I Became an Amazing Author While Being Held in Captivity – Drafting Tales – Let's Game It Out

hey there it's Josh welcome back to let's game it out we're playing a game called drafting tails you know I've always wanted to be a writer now I'm just kidding but we are gonna play a tycoon game where we get to be one new game your name huh well initials are all the rage so we're gonna have to do some of those I guess chk and tenders thank you fast-food for infiltrating my mind forever god I love chicken tenders though speed looks like we can't change that so I guess we're doing that retire I don't ever want to retire I guess we can't change this either you're a new writer working from your small apartment your goal is to become a well-known and successful author welp here we are sitting alone in our apartment staring off and seeing how life just passes us by the letter we wrote to ourselves saying we wouldn't let our life fall apart just sitting in that drawer vaguely visible wow time really is passing us by it's already week number three we got to get going what good is that baseball bat gonna do up there by the way if there's an assailant you're gonna have to bring the chair over there and all this stuff what wait 1000 monthly expenses I was just sitting here Christ let's get started here chicken tenders we urgently need someone to complete the job below please let us know if you're interested type article words a thousand genre journalism all sounds fine estimated duration I can barely read that but I think it says 13 days deadline 24 days Kay so now we've gone into the researching phase that's the fancy word for plagiarism how does this work does he just keep writing words forever okay let's just stop him right there teen Chase has requested major Corrections before accepting your work or you'll be charged a penalty of $728 of course we're doing those Corrections oh god the deadlines approaching hurry up get those Corrections in posthaste you did it good job chicken tenders alright buddy stop staring out the window you'll have time for that when you're infinitely unemployed oh so this is our inspiration meter I think if that runs out we stop wanting to live I don't actually know what that means okay well if that's gonna drop our inspiration and that is the finite resource we can't keep taking these contract jobs can we buy some stuff you know as excited as I get to read the market report as well as thanks mom 14 pages of this oh yeah you know when you buy the mail-order catalog and they just kind of don't give you the rest as long as we get inspiration that's what matters most to me so let's bye thanks mom for 200 wait can't I just buy all these and finally let's buy the market report all I'm really getting from this market report is I paid five hundred dollars for something on a clipboard and also that I guess I should start writing fantasy in sports so sports fantasy okay there goes more money flashing before my eyes let's go ahead and read now we can read thanks mom we can read maxing out your credit card well we've already read crime does not pay and I guess we can't read these again let's start with thanks mom this looks like the most uncomfortable way to read like if you're gonna read like you're on the crapper you might as well just be on the crapper well it basically cost him a thousand dollars to sit here and read this book I also want to point out that he read that whole book in one sitting okay cool new topic learned family it's clear he's a robot and this is how he learns about the outside world that's the only way I can explain why he doesn't have a bathroom or a way of escape I'm gonna take this freelance job though once again let the plagiarizing begin get to the outline don't put in too much effort because we don't want to ruin our inspiration too much there you go chicken 10 DS make those big dollars what is this zero out of 25k meter is this like our measurement of success come on buddy don't you even want to get up and stretch your legs like a little bit our inspirations getting kind of sucky let's go ahead and learn about maxing out our credit card we need to boost our inspiration feel better about life opportunity go on your recent works are impressive I was actually looking for someone with your skills and experience to complete the job below are we writers or hitmen so apparently I can't take this cuz I don't write thriller stuff I mean I'm a writer can't I just why oh my god we can buy a typewriter of course I'm gonna buy it you've left me no choice oh my god the sound effects in this game it's like I'm really there when do I get to write my own stuff when do I get to buy more crap from the catalogue when do I get to use this bad well now my guys just sitting here I have no assignments I can take I have no books I can read and there's nothing I can buy is this like the high bar to be a successful writer I can click on this okay okay this is starting to make more sense especially this screen showing me that I've spent way more money than I've earned which I assume is the life of a writer so we need to level this guy up appropriately I think the thing we've learned most we want to be a fantasy writer but we also need this thriller skill to take that other thing that we don't really want to do so let's spend fifty experience points for the cool that's all it took for us to become thriller right now that we know the thriller genre like the back of our hands we can finally take this job less thinking more typing dude there you go we're almost there okay complete I really don't understand this penalty thing I think that's most if not all of the money if we don't do the corrections we did it now we can write short stories hey chicken tenders is getting a little downtrodden let's spend 25 experience points giving him a shot of adrenaline here there we good stuff when they say inspiration I assume they mean lines of cocaine alright let's realize our dreams let's unlock fantasy boom we're fantasy writers now check out some new exciting jobs we have here hold on you need someone to write a thriller about electronics well that sounds too steamy count me in we can buy a new book it's called excuse me