we're gonna play a doki-doki literature club all right guys individuals suffering from anxiety or depression may not have a safe experience playing this game excuse me okay so far I think this one's cute cuz she's mean I like it when people are mean this one's cute cuz she's she looks like the main character then this one's boring and then this one's like goth I think all right bye plain tokidoki literature club you agree that you are at least 13 years of age I agree okay I like her she's pink hair kawaii alright let's go new game my boy or a girl in this okay hey I see an annoying girl running toward me from the distance waving her arms in the air like she's totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself that girl is Sayuri my neighbor and good friend the since we were children is this me talking you know the kind of friend you'd never see yourself making today but it just kind of works out because you've known each other for so long we used to walk to school together on days like this but starting around high school she would oversleep more and more frequently and I would get tired of waiting up I feel like I'm sorry if she's going to chase after me like this I almost feel better off running away however I just saw an idol in front of the crosswalk and let's say on he catch up to me God say orient like what's wrong with you I overslept again but I caught you this time maybe but only because I decided to stop and wait for you you say that like you're thinking about ignoring me that's me Bekka you well if people stare at you for acting weird and I don't want them to think we're a couple or something sure fine fine but you did wait for me after all I guess you don't have it in you to be mean even if you wanted to whatever you say say Audie we cross the sheet together and make our way to school am I supposed to be a boy as we draw near the streets become increasingly speckled with other students making their daily commute yeah we have some big-ass houses what the by the way Beca Lou have you decided on a club to join yet a club I told you already I'm not interested in joining any clubs saiary fucking fuck off I haven't been looking either why am I so sassy yeah that's not true you told me you would join a club this year did I love you I'm sure it's possible that I did and one of our many conversations Rory dismissively go along with whatever she's going on about say Yuri likes to worry a little too much about me when I'm perfectly content just getting by about the average while spending my free time on games and anime uh-huh I was talking about how I'm worried that you won't learn how to socialize or have skills before college your happiness is really important to me you know and I know you're happy now but I'd I'd the thought of you becoming a need in a few years because you're not used to the real world needs you trust me right don't make me keep worrying about you all right all right all right all right all right all right I will look at a few clubs if it makes you happy no promises though well yeah least promise me you'll try a little yeah I guess I promise you that yeah yeah why do I let myself get lectured by such a carefree girl more than that I'm surprised I even let myself relent to her I feel like such a fuckin insel I guess seeing her worry so much about me makes me want to ease her mind at least a little bit even if she does exaggerate everything inside of her head so as this is gonna be choices do I have choices Oh or at school now the school day is as ordinary as ever and it's over before I know it wow that was fast after I pack up my things I stare blankly at the wall looking for an ounce of motivation clubs say or he wants me to check out some clubs I guess I have no choice but to start with anime club hello Sayuri Sarah must have come into the classroom while I was facing out I look around and realize that I'm the only one left in the classroom oh no let's say Yuri don't molest B so you're worried I thought I'd catch you coming out of the classroom but I saw you just sitting in here it's facing out so I came in ok well stop you fucking weird it honestly you're even worse than me sometimes I'm impressed you don't need to wait up for me if it's gonna make you late to your own Club well I thought you might need some encouragement so I thought you know know what well that you could come to my club say your view see what each other yeah there's no way I'm going to your club since she was the first one to show interest after the one who proposed the club she inherited the title vice president what do they say Santa hi Joe say doc hi Joe that said my interest in literature is guaranteed to be even less I'm so sundar a is that what I am my characters are soon dry yeah I'm going to the anime club come on please why do you care so much anyway wow I kind of told the club yesterday I'd bring in a new member and Natsuki made cupcakes and everything don't make promises you can't keep I can't tell if savory is really that much of a narrator if she's so cunning as to have planned all of this out I let out a long sigh fine I'll stop by for a cupcake okay