t sit up here going I think everyone
should say the words I need to say you know what I mean it’s it’s just it’s a
process of giving to your body what it feels like to be the big I am and
there’s gonna be times REE spend time I am the upper I upper case I am and
you’ll have the realization I am oh my god and then you’ll go back to little I
am because your nervous system can’t hold that yet that isn’t mean you’re
resistance that means your nervous system hasn’t been trained with enough
endurance to hold the frequency and when you can’t hold the frequency of a higher
consciousness the feeling in your body is I’m unsafe or I’m unworthy so the
whole purpose one of the many purposes of why I do this with you is to
obliterate unworthiness to heal self-doubt to inspire confidence but by
moving the lower case I am to the upper case I am and to do that in the most
loving heart centered way this is angelic training because the difference
between a human being an angel is simply what their nervous system can handle
embodying which is why when you if you’ve ever seen anyone for a moment in
their angelic presence like a child being
very uninhibited or a beautiful person or someone who radiates energy if you’ve
ever met that person face-to-face and felt a little embarrassed or shied away
a little bit us because it’s your nervous system going oh my god I’m a
little I’m still a little afraid of that power and that’s okay by the way we know
the journey is from lower case I am to upper case I am and there’s so much time
on the journey where people are pretending to be further along than they
are we know where we’re going we’re going from I am to I am a very sedentary
journey but we don’t have to pretend like we’re already there we can actually
just slow down and really be authentic with it okay I was in the upper case I
am I felt my divinity I was a master and I couldn’t hold that frequency and so
then I went back into lowercase I am where I got to deal with more self-doubt
unworthiness and shame and whatever else was there to be healed so I just want to
say as we continue on not just with the video not just with knights teaching but
with the journey that we’re all on together from this moment forward I
don’t want any of us to be embarrassed about where we’re at in our journey
because there’s no shame in admitting where you are where you’re at this is
not like a status symbol like everyone’s got to pretend to be enlightenment what
I love about our audience that we create every time we do an event and I’m seeing
this more and more in other communities more and more less and less people are
pertained at inland they’re just being real because enlightenment is so real you
might not even recognize it if you saw it because it’s so real it’s just a
moveable and there’s that energy so the first part of the statement is I am one
awareness manifested that’s what that means I am when life sucks you’re living
as the I oh my god I got a new partner the eye has been enhanced and we broke
up hmm sad little eye I won the lottery abundant I paid my taxes activated my
chakras spiritual eye and then some out of the blue an awakening happens and
something happens where all of a sudden you as the carrier of your history
disappears and all of a sudden the eye becomes the Roman numeral one nothing
has changed but it’s a whole different view it’s just an objective view where
nothing is held nothing needs to be put together and everyone has the right to
freely share and in this dimension everyone is surprisingly interesting you
can watch the news I do this all the time
I mean I’ll watch the news all the time but I flip it on to see what’s going on
and it’s surprisingly interesting cuz you’re not actually lost in your fixed
view of what you think or don’t think about the content they’re talking about
you’re actually just in the presence of other people’s light
and what role they’re playing is just a part of this great global awakening even
if their role is to be a pun dn’t on the fox or CNN or whatever when you’re awake
as the one everything is truth because the truth is the inclusion of all
experiences and viewpoints in our live in our human reality in the lower in the
world of lowercase I am there is a different kind of truth there is what is
truth and anything other than that truth is false it’s a very masculine it’s very
masculine I want the truth you can’t handle the truth right right this is the
truth and everyone spinning the word truth for whatever agenda they have
that’s a lowercase I am that’s like waking up and going oh my
god the government institutions of this
world by and large are being run by spiritual kindergarteners who all have a
plan that does not involve all of us so let me just say this as I always sneak
in these little things I sneak in these little things on these videos I sneak
them in there we are offer coming the hypnotic matrix created by spiritual
kindergarteners and no matter how you feel about those people you cannot
imagine how afraid they are of you thank you I like that one clap like that
good one claps good threes and although please n we don’t feel any better who
cares it’s okay we have time just pace it just dosing out the acid a little bit but think about that and I’m not saying
this as a judgement because it’s because kindergarten is the most important grade
because if you didn’t have kindergarten you wouldn’t have the building block for
other grades so it’s very important but just to know the people that have hurt
you the most the people that are running this country into the ground are in
spiritual kindergarten maybe even preschool because they’re using truth
for their own agendas it’s not even truth it’s just here’s what we want you
to think and what we have to do to create this tipping point that’ll go
what do we have to do to ascend wake up out of spiritual kindergarten
and go from little I am too big I am and when you do that you’re gonna feel ultra
passive some of you might actually feel too passive like I’m not doing anything
I’m not doing anything as if before you woke up you were knocking on the door of
politicians with such an effective plan I had this discussion with someone they
said your point of view was too passive I said really and I said let me ask you
a question what are you doing every day to affect
this planet I made us stopped and I said that is too passive what I’m doing what
we are doing is leading a revolution of love a love revolution that says I will
love myself so deeply that I stop resonating with fantasy and I come into
reality and I’m so interconnected to all beings I’m gonna love myself so much
that people around there start popping open and waking up and I’m going to love
myself so deeply and I’m gonna let everyone else have the right to their
