I like you. (an aromantic poem)

*clapping* I like you. I like you. I like you. I like you. I like you. I like you. what does that mean?
when I say it like that it’s gotta be romance,
but something falls flat I don’t know if I believe in
stuff like love at first sight but there’s this feeling inside
I’m so light, I could take flight when you say things like “you’re cute”
I don’t know how to reply I just duck my head and grin
I can’t look you in the eye so surely it’s a crush
from what I’ve seen and heard about it would seem to be that way
but I can’t say without a doubt it /could/ be, I do like romance
er, in theory, I guess? cuz actually I’m aro-ish
which is the real mess because I really do like you!
and I think you like me but neither of us knows
just what this could be you’re not quite like Mari
or a friend, or a brother I like you in a way
I just think about as “other” but what is attraction??? I’m always so confused
which, if I told you this you’d probably just be amused because we’re acquaintances
you don’t like labels anyway and that’s why it could work
that you’re you and I’m so gay so I guess I’ll keep waiting
to see how things will go take it slow, go with the flow
even if I don’t yet know quite how I feel myself
if I do have this attraction and I might not ever know
at least not to my satisfaction so to answer my own question
I don’t know what it includes when I say that “I like you”
or “I know that I like dudes” and that’s okay, this is fine
I’m just being true to me and if I ever need some grounding
I can go and hug a tree

55 thoughts on “I like you. (an aromantic poem)

  1. Nice poem, gave u a thumbs up : ).

    I do poetry on my channel, check it out & sub if u like : ).

  2. i dont even identify as aro-spec but i relate to this so much aaaaaa what is attraction

  3. OK ME if you ever figure out what attraction is hmu pls i am in this situation too aaa

  4. this! omg! as a fellow quoiromantic (maybe i am still ironing out the deets) i feel this so much right now with a friend of mine.

  5. I LOVE It! I love the poem!! thank you! I wish there were more people like you in the world! keep on rockin!

  6. tbh at this point I'm pretty convinced I'm on the aro-spec (lithromantic to be exact) and its so confusing when I like someone and AHH what are emotions help

  7. i too, am confused about exactly what attraction is.
    the way people describe it, i haven't felt it fully. i've gotten close but never really reached it.

  8. Oh my gosh I love this so much!!! its so relateable. Also,  THANK YOU FOR THE CLOSED CAPTIONS!

  9. This is glorious, I can't really wrap my head around what attraction and crushes actually are. I don't understand how people 'just know' when they have a crush.

  10. It's kinda weird because I don't like.. Develop feelings for someone but I just.. Want them to notice me, I don't know how to explain

  11. ooooh I find this so relatable. I want to go hug a tree now, too…
    -a whatromantic

  12. OMG so relatable!! I am also a quoiromantic person and I have never understood crushes.

  13. My experience has always been that I do have sexual attraction, so I know I’m not ace, but that’s like it. I don’t like romantically coded dates or snuggling or even just affectionate touches and kisses. I feel wrong that I don’t return these things when directed at me, but I know I do care for the person. I wish relationships could just be hanging out with someone for the rest of your life that maybe you bone down with sometimes, is that so much to ask?

  14. maybe I'll send this to my crush. I feel heartbroken bc he may be mono in a relationship and not reciprocate the feeling.

  15. I'm upset that I apparently already liked this video in the past, and it wont let me like it again

  16. im really an big fucking mess because i’m bi and poly, which means i can have crushes on multiple people at the same time but i somehow also have squishes on people despite not being aro so like. imagine the mess when i have multiple people i like at the same time.

  17. ugh this whole thing is a big mood. pretty confident I'm aro but uhhhhhh how do i know if i've ever felt romantic attraction if i don't know what romantic attraction is?

  18. I'm Acespec and I think this poem is cute, the simple rhymes explains everything and people would understand it clearly. Though I have feel attraction before, I kinda wish I didn't? Because I just always fall in alone and the love went one sided.
    It made me a mess, yet I keep on loving her from the first time that I caress her, we never kissed except on our forehead, I wish she liked me but she said we're just friends.

  19. Great job 🎀

    The only attraction I can say for certain I have felt is aesthetic attraction. Oh… I have soooo many Swishes 😹

    And yeah… I'm oriented aroace.
    Even though I sometimes question my romantic and sexual orientation… Deep down I know that I am aroace.

  20. What about street lamps… They need hugs too!

    goes to hug street lamps

  21. In my mind this is no real difference between family love, close friendship and me, wanna kiss person… because I am a hugging person and it is just another way I can show my

    attachment. Really relate.

  22. This is so honest and well delivered. Especially the beginning— with not knowing how to define the relationship, and the last two lines, with wanting to feel comforted—> tree hugging. Wishing you the best & feeling so grateful for this

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