yes let's go and thus today marks the day I sold my soul for a cupcake I dejectedly follow say or across the school and upstairs a section of the school I rarely visit being generally used for third-year classes and activities Sayuri full of energy swings open the classroom door everyone the new member is here bitch there ain't nobody in the room what do you mean everyone I told you don't call me a new member hey I glanced around the room welcome to the literature Club it's a pleasure meeting you say or he always has nice things about you I'm gonna regret making certain voices for these people cuz I'm gonna have to like remember them oh boy I'm a boy what the heck I'm a boy uh what just seriously you bought up you brought a boy way to kill the atmosphere lesbian I can only deal chief wait I should give her like a country I'm battling what am I surprised welcome to listen to the club or its escapee in this situation this club is full of incredibly cute girls some bloody nose what are you looking at if you want to say something say it just sorry man Natsuki huh the girl at the sour attitude whose name is apparently Natsuki is one I don't recognize all right she's the lolly her small figure makes me think she's probably a first-year she is also the one who made a cupcakes of according to say worry you can just ignore her when she gets moody sorry says the quality into my ear then turns back for the others group other girls anyway this is not Suki always full of energy and this is uni the smartest in the club don't say things like that your who apparently appears comparably more mature and timid seems to have a hard time keeping up with people like say Orion Otsuki oh well it's nice to meet both of you and it sounds like you already know Monica is that right that's right it's great to see you again Becca Liu Monica smiles sweetly oh do we know each other well we've rarely talked but we were in the same class last year Monica was probably the most popular girl class smart beautiful athletic basically completely out of my league so having her smile at me so genuinely feels a little you to Monica should I say I'm like Ash Ketchum since I'm supposed to be a boy oh you too Monica come sit down Becca Lou we made room for you at the table so you can sit next to me or Monica bitch I want to sit next uh what is it next to the lolly I'll get the cupcakes hey I made them I'll get them sorry I got a little too excited then how about I make some tea as well but girls have a few desks arranged to form a table as say Ori mentioned it's been wha widened so that there is one space next to Monica and one space next to say Ori Natsuki and Yuri walk over to the corner of the room where Natsuki grabs our app tray and Yuri opens the closet so feeling awkward I take a seat next to say Ori do I have any choices in this game do I get any choices now Suki proudly marches back to the table tray at hand okay are you ready tada hello Natsuki lifts the foil off the traitor reveal doesn't white fluffy cupcakes decorated to look like little cats the whiskers are drawn with icing and little pieces of chocolate were used to make ears kawaii I had no idea you were so good at baking Natsuki well you know just her you take one she has a fang you know I like Kris she's a vampire sorry grabs one first then Monica I follow it's delicious Sarah you talked with her mouth full and has already managed to get icing on her face god dammit you stupid bitch I tend the cuff figure in and my fingers looking for the best angle to take a bite well let me just i'm dude my guys after weirdo what the frig bro Natsuki is quiet she's just staring at me I can't help but notice her sneaking glances in my direction is she waiting for me to take a bite I finally bite down the icing is sweet and full of flavor I wonder if she made it herself this is really good thank you now Sookie well why you thinking me it's not like I okay she's a student there I like her she's the tsundere how do I heard this somewhere before made them for you or anything yeah I thought you technically did say where he said well maybe but not for you you know dummy alright alright alright alright alright I've actually been saying alright like that a lot lately I give up on that Sookie's weird logic and dismissed the conversation URI returns to the table carrying a tea set she carefully places a cheek up in front of each of us before sending down the tea pot next to the cupcake tray you keep a whole tea set in this classroom don't worry the teachers gave us permission after all doesn't a hot cup of tea have you enjoy a good book uh I guess ha ha don't let yourself get intimidated you're just trying that's not insulted Yuri looks away I meant that you know I believe you well Tien reading might not be a pastime for me but at least I enjoy tea I'm glad Yuri faintly smiles to herself in relief Monica raises an eyebrow and she smiles at me so what made you consider the literature Club I was afraid of this question something tells me I shouldn't tell Monica that it was practically dragged here my saiary well I haven't read any clubs yet and say oh he seemed really