I love you 3000 – stephanie poetry // thaisub

everything man I want you to be my husband kiss you my Iron Man and I love you hey that's it baby take a chit cuz I want this to be something straight out of a Hollywood movie see you sitting there in your Hulk outerwear and all I can think is where is three cuz I know you wanna ask I scared the moment will pass I can see it in your eyes just take me by surprise and all my friends they tell me they see you're planning to get on one knee but I want it to be how does the blue so make sure I have no clue when you ask baby take me don't be my husband my Ironman and I love it baby take a chance kids I want this to be something now we're having dinner and baby you're my winner I see the way you smile you thinking about the uh-huh you reach in your pocket emotions in love came before you could ask answer too fast get on it money so now about you all the clothes maybe take my now on you to be my husband kiss you my baby vacations I want this to be something straight movie no spoilers babies maybe take my husband baby

20 thoughts on “I love you 3000 – stephanie poetry // thaisub

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