opinion so deeply that people will explode in front of me because what other people’s egos
lowercase I am need is for you to be as fixed and locked into your individual
viewpoint as they are in theirs so you can either passively aggressively have
these little funny conversations or have these debates or heated conversations
other egos need you to have your individual point of view so we have
debating defending and arguing because that’s what distracts them from waking
up in consciousness and when you don’t give them that you’re just being a
mirror reflecting the light back to them and then they start what’s going on
what’s going on yeah Kundalini awakening is going on right now
welcome to Metallica yeah you feel that shaken it’s a light of God you feel that
and feel that yeah that’s progress so we are taking the journey and our
spiritual journey from lower case I am to upper case I am in between is the
journey in the sentence I am that I am we have the word that that is actually
the most important word in the phrase that now there’s a couple reasons why
that is so important one of the main reasons and it calls back to the old
lineage of teachings the old masculine Eastern teachings that is a verbal way
to point towards a truth that you can’t specifically name because if you were to
specifically name it you wouldn’t include all of it
so you say that and you look in that direction and there’s a bunch of things
and they say well what thing are you pointing on the princess that because
it’s just a statement of I’m pointing towards significance but I’m not
excluding or isolating anything so that is inclusion with focus it’s basically
select all but I am select all I am doesn’t have a ring to it it’s not very
marketable you won’t see those t-shirts I am select all I am so that primarily
means pointing towards source but not excluding anything that also can be
broken down where there’s the th eighty that he stands for truth H stands for
honor a stands for alignment and T stands for transcendence and I’ll
explain how it all goes together T stands for truth
truth truth basically means how authentically you present yourself in
the presence of others are you gonna be your individual self in the presence of
others are you only going to be your uniqueness when it’s a warm audience are
you gonna go along with what other people say are you just gonna agree with
people blindly because you don’t want a confrontation alright someone goes oh my
god I love this Donald Trump they’re like yeah it’s totally right truth truth
is not there’s one truth and opposites are false remember that’s how it works
in the little I am truth is the measurement of how authentically you
present yourself in the presence of others are you trying to sell people on
your personality are you trying to sell people on a character of this is the
kind of person I am you know that first date energy or it may be your like honor
interview for a new job when you’re talking to people are you authentically
presenting just what’s coming through in the moment or are you trying to sell
people on a character when you’re trying to sell your people on a character
you’re the small I am and when you’re just bringing through what’s coming
through your the upper case I am and so part of what gets you across the bridge
is truth how authentically do you present yourself in the presence of
others and of course the question is what are the moments in your life when
you don’t authentically present yourself in the presence of others what does it
take for you to shut down into the small I am is that when a partner doesn’t
listen to you is it when you think maybe a job is on the line if you speak and
share your voice where in your life is there a lack of
safety that causes you to hide in inauthenticity or to hide behind the
mask of the lower I am the ego and now that is lower lower case when I say this
I don’t mean lower and higher isn’t better or less than when I say
kindergarten I say that with respect all geniuses theoretically have graduated
from kindergarten the most amazing people in this world who have done the
most incredible things have all completed kindergarten so you got to
think that’s an important thing maybe they went on to Harvard and all that
kind of stuff but they completed kindergarten so it’s an important thing
to complete but when people stay in kindergarten mentality that’s when we
have issues so the the question of truth is where in your life do you not find
yourself acting authentically and if you don’t act authentically it’s because
there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel safe and if there’s a part of you that
doesn’t feel safe that’s where we love because we’re training our nervous
system to be able to hold the frequency of higher vibrations of consciousness
and truth is just one way to suss out the hiding spots of this lowercase I am
that is the innocence of ego I don’t speak about it with ill-will I speak
about it with loving reverence and then not an opposite of truth but the
soul-mate of truth the soulmate the counterpart of truth is called honor
which is the second letter in that honor now honor is the counterpart of truth
but it almost has an opposite energy and I’ll show you honor is the quality of
choices that you embrace when no one is looking
so truth is how authentically you present yourself in the presence of
others truth is about how you are with other people and honor are the quality
of choices you make when no one’s looking
so truth is in the presence of people honor is in the absence of people only
when you’re there and the tricky thing about honor
especially living in a planet run by spiritual kindergartners no offence is
there so many things that are socially acceptable that are vibrationally
disastrous for your spiritual evolution and for your livelihood and well-being
have you noticed this there are things that in society if you
went into a public place went to a coffeehouse salad a bar stool and talked
to people and said here’s what happened in my life and they did this to me so I
got them back they’d go yeah they’d cheer you and high-five you probably buy
you a drink there are so many things are socially acceptable but if you tune into
your inner compass to your inner moral code there are things that are totally
okay for people to do that are really not okay to do and when you are aligned
with honor you say to yourself no matter what is socially acceptable I have to do
what feels good to me honor says what do you do when no one’s looking truth says
how authentically are you in the presence of others do you see how that
kind of gets both sides and of course when you’re by yourself and if you’re