happy here so that's ok don't be embarrassed we'll make sure you feel right at home ok as president of the litter a psycho Kai Joe of the literature Club it's my duty to make the club but I'm excited for everyone Monica I'm surprised but how come you decided to start your own Club you could probably be a board member for any of the major clubs weren't you the leader of the debate club last year uh well you know to be honest I can't stand all the politics or have the major clubs feels like nothing but arguing about the budget and publicity and how to prepare for a manse I'd much rather take something personally I enjoyed make something special out of it and if it encourages others to get into literature that I'm fulfilling my dream Monica really is a great leader Yuriy also nods in agreement that I'm surprised there aren't more people in the club yet it must be hard to start a new club you can put it that way not many people are very interested in putting out all the effort to start something brand new especially when it's something that doesn't grab your attention live literature you have to work hard to convince people that you're both fun and worthwhile but it makes school events like the festival that much more important I'm confident that we can all really grow this club before we graduate not everyone yeah we'll do our best you know it everyone enthusiastically agrees such different girls all interested in the same goal my dad Monica must have worked for Oh Monica must have worked really hard just to find these three maybe that's why they were all so delighted by the idea of a new member joining though I still don't really know if I can keep up with their level of enthusiasm about literature so Becca Liu what kind of things you like to read god dammit your be all you care about is reading oh wait we're in the literature Club that's why uh well considering a little I've read in this past four years I don't really have a good way of answering that manga I'm butter quietly to myself half joking not Sookie's head suddenly perks up it looks like she wants to say something but she keeps quiet no not much of a reader I guess well that that can change what am I saying I spoke without thinking after seeing Yuri sad smile anyway what about you Yuri well let's see Yuri traces the rim of her teacup with her finger oh I wish that teacup looks like it just kidding my my favourites are usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds the level of creativity and craftsmanship behind them is amazing to me and telling a good story in such a foreign world is equally impressive here he goes on clearly passionate about her reading she seems so reserved and timid since the moment I walked in but it's obvious by the way that her eyes light up when she finds her comfort in the world of books not people but you know I like a lot of things stories with the deep psychological elements usually immerse me as well isn't it amazing how a writer can be so deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination to completely her you for a loop anyway I've been reading a lot of horror lately I read a horror book once I desperately grasp something I can relate to at the minimum level at this rate Yuri might as well be having a conversation with a rock really I wouldn't have expected that Yuri for someone as gentle as you I guess you could say that but if a story makes me think or takes me to another world then I really can't put it down surreal horror is often very successful at changing the weight look at the world even if only for a brief moment oh I hate car oh why is that well I just not Suki's I start over to be for a split second dude all these girls are trying to bang never mind that's right you usually like to write about cute things don't you Natsuki well what what gives you that idea you left a piece of scrap paper behind last Club meeting it looked like you were working on a poem called don't say it out loud and give that back fine fine sugar plum it's all gonna find fun your cupcakes your poems everything you do is just as cute as you are say hurry slides up behind Natsuki and puts our hands on her shoulders oh my god I'm not cute Natsuki you let your own poems yeah well I guess sometimes why do you care I think that's impressive why don't you share them sometime wink no no not Sookie avert your eyes you wouldn't like them not a very confident writer yet oh my god Yuri fuck off okay Jesus she's so depressing I understand how Natsuki feels sharing that level of writing takes more than just confidence the truest from she's so annoying and she so Gough and edgy the truest form of writing is writing to oneself you must be willing to open to your readers exposing your vulnerabilities and showing even the deepest reaches of your heart do you have any rotten experience – Yuri maybe if you share some of your work you can set an example and help Natsuki feel comfortable enough to share hers dadada I guess it's the same for Yuri ah I wanted to read everyone's poems we all sit in silence for a moment okay I have not be everyone huh no Matt Sookie and Yuri look quizzically at Monika