100 thoughts on “I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup From Facebook Ads

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome to one more internet haul before i dive into some ~other areas~ like ~hair dye~. what do you think of these products? what are the makeup products on your facebook feed?

  2. At least the eyeliner has a very beautiful and slightly creative package… 😉👌

  3. Just a note for those looking on Facebook for stuff, they tend to steal YouTube creators content and make it out to be a review..

  4. Idk anything abt makeup its just 4:51 am and i like safiya's channel….just me ok….

  5. After watching this, who else got a bunch of ads of makeup?

  6. You look like I vampire 🧛🏻‍♀️ or you look 🤢 sick it doesn’t look good

  7. It is funny how your mirror is proped on a cards against humanity box

  8. I think this is the last video with the intro song that goes like:
    This is safiyas new intro song

  9. lol the highlighter is a ripoff of the cover fx illuminating drops

  10. Maybe I'm a spoiled Dutchie but if my order isn't here after two days, I don't want it.

  11. I’ve been after that eyeliner for ever purely for the little bottle, it is so cute!! Also, as a former English Literature student it is right up my street.

    I would be interested to see if that Dermacol actually does cover proper tattoos.

    Yeah, no way I’m paying $75 for a blush/bronze duo 😂😂

  12. That eyeliner is $5 at Hot Topic. I bought it many times as an edgy early 2000s teen.

  13. Anyone just listen to safiya’s intro song and have your own little dance party?


    Just me?


  14. Can someone please tell me, from what vid is the clip of Tyler sitting on her lap?

  15. The $75 product, if they were sold separately it would have cost about $37.5 which is around the same general ball park as the other items.
    The foundation, to protect it from not feeling oily probably hope facebook ad gives you either setting powder or matte spray to seal everything thing in.
    Eye shadow, primer. Most eye shadows need primer to at least show the pigment of what'cha gettin' and also makin' the eyeshadow more matte so it can last longer.

  16. I actually really liked the blush and contour… however, way too $$$

  17. I now want a montage of Safiya saying “shmack it” for at least 8 hours

  18. Came back to watch this vid for the second time and realized I accidentally thumbed down the vid lol

  19. You are buying from Affiliate like myself .What we do is pay Facebook to run ads to advertise our products so you just made someone money its not Facebook you buying from its the person using Facebook ads. You can make a Facebook ad to advertise your products. Big businesses use Facebook ads to stay in business.

  20. Why did I think she bought an actual full face that had makeup…. sometimes I question myself

  21. I feel like this pyper house highlighters were knock-offs of the halo illuminating drops, anyone else?

  22. 16:31
    you’re look reminds me of Morgana from BBC Merlin, as in the first and second season,- back when she was the princess of sass, and not a psychopath 🤩

  23. I’m not sure if Wunder Brow is like Maybellines Tattoo Brow where you peel the crunchy bit off and it leaves a tint behind that lasts…. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. The way you said that smash word touches my heart and one more thing why don't you use primer and your skin is really amazing it is not like other makeup gurus who has red skin or they look different before and after makeup, you looks so natural after makeup
    The first video that I had watched your's was that Franken sephora lipstick and then I became fan of you
    The last thing that I am an Indian from Rajasthan
    Would you like to visit Rajasthan

  25. when my friend first showed me safiya: man, this girl is weird. why "butthole" of all things?"
    me now: butthole lip is my therapy.

  26. Hey saf! I think it would be fun to do this with clothing. (Instagram ads picks my outfit for a day) Like first ad you see of a shirt, and or first ad for a pair of pants.
    Also I hope you have an awesome day! 🙂 🖤

  27. Click network Shu Ann got inspired form u, check out https://youtu.be/1vstlTUfD5g
    Elated to find u there😍

  28. LOLOL when the camera was close up on her face with her ghostly pale foundation on and she says "Because the box REEKS"

  29. is it only me, or does saf give me the "flashback-mary" kind of vibe?

  30. Is it just me that couldn't focus cause of the 'Cards against Humanities' box

  31. I always get sad when she says its a couple of months later to get everything xD

  32. I just discovered Safiya’s channel so I’ve been watching a lot of videos and I love her! She has a great personality and she’s just so naturally gorgeous 🥰 and I love the content! Great work ❤️

  33. Safiya's voice is so relaxing, I've been watching her videos nonstop for days now to lower my anxiety and it's hella yeah working

  34. That's a bronzer, not a contour, so ofc its light. Apart from this, i love u 😂💜

  35. Saf was saying how the highlighters in the ad looked like liquid gold but then bought the halo one and complained it didn’t look as good, plus she usually buys the product that is shown in the ad, so idk but I think she set herself up for failure with that one

  36. Hiiiii!!❤️❤️❤️ Will you please do a full face of makeup from Mary Kay???


  37. I ordered a liquid lipstick kit of focallure and never received it ;–; at least watching u apply it makes my pain a lil less

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