35 thoughts on “I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled) (Remastered)

  1. I love the way he speak clear and louder
    like Martin Luther I have the dream
    that one day I would know English language and speak fluently.
    with this faith Will make me to know many things in this world

  2. One of the legendary, significant people not just of the 20th century, but of all time!
    His assassination was indeed a sad moment for humanity. R.I.P. Martin Luther King Jr.

  3. https://infogram.com/us-crime-in-black-and-white-1gzxop49q0okmwy

  4. Das ist der offizielle #gefälltmir #speicheresmalindeindingsbums button

  5. I m from Afghanistan I have a dream that my country become pace after 40 years war.

  6. He dead he gonna now so and I live at Dallas Texas I saw hem on tv

  7. This is the reality….
    You are a MAN who made the history of the human and unite the all diferent human in the GREAT WORLD

  8. A great humanitarian Dr King who stood against discrimination and fought for human dignity

  9. My father had moved to India in early 80's and when he came back home he kept listening to Dr. Martin Luther king jr. I never knew this man before and why my dad used to listen to him until he told me the agony of being called a 'monkey ' and that king was his mentor which enabled him to finish education in India…I cried felt bitter Actually I memorized the speech in English although I never knew English much..till today I listen to the same speech to remember my dad's words..RIP Dr. Martin Luther king jr.

  10. Every truthful person is taking away by God regardless of they being Christians Muslims jews black white, because their naivety their truthfulness cannot be handled by this low oppressive world. So don't think man killed him but he died because God wanted to free him from the countless death he would have faced if he lived today.

  11. Oh my god hats off to this person
    I'm going to deliver this speech in our school declamation competition

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