I Don't Belong Here | Spoken Word Poetry

I sit here in silence and look around I see people with so concealed and bound am I the only one getting drowned everyone drives me berserk telling the value of hard work absolutely no one talks about the importance of self-love and the destruction of self-doubt Marx ranks right and wrong this same story whole day long but no one talks about life such an enchanting melancholic song don't know read to me stories of failure and success instead enlighten me with life lessons and your regrets for all that surrounds me is the silence so searing death I become to the loudness of laughters that carry no meaning I craved the gift of understanding can no one sit in sublime talking about life not mourning that oh we are wasting too much of time I feel lost not due to a faded view but no one looks at life like I do fed up I am in search of a rescue when I look inside myself and try to explore I realize that the plot of my life doesn't really make sense anymore but I seek solitude so I conclude I don't belong to this place we're making a living is purposeless and merely around face

18 thoughts on “I Don't Belong Here | Spoken Word Poetry

  1. Profound piece of art.. Each line is a lesson in itself.. All those who'll truly comprehend it will surely look at their lives with a different perspective and indulge in ' self love ' ( something being overlooked or ignored by the contemporary world ) 😜

    Kudos to you dear… way to go 👍☺️

  2. After hearing this poetry and self love, it brought chills to my body….its so relatable that none can resist to hear..💕💕keep posting these type of content. i appreciate you work

  3. So amazingly penned & sung ♥️. The topic is so philosophically uplifting & important. I'm amazed by your voice & way of speaking those words. ♥️♥️♥️ I am so glad to be one of your initial subscribers 😍

  4. It was fabulous and absolutely relatable. I wish I could tell you the best line but it is amazing as a whole. Keep posting !!!!!

  5. Astonishing…. Undoubtedly relatable…. Its like u lukin' in mirror..🖤

  6. Enlighten me with life lesson and regrets……..Absolutely this was so relatable!!

  7. This line..don't narrate to me stories of failure and success, I can relate with every truth you spoke !❤

  8. The same story whole day long…… Absolutely right….. Every word is relatable

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