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what's this what's script file is missing or corrupt please reinstall the game really you're gonna start it off like this well I guess I'll have to thin this game plays you it definitely this doki-doki literature club definitely does play you guys be sure to check a little at the last episodes just in case you have missed it we're gonna continue on this adventure okay oh hey here we go a pretty view safe data has been found would you like to delete your snapchat and start over no continue where I left off crap I guess I guess we have to delete the data what crap do we really have to start the game over we were starting it alright well hey since we know we can actually edit the files in-game let's just delete the characters now and see what happens what happens if we deletes Monica let's delete Monica right now all right I'm gonna Frankie do it mr. B Scott there now what happens fine if I close the load of the game now I'm just gonna I'm gonna I'm just gonna delete the source of the problem in the very beginning that way there will be no problems okay she's still there wait this can't be all there is what what is this what am I make it stop please make it stop that freaky gave me chills right now what the heck what was all that about why did she do that no explanation necessary oh my god and what she just killed she just killed herself alright hey what a great way to start the game I deleted Monica I did delete her Wow how did it get it ending really really really fast just delete Monica what it did have something to do with just naming my character just Monica I don't know I freaking chills like I don't know if you guys can see it but in real I really is hitting me right now okay we're gonna exit the game happens if we reopen it I can't believe this game is so freaking unique well the character files are empty now that's not what I did so I'm guessing we just delete first run every time and then they come back no that is not true but we'll see anyway okay so let's do some more testing gear cuz that's the fun about this game let's do everyone except for Sai Ori are no-nos I already Leslie one except for uh not ski yes I do not I swear I didn't look up any guide or anything I really don't know I'm just really guessing Monica's gone so yeah he's gone here he's gone just not ski just not ski it's gonna be my name now wait she's killing herself again she she's killing herself again I really want to go for that not ski ending though I don't know how to go about it though okay just don't do it characters all right I got it that's easy to follow right this game is like an enchantress with its music trying to say oh this is a pretty pretty game this is a nice game this is a court should kill you and ruin your feelings and make you want to die go no back off game so apparently I got the gist Monica ending obviously I did get that and yet the delete Monica's caret character file I did that all right don't worry fam we're gonna we're gonna come back for when we get some stuff we gotta go through the story it's gonna take a while but it's gonna be worth I'm sure okay so for some reason we're supposed to save at the first poem I don't know why but we're gonna do and we're gonna also keep writing for Natsuki okay sorry my camera's not on right now but you know I'll turn it on when they start heating up okay all right so now we're finally talking to to not ski freaking Monica she never puts my stuff back in the right spots what's the point of keeping your collection organized if someone else is just gonna mess it up I guess it's her manga collection we probably get along the most I'll up my good so so it's so nice okay I'm not a weave that'll be nice he slides a bunch of stack books and boxes across the shelf manga you read manga right ah sometimes mug is one of those things where you just can't admit you're really into it so you figure out where the other paths are a person stands I'm not me okay maybe I kind of feel that way with my videos sometimes I usually kind of like I feel more comfortable talking to someone if they're like okay if they're in anime stuff I guess I give it never mind I get it but embrace who you are okay right parfait girls is what she reads it's a series I've never heard of in my life that probably means it's either way out of the demographic or it's simply terrible if you're gonna judge you can go do it through the the glass on that door okay she points to the classroom door hey I wasn't judging anything I didn't even say anything she loves that fan fiction I already know she thinks for judging her know I'm a weeb I swear look I'm wearing now do toe shirts oh okay wait so would we do the same thing with Monica because it's just like I didn't realize that it would be like this with someone else because with Uri we had to read a horror novel with her because that's what she likes but this is what Nazi like so now we're reading this with her and again we're sitting close together and stuff like that I'm telling you anime has the powers to bond every single person in the world by every friend that I have we've bonded over usually anime or video games one of the two and sometimes they're mixed together okay animate video games it's and it's like I go to Anime Expo and just feel so it's so fun I don't know it's so fun okay oh here we go here we go you're sorry to get somewhere we read on for a few more minutes I finished a couple of chapters at this point are you sure this isn't boring for you it's not even though you're just watching me read well I'm fine with that if you say so I guess it's somebody sharing something you like with someone else so we're having a moment right now okay let's wait for it all to go downhill okay it's really interesting to see the game when everything just like so well and nice but it's just it's it's only it's when it gets the second playthrough that it's like oh wow this is what they're really saying I don't know I don't know if this is real or not can you even get a good ending in this game I don't even know like an actual good ending that's not crazy alright so now we're back reading manga of course of course I'm Monica