why does Monika do that like she like arches her back and she's like oh let's all go home and write a poem of our own then next time we meet we'll all share them with each other that way everyone's even um yeah let's do it Plus now that we have a new member I think it will help us all get a little more comfortable with each other and strengthen the bond of the club isn't by right beckylyn oh they're like beady eyes just staring at you Oh Monica smiles warmly at me once again I already have her heart in the grass with my hand hold on there's still one problem yeah waltz Leia now that we're back to the original topic of me joining the club I've luckily come forth with what's been on my mind the entire time I never said I would join this club huh Sayuri may have convinced me to stop by but I never made my any decision I still have other clubs to look at and uh I'll lose my train of thought all four girls stare back from you dejected eyes but but I'm sorry I thought huh you you all I am defenseless against these three cute girls huh how am I supposed to make a clear-headed decision when it's like this my guy is such an insult that is if writing poems is the price I need to pay in order to spend every day with these beautiful girls right okay I've decided then I'll join the literature Club I will be he said they'll guide Oh believe it one by one the girl's eyes light up yes I'm so happy Sara wraps her arms you're gonna be jumping up and down hello hey you really did scare me for a moment if you really just came for the cupcakes I'd be super pissed then that makes it a facial welcome the literature Club okay everyone I think with that we can officially end today's meeting on a good note everyone remember tonight's assignment write a poem to bring to the next meeting so you could all share Monica looks over at me once more Bekka loop I look forward to seeing how you express yourself oh yeah can I really impress the class star Monica with my mediocre writing skills I already feel the anxiety willing up in me meanwhile the girls continue to chit chat as urea and Natsuki clean up their food hey Becca Lu since we're already here do you want to walk home together that's right Sayuri and I never walk home together anymore because she's always stayed after 4 clubs sure might as well we're trying to bang anime bitches alright that's what we're doing yay with that the two of us depart the club room and make our way home the whole way my mind wanders back and forth between the four girls Sayuri Natsuki Yuri and of course Mao and a good well I really be happy spending every day after school at a literature Club perhaps love the chance to feel closer to one of these girls alright I just need to make the most of my circumstances and I'm sure good fortune will find me and I guess that starts with writing a poem tonight okay dude oh here we go oh my god it's time to write a poem pick words you think your favorite club member will like something good might happen with whoever likes your poem the most alright my favorite members this is bitch right here little uh fairy princess over here okay I like her angry little lolly what would she like guys what would lolly like marshmallows I'm thinking marshmallows I think she would like marshmallows yes I was right she jumped Hawaii heartbeat I feel like say or II would like kawaii though knife down wait I'm scared I think say or he might like that too though bliss feel like all these are for this girl kawaii I gotta say kawaii yes yes I have already won her heart um pure desire clumsy hair triple berry yes I'm gonna win okay can I get this one right oh I'm gonna say Doki Doki yes dude I'm so good at this oh my god I am killing it oh my god there's 20 pages of this what sorry we gotta go fast cute giggle oh my god I'm killing it bro kitty I'm absolutely just smashing it right now may I'm absolutely killing it twirl oh my God look at me dude pink bros oh no I don't like you okay kiss yes sweet no no chocolate Papa she is she let's see who let's see what the daddies drill is here yes that's my girl she gonna call me daddy soon happy Father's Day boys okay we got three more left I almost got them all right um oh my god I just absolutely killed it oh wait fly it fireflies no hi Dan Becca Lou glad to see you didn't run away on us ha ha ha ha nah don't worry this might be a little strange for me but at least I'll keep my word well I'm back at the literature Club yet again I was the last to come in so everyone else is already hanging out thanks for keeping your promise Becca Lou I hope this isn't too overwhelming of a commitment for you making you dive headfirst into literature when you're not accustomed to it oh come on like he deserves any slack say you already told me you didn't even want to join any clubs this year and last year too I don't know if you plan to just come here and hang out or what but if you don't take us seriously then you won't see the end of it Natsuki you certainly have a big mouth for someone who keeps her manga collection in the club room and that's like you find yourself stuck between saying Monica and manga manga is literature