doing something dishonorable which is not a judgement just means you’re doing
something that is not inherently good for you but we’re doing it as a way of
hiding from how unsafe we feel people privately drink they do drugs
they habitually do plant medicine way more often than they should right I’m
not saying it’s not something you should do I only talk about frequency people
emotionally eat people watch pornography and these are
things that have vibrational price tags that will affect your energy field no
matter how okay it is in a societal setting and so we have to actually
separate out of we have to unplug from this matrix of spiritual kindergarten
and say not what’s okay for the world because if you look at the world the
world says a lot of things are okay but the world is not okay so that’s not good
what’s good for me and you have to actually look at what is good for me and
at the same time the work we do is we start to look at what are the things
that are not good for me that I know are not good for me but I still do and not
to judge yourself but then you start to look at why am i doing what’s not good
for me and what you’re gonna find is when you reach for those things whether
it’s emotional eating whether it’s a drug alcohol you think it’s time to do
another plant medicine ceremony pornography what emotional eating
shopping on Amazon whatever it is whatever the habitual thing is you will
find that the moment you are inspired or reach for it is a moment that unsafety
has dawned and it is the lowercase I am simply trying to soothe itself not
knowing how to deal with doubt unworthiness and a lack of safety and
our consciousness that it keeps awakening starts to become a better
parent to that child like I am and says honey I know you want this to soothe
yourself for the moment but I’m gonna love you more I’m gonna not give you the
thing you want I know you’re gonna probably hate me for that but I’m just
gonna give you what you need and love you now when you start to break that
cycle of just acting out the agreements of a collective unconsciousness you
start to wake up in consciousness and move across this bridge symbolized
by the word VAT because you have reclaimed the power of your truth which
means it doesn’t matter if things go good or bad
I represent my authenticity in the presence of others I stand for being who
I’ve been created to be and I’m also open to other people having their own
points of view so doesn’t get very it doesn’t often get into a conflict then
the next stage is H honor not only do i authentically present myself in the
presence of others when no one’s looking when I trust those blinds when I close
the door I want to shut all the windows you know what I mean YouTube maybe some
of you twisted the blinds to watch this video oh my god my partner doesn’t like
that matcom it’s gonna secretly put it on in the back room what do you do when
no one’s looking what do you do that if it was broadcast on network TV it would
embarrass you and if anything you do that was broadcast on network TV would
embarrass you maybe that’s the thing you’re using to hide from the lack of
safety the unworthiness or the doubt that keeps us in the lower I am
perspective this is why we love we expose the hiding spot of our deepest
vulnerabilities and we say to it I’m not here to hurt you I’m not here to chase
you out of town I’m here to love you and I know you can’t trust love because
there are many moments in the past where you were hurt and you wonder why where
was love then but I’m here to create a different relationship of love with you
and we’re here to bring that shadow out of hiding to bring the part of the lower
case I am that hides in the shadows and bring it into the light so it can become
the uppercase I am of your highest potential and when we embody truth which
isn’t with people honor by yourself the absence of people those two qualities
creates the next letter a for alignment alignment is I’m authentic with others
and honorable in my actions and words notice I did not say honorable in your
thoughts do you want to know why I didn’t say that you can’t be honorable
in your thoughts if they’re not yours most thoughts you have is you becoming
aware of thoughts passing through the cosmos and you assume that if you are
aware of it you must have thought it but how many of us can honest-to-god sit
here and say there’s a time in my day where I’m going about my life
everything’s fine and I go I’m now gonna create a negative thought I’m gonna
create a thought of discord that’s gonna be like an energetic stink bomb that is
gonna make this place reek how many of us have ever planned plotted and
implemented a negative thought none of you but what we do is we say if I hear a
negative thought it must be what I created
that’s called an assumption an assumption well I heard the thought it
must be mine really when you hear a song on the radio do you assume you wrote the
song do you call the Songwriters Association
looking for you to royalty check could you imagine that
hi yeah I’m looking for a missing royalty check I wrote a song for for
Taylor Swift so you can imagine is gonna be a pretty big check um what makes you
think you wrote it well I heard it and if I heard it it must be mine that’s
what we do with our thoughts thoughts are the orbiting logic of a collective
unconsciousness and the more you come into consciousness the more you start to
entrain with higher vibrational thoughts of the collective but in the beginning
all the negative stuff you’re hearing is just what everyone else is thinking and
the reason you’re aware of what everyone else is thinking is because look if you
could be aware of what everyone else is thinking you wouldn’t have very many
expectations and you sure as God wouldn’t take your self-worth and rely
on someone else to give you the love that you need and that’s why we are able
to hear other people’s thoughts that we think are ours there are other people’s
even if it’s not your partners as the collective’s it’s not yours if you
didn’t planned the thought you didn’t think the thought and there’s empaths
that’s one of the easiest tricks oh my god I’m having something negative
thoughts no you’re not you’re just aware of how the collective is thinking and
you wake up and you look at your partner and you think god I hope this is the day
they give me the kind of love that makes me feel worthy of myself and then you
have negative thoughts since God’s Way of saying if you knew the shit they were
thinking you would take your power back from them put it back in your pocket and
figure out how to love yourself that’s why we hear other people’s thoughts is
to understand with compassion the kind of healing journeys that most people are
on they don’t even know the wrong most people don’t even know they’re on a
