‘I Cut Off My Arm To Save My Life’ – Pleasure and Pain with Michael Mosley – BBC One

*guitar music* (Narrator) Sampson Parker has a farm in South Carolina. In 2007, he had to inflict excruciating pain on himself for the greatest possible reward: life. He was out working when his corn picker became blocked. (Sampson) I left the tractor running, and I walked back around the corn picker…… There was a corn stalk stuck and without thinking, reached my arm into the corn picker, grabbed ahold of the corn stalk….. And pulled down and the corn stalk wouldn’t come out. And then I pushed up. And when I pushed up, the rollers that take the shucks off the corn grabbed my hand my hand was stuck. Blood started coming down my arm and….. Chunks of meat and everything. And I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I knew I was in trouble. But I had to block the pain out of my brain. I knew I had somehow to get the machine to stop. So now I took this pin was able to get it out. The arm is still in here, And I took this pin out and reached around the side. I was able to jam it between this chain and the tire…… Stopping the machine. I then grabbed a hold of my arm, thinking all I had to do was pull my hand free. I physically tried to pull my hand off. I put my knees up against here…… And lean back and pull as hard as I could and I couldn’t do it. My hand was still stuck. With the machine being jammed….. The slip clutch on the side of the machine was throwing sparks. Of course the sparks and dry corn shucks…… It only took about 10 seconds and all the corn shucks was on fire. And then up inside here, which was still about half full of corn shucks, it was burning. My arm that was stuck in here, started burning. I could see my skin melting like plastic. (Narrator) Sampson faced a terrible choice: (Narrator) Die, or cut off his own arm. (Sampson) I’d been fighting this machine for hour and a half and it wasn’t gonna beat me. I cried out to God to help me. I didn’t want my family to come down here on the farm and see me burnt to death behind this corn picker. Without thinking, I reached back, grabbed ahold of my pocketknife. I took the knife and jammed it into the forearm. And with everything so far, the burning, the hand caught, that was painful. But when I jammed that knife into my arm and started cutting away the meat, I was screaming. Cutting those nerves in my arm hurt. I can’t explain how it felt. The tire on the side of machine was burning and the wind was blowing the flames into my face. My hair was starting to burn. And I started trying to cut the bone. I only messed with it – just a couple seconds – the tire was like a torch and…… To break the bone, I raised up as high as I could like this….. And then I dropped to the ground. Hitting this sharp, sheet metal. Snapping the bone. And when that happened, the tire on the side of machine…… Exploded. And that was like someone smacked me in the face. And it blew me back away from the machine about five feet on my back. And I’ll never forget I jumped up with blood shooting at the end of my arm. I jumped up running around to my truck thinking: I’m free. I’m free. (Narrator) Despite massive blood loss, (Narrator) Sampson made his way to the nearest road where he was picked up, rushed to hospital and spent the next month recovering. He believes he fought so hard to survive because of his love for LeAnn, his wife of 22 years. (LeAnn) The pain that Sampson must have endured is really beyond my imagination I can’t imagine anyone doing what he did. Even though I know that Sampson is a remarkable person and if he’s determined to do something he follows through and does it. But to me, that’s the unimaginable. (Sampson) Pain was probably my least concern at the time and I was going to do whatever it took to get free.

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  1. He have to be a really brave man, oh my God.

  2. I bet his balls are the biggest.. hairiest.. manly balls to ever grace this earth


  4. Now he did what people couldn’t do in saw 1,2,3,4, or 5 he played the game for an hour and ah half and once time was up he made his desion to ditch the arm you have beat the game

  5. Ok, I get it now, it explains everything! His parents named him Sampson! That's all they had to say! This dude is hardcore, badass!!

  6. Him: cuts his hand off cuz he had his hand stuck in the thingy
    Also him: does it again on camera for everyone to see

    I say: STONKS!

  7. Very strong man. God bless him, prayers for him & may he live a long life. 🙏

  8. This man's brain should be preserved and researched like Albert Einstein's to develop the next super soldier.

  9. His wife can't imagine anyone doing what he did, but a man named Aron Ralston cut his arm off after 5 days trapped between a bolder and a rock wall.

  10. Did you see 127 hours movie? a guy stuck like that but it was a rock, he cut his arm too for surviving, he making a video to somebody save him, but nothing happend, and he started to cut his arm with a stupid knife, and he did it, he go to get a millions but made more bad to his life

  11. This is why every time I work with machinery I make sure it's off.

  12. Bless your heart May god help you and heal all the pain you have inside you

  13. With the way these Recommendations are set up on youtube there's probably 1,000s of legit youtubers we've missed out on because it takes 8 years to hit the Algorithm.

  14. You stuck your hand into rotating machinery? Darwin Award dumbass of the year. Please don't have any children.

  15. This man should be in a military and given a medal for endurance

  16. this guy has big balls but in my opinion aron ralston had bigger balls

  17. Paul Harvey told about a man who got an arm stuck in a combine, he reached in with his other arm to get it out and ended up losing both. Decades later another man got his arm cought in a combine and was about to reach in but remembered hearing Paul Harvey tell the story about the first man, he didn't reach in so he only lost one arm. Now you know the rest of the story, Paul Harvey,,, Good day.

  18. My friend cut off her nose to spite her face ..sorry that was bad humour lol

  19. He did what arron Ralston took 5 days to do in an hour and a half.arron didn't have the threat of fire.wonder if that canyon had flash flooded what he wood have done ??????.amazing stories BOTH.

  20. Poor guy, I can't even imagine how much pain he went through. God bless him

  21. This some berserk type stuff if you know what I’m talking about

  22. Amazing! I remember seeing a movie when I was a kid. They were sending this prisoner by train to get hung. They handcuffed him to the break wheel outside the train car. He unscrewed it going over a high train bridge and jumped off into the river below carrying and axe. The weight of the wheel was pulling him down to the bottom of the river. He was drowning. He took the ax and cut off his arm and then swam to the surface. So much pain. The he made a bunch of knife and sword attachments for his arm and went back to kill everybody who sent him to death row. What a movie. Hope you get better and build no killing attachments. Maybe some farm implements.😉

  23. Now I see why your name is "Samson". Only a guy with supernatural strength could of done what you did.

  24. Him putting his other arm in the machine repeatedly is giving me some serious anxiety

  25. If that happened to me, I wouldnt go anywhere near that thing

  26. If he wasn’t genius or clever he would be burning to death right now

  27. That’s the most full on thing I’ve ever heard. A pocket knife ffs

  28. This man is brave enough to cut his arm off and snap his bone when I can’t even imagine barely cutting myself with a pocket knife

  29. I know this man and the man who stopped to help him. His name is Doug Spinks. He was the fire chief at my fire department

  30. Guy with arm cut off: puts the other good arm in the machine
    Machine: o yes, turns on
    Guy with arm cut off:nnnnnnnoooooooooooooo not again, music starts play I still see your Shadows in my room…

    (Edit) why did I do this no one is going to read it its 2019 unless someone decides to watch this video and goes to the comments

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