I love you and I won’t be silent ❤️ Romantic poem ❤️ for you…

22 thoughts on “I love you and I won’t be silent ❤️ Romantic poem ❤️ for you…

  1. myprecious love ko Goodmorning to U …. i am here for U .. i am not away from U .. I love U ..and U love me U know that … mahal ko .. U the situaion. .. .embrace and ..kisses.. Dont be worry .. mahal ko… ⛅💘💕🌹❣true bless.. 💕i miss U too .Love U..!!!!!?

  2. Love is poison without kisses
    Love is fake without cuddles
    Love is nothing without relationships
    Love is nothing without actions
    YES is about actions you are

  3. How special is this poem, so passionatte and loving ❤️💕

  4. Feelings beautifully expressed by such perfect words !!! Was a feast to the ears .❤️❤️

  5. You are my greatest hope it does not get any better the heights of you don’t shake me any more gives me brightness to know that the blood in your heart pumps for DADDY SMILE YOU ARE THE SUN ☀️!!!!!!

  6. I hear hoy in the silent of the Night.I hear your voice, your breathe, your laughs, your silent tears. I hear your Mine , our Heart, your SOUL.I LOVE YOU MY SUPERHERO, 🍯🐝. 🌹🐝💋💋💋❤❤❤

  7. What wrong with u. Tell me what u wanted. A never kiss u before dont make me weist my time an let me alone

  8. Wow..So Sweet and Really Romantic.. Words that Really Touch my Heart..😍😍 If the People I Loved so far told me all this,I just want to say that " Thank you my Dear for Your Love to me..I Appreciate it..Thank you for Being Present In my Life..💖and Has Made my Life always Excited and Passionate when I Think of You..💋💋" The Loyalty that I have for You is only One Person in my Life..Throughout my life..You Love me in every Season..You always Give me Love and Dreams that are Beautiful Dreams..💖💖You Make me Feel the Most Happiest Woman in the World..🤗💋 If You were Here with me..So Beautiful every Meeting with You, but today I am not Meeting You..and I Miss You so much.. Sometimes I want to Call You by Phone..Why did I Miss You so much and I Wanted Hug You Tightly..🤗💋 You are always in my Heart eventhough We are Not Together..There are many things that We Can Do Together and I Long to do it with You..In Your Love, I Find Happiness..💋 Good Night Sweet Dreams my Dear..Hugs Kiss for You..🤗💋Aku Menyayangimu..🤗💖💕💋

  9. I love you. Iam so sad right now because nobody want,s me .but the word,s that u say are so , beautiful and I love every word u say I hope to find someone like u that is very , romantic and wonderful as you I love you with all my heart your words are so beautiful I fell in love with you every time I hear them love always Cindy 😍😍😘😘💋💋💘❤💕💖💗💙💚💓💜💚🤩🧡

  10. Ab le gandu sali kutiya le Maki lodi sali hijdi teri aysi vat lgegi ab gandu Madrchot mere kam rokegi bhaosiki tatti khane vali randi aapne bap ka lund chus jakr

  11. Thank you for these beautiful words. Ilove you so much, and miss you every day so much. ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Tanks for the post have great day , , 3 Words …i love u, missu🍯❤️💌🙏

  13. Happy to hear of your loving and inspiring messages….as God commanded too, may we need to start even bit by bit…..may we try our best my love…..love you….take care♡♡♡

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