healing journey you tell stuff like I told someone once many years ago they
said what do you do I said I’m a healer and they go I don’t know if I believe in
that I said well I’m not sure it’s really a belief thing
it’s like someone bleeding and they go I don’t really think I’m bleeding well
it’s not really a belief thing right I disbelieve I’m bleeding
it doesn’t stop bleeding that’s the reason we are aware of other people’s
thoughts it’s so that we can realize my god
everyone is on a healing journey and the people that are in the most pain are the
least aware of the of the intensity of the healing journey they’re on that’s
why we have compassion because our compassion that not only gives people
the space and perspective to be on their own healing journeys and it’s our
compassion actually fills our hearts with the light other people can’t give
you and it’s that compassion that brings you
into relationship with truth and into alignment with honor that allows you to
move from lower case I am to upper case I am and to move across the bridge of
that and as you start to align in truth with people and honor in privacy you are
aligned in the trajectory the gravitational pull of t
transcendence which is the gravity of Ascension awakening the wind of
enlightenment pulling you upward into the bigness of your true I am miss to be
the I am but as an I am that that little I am can dream about can fantasize about
that only you can bring to life transcendence is not about getting away
from this world transcendence is actually having experiences of being
that big I am so often that you realize who you are as divinity is always an
energy and a consciousness beyond this world but what’s interesting is that
that which is beyond this world is what wants to be in this world so we’re not
transcending to get the hell out of here we’re going beyond so we can actually be
here the only part of you that can actually be on this planet no matter
what happens is that which is beyond all this and if you take a moment to realize
I am that which is beyond all of this you will not feel an energy that wants
to judge and get away from this you’re gonna find that within you that can
actually be here easily in order to be here you have to be
beyond here and being beyond here doesn’t mean we
look away from here doesn’t mean we ignore here it means we take the time to
feel that which is so beyond all of this that it’s incomprehensible fantasy is to
be all of this which is why I said truth is the inclusion of all voices because
that which is beyond all of this is all of this so when we are judging a
character or judging a person what are we pushing away transcendence we push
nothing away we love it all the little I am can’t love everything
only the beyond big I am can love everything so when I say whatever eise’s
love that because I’m moving you into the big I am and it’s the big I am that
turns back to the little I am and doesn’t go get out of here
you stink boo no the big I am turns to little I am and goes now that I realize
I’m beyond all this now I can appreciate you I can look back and appreciate all
that you’ve done for me and continue to do for me now innocent you are and it’s
big I am that which is beyond all this reap Aron ting the memory of your past
little I am and then little I am and big I am come together and that’s usually
when that eye starts to look more like a one truth honor alignment transcendence
I am that I am thank you feel for a moment try these
words out loud with me that which is beyond this is the only me that can face
this that which is beyond this is the only me that can face this that which is
beyond this is the only me that can face this that which is beyond this is the
only me that can face this and notice I said face this face this meaning facing
reality that facing reality is really truth inviting you turn towards what you
see and take your mask off and be authentic and the party that goes I
don’t know if I can do this that’s just a little lower case I am that’s just
afraid of maturing and that’s what we love they go it’s okay honey we’re
taking the mask off we’re gonna go into big I am and gonna become a very
incredible superhero but I’m gonna come back for you and I’m gonna love you and
I’m gonna be your partner in your guardian and we’re gonna always be
together and I love you so much and little I am ghostly and nervous system
opens up and who records that as a precedent-setting moment in your reality
your subconscious mind and that starts to make higher vibrational frequencies
more comfortable and more familiar which means you have now more endurance to
embody it that which is beyond this is the only
mean that can face this now let’s look at that as an interesting statement that
which is beyond this is the only me that can face this think about if we took
this beyond concept all the way that would mean that the life you’re living
right now in this incarnation that had a birth that had a past that you can
remember even though this is a little aside let’s drop a little Bob and we’ll
go back did you know that memory is the most well organized form of imagination
just sit with that one day so anyway if you think about that long enough your
memory is the most well organized form of imagination which means every time
you recall a memory you ever have relatives who recall a memory and every
time they do they add on different details do you know why because memory
is the most well organized form of imagination and the more and ego someone
is the lesser organize their imagination is they start adding on more fantasy but a Patchen the you that was born that
has a past as your imagination says see you that’s working towards a future that
one day will experience the doorway of death and move on to the next level that
you which sits here right now has already lived this life has already
passed through the doorway of death has already crossed over the space your life
occurs in is called the afterlife but all the imprinting and overlays on the
afterlife makes your reality seem different from the afterlife and it
causes you to miss perceive echoes of the past as if it’s your present but
when you’re really seeing clearly this is the afterlife this is heaven and you
want to know why we don’t see heaven because the vibration of heaven has not
trickled into the collective agreement yet this is the kingdom of heaven but
because the collective hasn’t have not agreed that this is the kingdom of
heaven we don’t see the kingdom of heaven we see anything but the kingdom
of heaven and we get to call up to the angels and go please help us and then
they look down us they go you’re in heaven but I don’t see heaven you will
