I Just Do Nothing [Spoken Word]

I lay awake,
Just early morning in bed. Uselessly thinking about all the things I
should be doing instead. Still, kitchen’s a mess,
The pots need doing. Damn carpet’s covered in dust,
Oh, there’s more important things to do than hoovering. No. Emails to send,
On with writing to do. Though some of these things I could probably
do on the loo. Hopeless YouTube videos to be made,
Informational podcasts unplayed. Never ending calls to reply for the business.
Gosh. When did I say I’d do these dishes? Right. Yeah, of course.
I’ll do them after breakfast, After I’ve had myself a quick rest. Skimming through my social media,
Looking up definitions on Wikipedia, For a poem I wrote months before,
Pages of scrawled out writing scattered all over the floor. Hours can fly by,
As I workout what to do first. Nothing’s been done yet,
My racing mind’s starting to hurt. Pushing things back to another day,
Hours and hours sat doing nothing, Slowly wasting away. I need a to do list,
That’ll keep me in check. But when’s there time to write a list,
When I’ve got so many things listed in my head. So I’ll just stay here.
Doing nothing. Thinking everything. Tomorrow’s only one sleep away. Then I’ll do my chores. To do it today would be a bit of a bore.

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