it just reminds me of when it all goes downhill she just shows up out of nowhere now it all makes sense Monica's just jealous through the entire thing it just wants to be just Monica just Monica not no no no no not not ski not Sayuri not you already but just Monica okay that's why she's always okay that's why everyone gets mad at her for interrupting it just makes so much sense now that you look at you know look at it again okay so now she can't reach the manga cuz she's too short oh she's got it she has to get us stool you think I'm too short or something but I mean I knew it well you know what just watch me nasty hops onto the stool which ends up being a little wobbly because of its collapsible design or shape or she's gonna fall what am I do I know what I'm doing standing on the still nasty fingertips reach the top shelf even on this those two can't reach the top it's too adorable it'd be easy for me to grab the books but she's being stubborn nasty uses her fingers to scoot one of the smaller boxes to the edge of the shelf see yeah the box suddenly tips nasty barely catches it before it falls to the floor there's still wobbles oh she's fall like losing balance now she hops off the store Thanks thankfully she was able to stay on her feet and that's the life of a short person I mean I'm like I'm not too short but I'm not tall either I'm like middle okay and I'll fight with that I'm fine with that I could reach things look at her Kia her mangas there we go see I can easily do it now Nazi grabs a stack of manga and bends down to put it on the shelf below oh no oh no ha the share swivels nos he catches herself on the shelf what are you doing can you at least hold the church steady instead of sitting and doing nothing who was it what told me not to help yeah yeah I got you I hope the cherub all nasty riches back up I can almost see of course here comes the anime part yeah I forced myself to turn away not ski seriously didn't think this through what she realizes I'll be dead and it's not even my fault ah nasty wraps her arms around the parfait girls box that easily the largest one on the shelf heavy hey screw up I I don't think I could bend down without falling her do you take this one yeah but then I have to go I feel like oh the chair then that's fine just for a second hurry up alright let's let me stand up I slowly release my grip from the chair what do you mean stand up nasty looks down at me why are you all the way back oh she noticed well we could say our prayers now she looks like she realized something but she'll lose her balance if she moves Natsuki the box what are you looking at what are you freakin expect are you trying to look in the minima and nasty legs shake I'm not I was just not ski don't try and move just give me the box you perv you set me up go away get out but I'll do it myself the chair suddenly swivels put beneath her feet not ski yeah the scene turns to chaos in a split second the chair flies from under now skis fee frankly I tried to catch her the box topples out of her hand the box goes flying I got you the full force of nos skis body gets to be throws to me to the grounds a whole bunch of books Pelt me in the face oh my god that must hurt my right arm my right arm and my back seriously felt the impact slowly now skis turns goes to her senses senses I can talk that typical anime buddy what were you thinking oh yeah what were you thinking hey is everything okay with their screw off Monica go freak it'd be weird somewhere else where why is she crying I'll get the crease because one of the books like folded why is she crying over over spilt manga literally it's partially my fault Natsuki shakes her head still looking down no I don't even care that much I'm just having a really bad day today oh no you're not gonna hand yourselves to are you but talk about come on asking come on let's talk about it come on Natsuki shakes her head just every day is so hard I just want to come to the club and nasty fall silent again I can't press her so I don't know what to do all right well I'll help clean this up let's to cheer you up sweet some mangas just recent mangas okay she looks up with her glassy eyes her lip quiver x' you're really nice to me oh come on not my heart come on I don't know why but I have such a soft spot for Natsuki she's so adorable okay not in a weird way vodka okay would you just like go die or something Monica I know what you're doing oh you wanna have a staring contest now I'll freakin win Oh God crap crap she's a drawing dig it of course Amy likes spiders screw av hashtag freaking screw Amy she's like spiders like can't stand her if you got a friend that likes spiders unfriend them okay unfriend them on Facebook Yuri what do I even say to you at this point like I I know what you're all about I know I know the truth I know it all okay okay so here's the part we have to pick which club you know member to hang out with of course we're gonna pick Natsuki I want to actually redo what I know what happens though so why do you guys told me in the comment section it doesn't matter what you picked she's still going to hang herself I think I I hope she doesn't it's pretty depressing I don't really want to relive that again but okay Oh guys look bad look looking look at the outfits got a cat on it so funny it's so funny how she's like pretends to be all tough but she's not just like a tsundere whoa so she's mad because like she feels like we're treated like a kid and just because I don't have a mature and sexy figured like Yuri doesn't mean you should treat me like nasty guesses are words that her face turns red ah gadget-gadget masky forget it I didn't say anything I should apologize I appreciate you were just trying to be nicer I should have been a little more considerate to you but also if that's what you're thinking they should know that there are tons of guys who are into body types like yours it's actually true okay so Japanese people okay how would you know that anyway oh no reason no when we're getting icing all over each other what is wrong with me if someone walked in on this it can look totally wrong okay stop but not so you apologize for calling me gross fine fine I'm sorry for