you will how do I get there cross the bridge of that what not what that it’s a
whole funny game you have already lived this life and you ask yourself aware of
my choices you’re gonna choose how aligned in truth how honorable and
private and how aligned you’re gonna be with your truly beyond transcend itself
because when you give your freedom of will to say I’ve already lived this life but I am experiencing it again to make
different choices the end result has already happened your life has happened
or milestones have been achieved death has occurred you nailed it you made it
to heaven you’re fine then you come back it’s almost like you live and die just
to know you’re safe so then you can come back and actually
live and make choices and here you are the beyond beyond beyond that came back
to choose differently and what did you come back to choose differently to
choose more truth and honor and alignment to your true transcendent self
more often because once you go into heaven you think God if I knew it was
this perfect I would have made different choices who back you go and here you are
in fact if you want a more specific explanation as to what all of this is
and this is only something I got as a download it’s not you know things I
don’t read in books I don’t read books I write them I download I would and I’ve
talked about this in a few places I don’t know if I’ve talked about it in
any of the videos but and if I have I apologize for repeating myself but this
is a very perfect time to talk about this insight I didn’t incite a couple
years ago where there’s a word that that came to me in a meditation once you’ve
heard of the word reincarnation reincarnation is the book is the sense
that you have you’ve lived other lifetimes that this isn’t your first
lifetime maybe you have memories that you were a pirate somewhere in the
Caribbean I don’t know maybe you’re some famous person or
whatever burnt at the stake because you were a healer just like this lifetime I
had that so reincarnation is the idea that you have lived as other characters
and other lifetimes before but a word came to me in a meditation called meta
incarnation and meta incarnation is the awareness that this is not the first
time you’ve actually lived this lifetime like people want to go cook someone
asked me once what what is my past life and I said this one with shittier
choices so way to go you’re doing much better and I’ll prove it to you because
this is a whole vision I saw on a meditation and I wasn’t water fasting
dance he can’t blame it on that but I had a vision that we actually do certain lifetimes
more than once more than twice sometimes more than a hundred times and we do it
because specific lifetimes have specific arcs of learning and growth and we’re
here to learn from all perspectives we’re here to make choices at various
degrees of truth and authenticity and each and every time we do it we get
closer and closer to doing it as our fully embodied ascended master capital I
am self and so when you have something called intuition an intuition that says
this thing’s coming up as warning you that’s the memory of I’ve lived this
life a thousand times this is about to happen you’ve watched this movie before
don’t do the same thing you keep doing and the gravity of I shouldn’t do this
but you ever feel as gravity if there’s something that’s almost forcing me to do
what I don’t want to do or I told myself I was gonna go to the gym and you get in
the car and there’s a party that goes to me
it’s cuz another lifetime’s you didn’t go to the gym and the force is pulling
you – don’t you want to do the same old thing you did before and you don’t you
want to be different so there’s all these DejaVu you ready Javu deja vu is
because you’ve done this lifetime before everything about realization and
intuition is about remembrance remembrance is recalling what already
occurred this lifetime already occurred ascension already occurred and it was
spectacular but do you know what we all did as the first wave of ascension we
all sat around and said yeah we ascended and we looked at the script and it was
scripted to be this way so we all went like we ascended like we did it but it
was meant to be this way at the same time knowing it’s meant to be this way
gives us the confidence to come together and put our consciousness into action so
we can actually experience together the success that’s already guaranteed but
what we didn’t do is the first wave of ascension is we didn’t get completely
aligned and truth honor and even faith and trust before the light of ascension
happened we all got together and goes and we said in heaven would it be
awesome if we cannot wait for ascension at the end of the movie right if
ascensions a two-hour movie if we didn’t wait for the last four minutes to have
faith in God but we could be that fearless transcendent beyond self as
quickly as possible so we could spend the entire two-hour movie as ascension
not just waiting for the four-minute special effects at the end of the movie
and we’re all trying to come back and do the same ascension life again because we
want to wake up sooner and sooner and sooner so we can start enjoying the
beauty of our lives instead of running away from them and that’s why this
lifetime is so important because tension is has happened and it’s
guaranteed to happen with our participation but we come back to do it
with more intensity with more excitement with more commitment and to have faith
in the bigger divine plan to celebrate oneness as soon as possible and to not
wait for the last four minutes of this movie to go oh and now I see because
then once you see you go why didn’t I see this sooner and you want back in in
fact the way I actually think this works and I saw this as a vision so it’s not
my idea but I had a vision that when you end a lifetime you go through a doorway
of light and you wind up in what’s called the kingdom of heaven and there
are different realms of heavens so everyone reports of heaven similarly but
little different everyone talked about gardens I visited a garden when I was
eight years old and went to heaven and in heaven you go through something
called life review where you see your life projected on two holographic
screens in front of you and it’s not meant to embarrass you it’s like a roast
and let’s look at their 1985 haircuts look at that look at that it’s not meant
you know it’s it’s really meant just as a soul you’re gonna watch your life back
on the holographic screens and everything is gonna see so so endearing
to your soul and you’re gonna see everything you didn’t see you’re gonna
see everything that you miss perceived you’re gonna see everything that you
mistakenly thought was truth that was just a personal viewpoint in fantasy
