I Miss You | Short Film

Hey! I know we haven’t seen each other And we haven’t talked to each other in while But I want to you know That I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.. …and… I want to you know that I miss you. Not I regret what happened or I want to see you again Just… I miss you. Just… I miss you. It’s so strange to think that someone I knew so well Is now a total stranger to me That sometimes I go entire days without thinking about you Most of the time, I let myself forget because it’s easier But then I find something a photo a gift the stupid love letters we used to give eachother and the full weight of what’s been lost crashes down on me part of me wants to see you again to hold you again to kiss you again but all those feelings become empty thoughts when I look back now remember being love isn’t always what it seems it’s just so easy to forget but this isn’t regret we have a reasons for ending it and they are as valid as ever but back at the start we didn’t need any reasons to fall in love we just did the reasons came at the end and everything since than has been about reasons and that’s good means that one day I’ll find someone who I won’t have to say goodbye to but… a part of me just misses loving someone and having them love you back that’s all I guess what I’m saying is I hope things are good with you I hope everything it’s great I hope everything it’s great I hope you found a love that’s all the things ours couldn’t be but… just a small part of me hopes that you still remember what it was like before all the reasons and that you miss me too.

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  1. I thought I was losing myself
    But you came by and dragged me out
    At the moment I thought you were the one
    However, it finally hurt me more than before

  2. We don’t call it rising into love we call it falling in love and at some point there’s always going to be that fall, and you know it sucks it really does, and it hurts the heart so much to let that person you love go. You try and try but nothing works and yes you’ll miss them yes you’ll hate it but it’s okay the next person will come and all you have to do is to have hope. 🥺😭😥

  3. 17th August 2002. Never forget her. True love never dies but part of you does die when you lose it. All that love lost due to an undiagnosed mental illness. Forever and always.

  4. I don't love anyone . I don't miss anyone when I listened this I feel very sad . I don't know why ?

  5. These are all i wanted to say to her but… she got a new bf…
    All the promises…
    She has changed…

  6. I watched this two years ago and I come back to realize that the guy is from the society on Netflix that came out this year. WTH.

  7. needed sad videos to calm me and cry a lot cause i told my crush i like him and i’m waiting on his reply and shitting bricks

  8. Today, I meet my ex again after 2 years since we broke up. We still smile but It hurts.He sends me a message that he is sorry for 5 years we were together but at the end we can not have a happy ending. I watch this video when I come back home alone. I have to admit that … I miss him

  9. I still miss you. Even after all these years. I should have treated you completely different, maybe you’d still be here. My life will never feel whole again. I know you’re moved on by now, but I still wish somehow we’d find our way back to each other. But I know it’s wishful thinking. I wish you nothing but happiness.

  10. It's been a bit since I've watched this… Things have changed and it makes me sad that as the years have gone by I can understand this from a different perspective.

  11. the hardest thing about watching this video is no matter how much you dont want to admit it to yourself, you know you miss them.

  12. My girlfriend got married because of her family and I am now here I have a psychological war within me. 🙂

  13. Why can't anyone love me, the feeling of sorrow inside for things that haven't been done, the sadness I feel everyday I'm closer and closer to suicide every morning

  14. I moved Into this care home a few moths ago (yes I’m in care) I met this girl, Antonia I obsessed crazily over her for months and months all I got was mixed signals until we eventually grew so close we couldn’t be without each other. Obviously living in the same care home we were always with each other I woke her up and cuddled with her In the morning and when nights came we were both sad we couldn’t just stay together. I started sneaking through to her room at nights so we could spend all 24 hours of the day together but the staff at the care home started catching us. We started getting into trouble because of it I got a heroin addiction but she still stuck by my Side making me feel loved like nobody ever had. One Friday her and a few others from my care home went a trip to a place called Glasgow for the weekend when she came to say goodbye to me I would kiss her or give her a hug because I was in a mood so she just left without s proper goodbye. The day she was coming home to police and a van turned up at my care home and told me I was getting moved I got chucked in the back of a van and driven 200miles away from my home. The worst part was I never got to say goodbye to her properly or tell her how much I loved her. But on the pls we are still madly In love with each other and when I’m 16 we are going to move in together and live out lives away from the care system and be happy forever

  15. Très beau court-métrage / It's a best movie sexy / drama : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVdCAxZYORk&t=135s

  16. its so strange to think that someone i knew so well is now total stranger..
    A part of me just misses loving someone and having them love you back ..

    Damn so true …

  17. Listen, it's been 2 weeks since we talked, u made me the happiest man on earth, remember the exact day, July 10th, 7 PM, u caught me off gaurd confessing feelings, said u wanted to fall in love with me….now u have a new guy and we dont talk, last night u sent a pic and said hi, but we didnt talk, u said u didnt want to😢, ik u dont want to be with me anymore, but theres this little place in my heart where it's always warm and u can live there forever, but u dont have to be mine for me to love u, cant stand not seeing u, but it's fine, I hope he treats u better than I ever could, and I'm happy for u Angel, i truly am, I mean that from the bottom of my heart👼.

  18. So does the love exsit or not?
    And does it come from the both or just one who feels love towards her but she doesnt?

  19. This was in my recommended idk why but this made me realize i miss someone that doesn't even exist

  20. can anyone please recommend me channels or videos that are similar to this? which is like a poetry video?

  21. I hate how the person I love the most in the world …I can’t talk to and doesn’t love me as much as I love them

  22. This is great!!! I'm studying it to get a good grasp of short film as a medium.

    And in that line of thinking not to bash or pull you down, I offer this insight and of course it's debatable:
    It might be more powerful if the part where he sees her and walks towards her is (not sure of the term) hyper realistic or slow motion (action) and the whole monologue and flashbacks happens in those milliseconds as he walls towards her. The ending is up to you. It can be that something happened and he never got a word with her or he ended up summarizing all his thoughts and feelings with a very subtextually charged "Hey."

  23. i have met my best friend on 1/10/2018 and we have been together for 1 year now and it seems like i'm gonna lose her almost at the same date we met, an online friend but I see no difference it's just as same as real life, she is my only friend, she was enough to me that I didn't want to take anymore friends, I still remember every single day I have went through with her, I still remember how she always cared for me, worried about me and was always there for me, she trusted me, i trusted her and we were doing good, we used to talk everyday since the moment we wake up until we sleep, the first thing we do when we wake up is sending each other a message and last thing we do before sleep is talking to each other, right now she sees me as a bad person, who wanted to control her when she knows that this is not me.. but I understand, she went through a lot and people always did that to her, the worst part is that it's all a misunderstanding and I wish if i could prove it to her that I'm not this type of people because i don't wanna lose her for a misunderstanding, we had a lot of memories, a lot of good times, I have never felt this pain in my whole life, being weak and not being able to explain things and show her that I didn't mean to control her and that i would never do such a thing because she has became a piece of my heart, now i feel so lonely, and no one will ever fill that void that she left inside my heart except her, and no other friends can be like her, she is and she will always be the best friend i have ever had in my life, i never felt so special the way i did when i was with her, there's nothing worse than losing a best friend and especially when it's a misunderstanding..she is the most amazing person i've ever met.. i wish if she believe me… right now i'm waiting to talk to her and i don't know if she will accept to talk to me or not so i could explain to her that it's just a misunderstanding.. if it went okay then i will be the happiest person on earth and if it didn't then i'll just be the unluckiest and i'll lose that piece of heart..

  24. The only part I dislike about this is the heavy drinking. It seems out of touch, and I dislike how it introduces the idea that a lot of younger relationships are forged around alcohol and partying.

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