calling you gross yeah I know I didn't mean it it's just fun seeing you react to it say don't think just to get a reaction out of me you shouldn't tease girls like that is that so in that case I probably shouldn't do this either I take nos Keys finger to put it in my mouth did you seriously just it's kind of like the chocolate thing with Yuri out we did last time Nastya is so surprised that she wait did we put why don't we was putting someone's finger in our mouth one way or another her face is entirely red you really shouldn't do that kind of things to girls unless you really like them if I do you know that right what kind of question is she asking me like that how did the mood turn like this so quickly why am I starting to feel dizzy I wish I could actually just explode right now I don't know where the fire alarm starts going off with the heck I said we got a little tipsy and distracted and we burn the house down call the fire department all right so we added a little cute moment right there but it's gonna eat some cupcakes okay and then of course what's-her-face is gonna walk out you know we're talking that we're gonna do something right now oh she's getting closer to us wait Natsuki standing inches from the nut sandy inches from me not he looks up at me I feel her fingers gently clutched at the sides of my shirt as if holding on to me her rose-colored cheeks matching eyes filled my vision along with her slightly parted lips what is happening I felt it for a while now oh ah I'm sorry I didn't know you guys loved each other like that was how to catch a cheater style right here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we already know was this going right we all know oh wait whoa stop stop oh so this is what happens when we say that we love her instead of saying oh won't be friends so she actually like hugs us and stuff oh sweet a sense I mean look at that look at that guy's so she's still not happy even though we said that okay that's interesting okay I'm glad we seen what that was all about so she thinks were a couple and everything I hope we didn't screw up the story I just didn't want her to die you know what I mean which now that I think about a market Monica is the what is the one that actually makes her kill herself right so we can't even do anything to stop it she's fine guys it's fine it's just the prop it's Halloween it's actually not in close to Halloween but she she thinks it is that's all it is now this whole the exception has occurred really makes sense now it's all coming to me okay so I don't think yeah I don't think there's anything we can do to actually avoid that end even after we said I love you I love you I love you girl oh this is another special poem it was nothing not ski that is not your cute character okay with this whatever deal with the guys do with the grass so she was mad last time that we kept messing with her manga and they weren't in the right place now she's gonna get really get mad cuz things are gonna get a little weird slightly weird all right so we're gonna read manga again alright like deja vu isn't it don't don't do something weird okay we're just gonna read manga it's gonna be completely normal normal normal is that what did I just say I think I'm glitching my dad would beat the crap out of me if he found this what why it's just more good I mean it's not a joke but it's kind of funny you do not break that mug goodness house so dark so I wondered like when he when it dies into these dark issues in the game or is that real is that real or is it just because things are getting weird because that's dark it's it's really dark it really leads me to believe that that's the stuff that actually goes on in their house I don't know guys what do you think wait what is happening time passes so we're just reading right she's got skis strangely quiet now I glanced over at her it looks like she's asleep she's sleeping suddenly not see collapses straight into me okay oh geez dusky are you okay here she pulls out a protein bar oh god I'm scared that's seriously Cassie chills she's fine it happens every now and then I like how Monica is trying to keep it together is like a nothing's going on the only thing that bothers me about this game is that our character doesn't seem self-aware like this stuff is it like affecting him in any way which is really confusing to me but I guess she's affecting the files my files as well alright so let's read her her poem I want to see how it changed if it did oh no nothing changed okay I thought it would okay guys I really want to keep going but I have things to do in IRL sorry guys anyway this game is so crazy freaking I don't know what's gonna happen with her I know some I've seen some really weird pictures online so a lot of spoilers it's a lot of people playing this game right now but anyway guys leave a like if you enjoy the series again I love doing these visual novels it really brings you back to the old days of the Bijou mic stir guys if you haven't already subscribed to the compartment scrub bill today scrub today it goes to Santa Claus what a good twin brother you are Santa would you drop it okay all right what just go deliver your presents and leave me alone all right gone I'm teaching my guys then I'll see you scrubs in the next video bye guys

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  1. Good job biju mike xd
    ive got question : how u got moving wallpapers or something like gif wallpaper?

  2. Well! I'm not a tsundere!!! Dummy! Who thinks I'm a tsundere! 😡😡

  3. Mike if you leave the sayori screen for 10 minutes a text will appear

  4. I JUST FOUND OUT YURI IS THE ILLUMINATI!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9AWvi82uDw

  5. Your backround is creepy bijiuu

  6. if you keep that tab with Sayori open for around 10-ish minutes, a message will pop up saying "now everyone can be happy."

  7. Bijou Mike,
    I have the same wallpaper live hatsune miku like you but in Samsung phone!

  8. U R a weeb don’t worry I am to but I saw that dangronpa video game!!!! >:)

  9. Bijju Mike: Heh…. great way to start a game! Sayori killed herself… (sarcastic)


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