you’re gonna see everything you didn’t see and you’re gonna be so transfixed
endeared by the character you got to be as an individual expression of truth and
so aware of what you could have done better that your face will get closer
and closer Suren closer to the screen until you get
so close to the screen you become the character you’re watching and here you
are welcome to life review everybody welcome to life review because that’s
what this is and when I speak about it the energy changes harem I honestly feel
that for a moment this is life review and everything your experience is an
experience of the life you’ve already lived but now you have the awareness the
evolving awareness that gets to start making the kind of choices you didn’t
make before that’s why when there’s these really deep-seated urges I gotta
get into shape it’s because you have come back you’re the second coming of
them you’re the second coming of the light you’re the Messiah you’ve come
back in this lifetime to do the shit you didn’t do before yeah I’m gonna join
that gym I’m gonna join that gym I’m a bless the world while I joined that gym
I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do it right this time it’s almost like and this is a funny
we’re talking about the soul is the part that always comes back I know I’m
talking about it or debris ality in a very quantum way the soul is the one
that always comes back and wants to do things differently this the ego is that
part that’s trying to keep you doing everything the same oh you don’t want to
do things differently just do it the same the gym is the same as the old
dimension and you’re just fighting against the force the gravitational
force of all the same choices you’ve made throughout this lifetime and
lifetimes and you’re breaking the cycle of unconsciousness so that’s why we have
to do it lovingly we have to force ourselves it’s not gonna work if you
bully yourself it’s just gonna be a matter of I came here to do things
differently I came here to be different it’s okay if I stand out I came here to
speak my truth this isn’t the first time I’ve lived this lifetime or the fifth do
you know why we all know about an ascension because we’ve done it I don’t
mean to age anyone in this audience or on YouTube but I look out of the
audience and I go you know what I’m looking at a bunch of people who didn’t
grow up with Google we didn’t grow up with a Google we can look up ascension
and know about this stuff the stuff drops in and it drops in from your
intuitive remembrance that goes by the way you’ve already lived this life
ascension has already happened it’s spectacular that’s the last five minutes
of the movie but rather than try to fast forward and get to that part you came
here to be spectacular before that gives you permission before
the laser light show and we all know if you try to fast forward a DVD too fast
oh shit it up the credits and in heaven there’s no rewind button
you got to incarnate again ha I gotta be born again University ever
met a kid who’s really mature that’s a soul that fast-forward the DVD went too
far and came back and they’re still with their old maturity like I do this again
yeah I’m a little child hold me I’m amazing Oh should I gotta eat this crap
again that’s why babies cry by the way cuz
they remember how delicious solid food is and they’re crying the guy that I go
through this for years I gotta grow a dull teeth again my
wisdom teeth of the fall out I’m probably gonna have to have a blood draw
or something painful oh god why did I fast forward the DVD I said I wanted a
second childhood but I didn’t mean this oh god this is terrible
I think that’s what babies crying so that’s what your intuition is is the
remembrance that this path has already occurred knowing the kind of things
you’ve already done and trying to get yourself on the right track of I came
here to be different I came here to embody more truth to align with more
honor as often as possible because the collective joy that we get from med
incarnating into this ascension lifetime over and over again is we’re trying to
ascend with more and more trust fearlessness faith and love and less
doubt less judgment and less personal limitation and turmoil that sound good I
love it I love it just feel this lifetime
already happened and you have the freedom of will to embody truth and
honor as little or as often as you like and the good news is is that you don’t
have to embody truth and honor all the time because there are other beings on
this planet picking up the slack but if you don’t embody truth and honor and
alignment to your greatest capacity you’re gonna go into the afterlife
you’re gonna watch the screening and ago got me again and you’re gonna push your
nose against that screen and get back in the game until you get it right because
the greatest fantasy is taking who we are in heaven and being that here that’s
the greatest adrenaline rush for an angel or a soul in heaven is to take
your angelic nature and not allow the collective hypnosis wipe you clean of
remembering you’re aligned beingness to be in a world of small Iams and to step
forward as the upper case I am and say I am that I am and some other person somebody ego goes
oh I am too which one are you that I am the game changer the living day of
reckoning for anything that’s not meant to last
I am the egos integrator that the ego perceives as its assassin I am that I am and when you say it from the right place
whether someone has a spiritual bone in their body or not they go oh that I am I
see I see the one that is beyond all of this beyond this lifetime beyond the
next lifetime beyond all lifetimes that just came back to do it differently
because we wanted to make alternate endings to the DVD and we said let’s get
this right and let’s not let the collective energy suppress us and turn
our sensitivities against us let’s actually band together and transform
this planet far before the door of ascension starts to open which it
already has by the way ascension is not something that’s going to happen
ascension is something that is happening and on a quantum level ascension already
happened on the quantum level the moment of Genesis
and the moment of Armageddon happened at the exact same moment and at that moment
all lifetimes in between in all dimensions happened simultaneously all
births all deaths happened at once in the beginning there was a big bang in
the end there was a big explosion and when you watch the explosion at the end
long enough do you know what that explosion becomes the Big Bang again
it’s the same thing I shall say not the same thing the same moment whether it’s
the Sun or the moon all in the same sky all lifetimes have already happened they
