“I Carry”: A video poem

— I carry — I carry
— I carry — I carry gloves in my pockets
to warm my hands, hands that reach out
in warmth and welcome — I carry my watch with me
to remind me that my time is now — I carry a key from a house
that no longer exists — I carry the weight of the world — I carry growth, strength,
peacefulness, glee — I carry determination, whimsy, and delight — I carry burs, brambles, memories that stick — I carry a winding river [WOMAN SINGS]
Lights, lights awaken… — I carry whispers, stories, histories — I carry songs of heart,
I carry truth of vision, hope for future — Hope for shifts, tidal waves, avalanches — I carry anger that stops me
and anger that moves me forward — I carry drum, feathers, humour — I carry the work of believing in change — I carry heaviness
— I carry stones
— Lightness — I carry memories of myself… — I carry soil — …before and after the flood — I carry fire — I let go of the lost years
— I let go of all the lost years [WOMEN’S VOICES]
I carry memory, stones,
sand, river, and heart — I carry a winding river [WOMAN SINGS]
When lights, the moon and the stars,
the nights and the lights
and the moon and the stars where eagles fly the sky — I carry a vehicle for ancestors — I carry for my ancestors
thoughts of resilience and love — I carry my ancestors
and my ancestors carry me — Past, present, future, we are one,
sending our love and solidarity — I carry my ancestors. I carry the power
of their songs. I carry purpose and hope. And I carry compassion, strength for me,
for you, and all the earth. [RUSHING RIVER]

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