sir do you have a moment to talk is the book breaking up with me oh it's religion ok whatever we're gonna buy it no matter what are you kidding me fantasy is towards the middle now but I invested xp in that we're on our second year of being an author it's been over 365 days since we've showered the only thing we need to nourish us is our words clearly dear chicken tenders a good agent is important for getting your books published traditionally agents will offer to represent you but first you need to get yourself noticed by having at least a thousand fans oh and I will after I finish writing this family fantasy everyone will know my name I didn't think this give you better than the typewriter but now we can buy an encyclopedia I've never felt smarter in all my life in spending $1,000 on the full edition of encyclopedias do you feel the rush of knowledge already Hey look this button works we can write stuff now and let's see let's go with who that hot steamy genre of fantasy electronics and we'll do 1,000 words which is about a thousand words too many for a story like this I'll slip you a 20 if you publish this write that masterpiece you got this rejected but I said I'd slip you a 20 low quality no audience too few fans yeah I guess that's what happens they look at it they're like well the writing sucks but also you don't have that many Instagram followers this time we're gonna go for horror crime that time Arby's was closed that's gonna take me all 5,000 words I can tell you that much that's your opus right there buddy don't screw this up no one's interested in that time Arby's was closed damn it don't worry chicken 10 DS you'll get your big break a new item is available to buy vacation why would you want to go on a fake when you've got all this you can learn about any topic you want those encyclopedias I'm gonna hear this keyboard noise in my sleep I can tell ooh now you can write about nonfiction that's right buddy you can pull from your interesting life and teach everyone a finger to a writer has been sitting here for three years 11 months and he just now unlocked the telephone finally we can contact the outside world but it's gonna have to wait because the money's getting kind of slim around here mr. picky isn't taking all the jobs go ahead and unlock historical here this'll help us get some of the hot jobs you know those super hot historical electronics jobs personally that's my favorite genre everyone you might want to sit down for this we can buy the dictionary oh yeah look how good that looks sitting right there on the edge of the desk when you bring your date home and that's the first thing they see just like yeah you know I like to read trash for you to publish enjoy this true labor of love see look at that offering seven hundred forty-two dollars for my work uh hell yes refuse for your article trash for you to publish just came in amazing article one of the best cool I have 18-hole fans now all right we got to kick it up a notch because now we're legendary in the field of crime news for I'm it up yo Oh people no likey wow I lost all my fans from that readers have no taste I think I cracked the code to success which is I unlocked more of these little speed bubbles and now I can just churn out articles like I don't care cuz I don't sports fans suck wants me to write a novel an adventure crime novel and the bonus is I can write more novels let's unlock the newest genre adventure and now we are in a position where we can accept this I think we're gonna join the 20th century look at that we can have an actual desktop PC just looks like a common dorm room in here you know I feel like what he's typing our really words over there good news is we finally can chase our dream novels I just realized it doesn't really look like he's typing it looks kind of like he's gingerly rearranging the keys all chicken 10 DS here has been at this for 20 years now by year 30 I believe he retires so we really got to hit this book thing a little harder now we've had some minor successes getting to 135 whole fans avatar crappy movie is now a crappy book hey everybody loves avatar the crappy movie is now crappy bug and look it got me to my 1000 followers I believe doing that means we can now shop around some of our better stuff like a novel the chicken tender that loved me and because we have extra space all the exclamation points okay I've got a new theory you ever seen the Saw movies this is one of those scenarios there's got to be like a key summer in this room jigsaw put him up to this but kind of in a long plays like would you like to play a game to get out of this room you have to totally become a seasoned best-selling author in 30 years and then retire happily and then the guys like no my weakness the English language oh my god why are novels so wordy just wrap it up no one's getting to the end anyway oh look at these amazing offers for my novel five thousand and thirteen percent Harper Charlie sounds the best in all possible ways so we're obviously gonna do that one make some Corrections I don't care what they want they'll get it oh yeah now we're talking this is looking really good I didn't realize it get to design a book what a fantastic marketing strategy you guys have really gone all out for this book haven't you not sure what screams spy novel probably the baby blue not the name necessarily but this looks like a book you'd be getting if you were like trying to raise your child but I guess that's a true spy thriller right hide in plain sight am i a famous author now oh hell yeah you got stars look at that stars for days so I just get proceeds for the rest of my life now is that how this works the sales report for oh is it over is that it did you burn the rest of the copies like what happens man being a writer is hard breaking news author retires little-known author chicken Ted little-known retires after 30 years can we expect to come back well with his lifetime retirement money of one hundred one thousand somehow yes I do think he'll be coming back to write more novels so that's gonna do it for this episode I hope you had fun I know I did and I'll see you next time

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