would have to have happened so you could have the awareness to experience them
have you ever watched a movie twice or more than two times and the second time
you saw more details because the first time you were just becoming aware that
the movie exists the second time you can actually really watch it because you can
relax that’s and a lot of us have such keen awareness of our lives and we’re so
aware of I feel this in my body and if you know we have all this awareness you
only have the awareness because your experience what already happened that’s
already happened but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice
see that’s the flaw in thinking from the lower case I am the lower case I am
takes everything extremes well if it already happened I have no choice
there’s no point and this is stupid that’s basically the thought process the
truth is it already happened why it already happened to give you a choice
because if it already happened you can then re experience it happening and then
have the awareness the volition and the choice to choose your way through the
experience so the fact that we have choices is proof that it already
happened that’s not something your mind can
understand it’s a something your heart can really grok this had to have already
happened when you don’t think this lifetime has already happened you’re in
a dimension of circumstance flaw imperfection failure and risk doubt and
indecision and when this has already happened you are in a vibration of
perfection alignment faith gratitude humility alignment and service for
others love love says this already happened but because I didn’t know it
already happened I held back my love and I didn’t fully bring it to the world so
I’ve come back again to unleash my love onto this planet I call that the love
revolution but it is the gravitational force of why you incarnate and choose to
come back and no matter how many times you say I am NOT coming back here yeah
you are yeah you are you’re coming back I’m
coming back and I’m having so much fun I’m coming back as me again doesn’t take much to get you to come
back because when you’re watching from the Saul’s perspective you’re just
feeling and seeing what you didn’t have access to and you go oh my god I see the
opportunity now and you go back in wouldn’t take much for me to come back
to be honest I’m not someone who goes I’m never going back there I don’t have
that literally God needs one thing and I would come back in a second literally
God can come to me he wouldn’t even even say Matt the fate
of the world need you I wouldn’t even need that he was a Matt if you go back
there’s a there’s a quesadilla waiting for you if your photos problems the
quesadilla in a heartbeat they’re delicious even the cashew cheese
ones are really really good and you have almond flour tortillas now you can make
it healthy it’s delicious someone literally had a retreat ask me
that reason they said would you ever come back and I said for a quesadilla I
would hell yeah but a certain level of consciousness you
will come back you will come back because you get the game and it’s a game
that plays you until you play by the rules of consciousness when you’re
played by the game you’re the lower case I am being primed for your spiritual
journey across the bridge of that into greater alignment with truth and harmony
that creates an alignment that pulls you into the gravitational trajectory of
transcendence to realize that you are that which is beyond all of this and
that which is beyond all of this has one desire which is to be all of this and
then as the upper case I am you’re no longer played by life you are playing
life by the rules of an infinite eternal consciousness and that’s when you become
the personal tipping point that starts to transform your life your
relationships your family your neighborhood your community your city
your state your country your continent your world your solar system and your
universe because you realize the I am that you are is the same I am and other
people different perspectives but same source
so the energy arises in here and you’ll become this capital I am in this body
and the conflict you see in the world are just the layers of your own infinite
energy field where the light hasn’t gone yet so you turn on the news you see a
country at war well that country is very far away from
where I’m at that’s a that’s a layer of my energy field that’s like 20 hour
plane ride away this light hasn’t made it over there so let be since then I
love yous to that planet so I can spread my light out everywhere do you see what
I’m saying that’s what we’re doing so when you see conflict and turmoil
it’s not to shut you down and go oh my god the world is crazy no your light is
waking up and where you see the conflict is where you spread your light so your
light can go to all corners of reality because you have come back not just to
wake up this body not just to wake up this world we are waking up an entire
universe we are allowing earth to become a peaceful sovereign portal where our
cosmic brothers and sisters from other dimensions time and space can use their
little ships instead of being invisible can coast in and we can all interact
with different civilizations from a place of equality and of course in a
world like this where we’ll steer where we are still on a collective level
persecuting others for their race their sexual orientation their choices their
religion and otherwise you can see why there are light ships
hiding in mountains if we can’t even accept the ethnic differences of a human
being how are most people going to interact with Palladian light ships and
Syrian hybrid beings an eight-foot-tall light beings for a lot of us when your nervous system
is so that’s by the way another explanation of how you open up the
psychic phenomenon what keeps people not seeing psychic phenomenon their nervous
system as your nervous system gets really acquainted with the light of a
higher frequency there is a level of equality you have for all beings
including beings you may not even know that exists in other dimensions and you
walk down the street and your nervous system says I’m at peace nothing is
foreign all is welcome and some eight foot light being walks by and you think
well that’s neat that’s neat I’ve never seen that before it’s neat they look like they’re they know where
they’re meant to go you don’t see that every day but if you’re still steeped in
lower-case I am your nervous system is in such a state of hyper panic and PTSD
where anything other than what is normal to you is perceived as a threatened
invasion so we’re still living in a planet where we’re being prepared to
live in a world of interacting with beings from other universes and galaxies
but before we get to other universes and galaxies we have to get to this you know
Equality of all human beings and the more that we awaken our consciousness
the more that we align with truth and honor and align with our true
transcendent nature the more we start to accelerate this process and the more
equality and the joy of diversity starts to permeate the planet the more people
start waking up at record speed and we become a planet when we reach a tipping
point the planet then becomes a manifestation of the collective
conscious not just a manifestation of the collective shadow or unconsciousness
and at that point when that occurs the planet becomes a portal between worlds
and universes which is what I talked about in the Palladian prophecy so we are helping to turn this planet
into a sacred space for other beings to interact with other beings because as we
file swap with beings from other civilizations we start to remember the
power that we’ve had in heaven you start to reclaim the power of remember in our
advanced technology and bringing it to life and a planet where it can be used
so that everyone can be fed everyone can be clothed everyone has access to free
energy everyone is able to live out their passions and it doesn’t have to be
a world where very few have a lot and a lot have very little so this is how
we’re all turning this whole thing around and I paint this picture so when
you hear me talk or you or you are examining self-help or spiritual growth
and you think oh I’m being too passive it would be too passive if you weren’t
connected to all that is it would be too passive if this life time hadn’t
happened already but it has and that doesn’t mean that we should pray with
less intensity it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stand up for what we believe
in and if you are someone who’s inspired to take to the streets and peacefully
demonstrate it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do that if this has already
happened do it with greater passion if it already
happened that means you have nothing to lose if it already happened it means
you’re already guaranteed success so love and pray and intend and align as
you’ve never done before that’s what it means to let go let go and give all of
yourself to what matters most and all of us have to decide what that thing that
matters most is when you are the capital I am the upper
case I am what matters most is love and to love yourself is not just reap Aron
ting one inner child to love yourself is to be the divine parent of everyone’s
inner child and everyone’s inner child is depicted as the innocence living in
your heart and you are reparent sinning an entire world and all ancestral
lineages together as one a one that also looks like an eye loving the eye to
awaken the one in all just feel for a moment I am that I am try with me I am that I
am I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am I am that
I am notice a room full of people all saying I am well if everyone’s saying I
am which one’s the real one everyone s and as we continue saying it what I want
you to listen for is listen that there is the space of all and you are a unique
voice in perspective in the all but you are a unique perspective of the all that
is sounding itself through the mantra so just as we do it notice how you are a
unique expression of all what’s your true nature who are you really all that’s your real name all all awareness light love the more aware
you become of the light the more love you express the more love you express
the more light you become aware if all Travis together I am that I am I am that
I am I am that I am I am that I am I can make it more obvious try this I am I am
I am now do you notice when you hear that you’re a part of a collective voice
that collective voice is actually your true voice the sound of your own one
little voice if the lower case I am so we often fantasize about hearing our one
voice when our real voice is all try this
I am listen for the sound of your real voice I am I am I am I am I am I am I am
I am I am I am I am and if as you hear this it stops sounding like a word it’s
because your nervous system is relaxing your conscious mind is trancing out your
nervous system is relaxing the drawbridge comes down and the
subconscious mind is drinking in this frequency why so to build more endurance
to be able to hold the vibrational frequency of your highest potential
you’re actually experiencing the transmutation alchemical process in
action and I’m explaining it to you we repeat the I am to make it safe as it
becomes safe the conscious mind trance out as the conscious minds goes into a
kind of a true conscious trance state the nervous system relaxes as it relaxes
the subconscious mind says well this must be safe to lead and let’s record it
it’s a new precedent and it creates a familiar experience with higher
vibrational experiences instead of it being put in the foreign category so
this is how we learn to resonate with higher vibrational realities and then
you get to go back to your lives and start making choices that match this
higher frequency and it’s okay if you don’t but you’re just gonna cross over
one day watch the footage and go dad and back in you go again I’m convinced
that’s why when you look at babies who have that intense look in their face
like because they know they know I am I am I am that I am I am that I am I am
that I am I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am feel you you

100 thoughts on “I am that I AM – Matt Kahn

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    Exodus 3:14
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    Jesus love you so much♥️
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    Even for a moment do not think that you are the body. Give yourself no name, no
    shape. In the darkness and the silence reality is found." "All you can say is: ‘I am not this, I am not that’. You cannot
    meaningfully say ‘this is what I am’. It just makes no sense. What you can point out
    as 'this' or 'that' cannot be yourself. Surely, you can not be 'something' else. You are
    nothing perceivable, or imaginable. Yet, without you there can be neither perception
    nor imagination. You observe the heart feeling, the mind thinking, the body acting;
    the very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive. Can there be
    perception, experience without you? Question: How do I get at it?
    Maharaj: You need not get at it, for you are it. It will get at you, if you give it a
    chance. Let go your attachment to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly
    step into its own. Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the
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