swiftly defeated Natsuki plops back into her seat don't worry guys that glue always giveth gives it his best as long as he's having fun he helps me with busy work without me even asking like cookie and cleaning my room how dependable Sayuri that's because your room is so messy it's distracting and you almost set your house on fire once is that so you two are really good friends aren't you I might be a little jealous how come you and Becca Lowe could become great friends too um um say Ori huh doc dot as usual say already seems oblivious to the weird situations you just put me into Oh Oh URI even brought you something today you know oh wait Sayuri ah me um not really don't be shy it's really nothing what is it no never mind Samri made it sound like a big deal when it's really not uh what do I do yeah I'm sorry URI I wasn't thinking I guess that means up to me to rescue the situation hey don't worry about it first of all I wasn't expecting anything in the first place so any nice gesture from you is a pleasant surprise it'll make me happy no matter what yeah is that so yeah I will make a big deal out of it if you don't want it to be we're making a big deal out of it right now all right well here URI reaches into her bag and pulls out a book I didn't want you to feel left out so I picked out a book that I thought you might enjoy it's a short read so it should keep your attention even if you don't usually read and we could you know discuss it if you wanted the this is this is how the girl accidentally beat the how is this girl act I'm sorry I'm Dyslexic Oh dyslexia is kicking in how is this girl accidentally being so cute she even picked out a book she thinks I'll like despite me not reading much URI thank you I'll tell you read this I enthusiastically take the book be yo well you can read it at your own pace I look forward to hearing what you think now that everyone settled in I expect Monica to kick off some scheduled activities for the club Sayuri and Monica are having a cheering conversation in the corner URIs face is already buried in a book I can't help but notice her intense expression like she was waiting for the chance dude what do they do in the literature club just literally just read books together like in the same room they just read books on each other's presents meanwhile Natsuki is rummaging around in the closet ah I hear Natsuki utter an exasperated sigh within the closet she seems to be annoyed by something I approached her in case she needs a hand oh shit here we go again you looking for something in there freakin Monica she never puts my stuff back in the right spot what's the point of keeping your collection organized that somebody else is gonna just mess it up Natsuki slides a bunch of stacked books and boxes across the shelf monka you read manga too bright ah ha ha sometimes manga is one of those things where you can't admit you really into it until you figure out who the other where the other prison stands because we are otaku kawaii kawaii Natsuki kawaii how did you know anyway I heard you bring it up at some point besides it's kind of written on your face Oh Taku what's that supposed to mean I see there's a lone volume of manga amidst a stack of various books on the side of one of the shelves curious I pull out of the sack look there it is Natsuki snatches it out of my hand she then turns to a block of sub manga and slips the volume right into the middle of the rest ah much better seeing a box that with one book missing is probably the most irritating sight in the world I know that feel I get a closer look at the box she's admiring okay she's a nerd she's a vampire she's kawaii she got pink hair just pigtails ribbons in her hair pink eyes this was my girl yo see I'm I wear the black and the relationship she's the pink kawaii one parfait girls it's a series I've never heard of in my life that probably means it's either out of my demographic or it's simply terrible if you're gonna judge you can do it through the glass of the door she points to the classroom door hey I wasn't judging anything I didn't even say anything it was the tone of your voice but I'll tell you one fig Becca loo consider this a lesson straight from the literature Club don't judge a book by it's cover in fact Natsuki pulls up the first volume of parfait girl from the box I'm gonna show you exactly why shoves the book right into my hands ah I stare at the cover it features four girls in color for a tire striking animated feminine poses it's exceedingly moay don't just stand there wha-wha Natsuki grabs my arm and pulls me out of the closet she then takes a seat against the wall beneath the windowsills she Pat's the ground next to her signaling me to sit there what did chairs be more comfortable I take my seat we can't read at the same time like that why Oh was that I guess it's easier be close together like this well don't just say that you'll make me feel weird about it Natsuki crosses her arms its coochies an inch away from me sorry I didn't exactly expect to be sitting this close to her either not that I can say it's particularly a bad thing I opened the book it's only a few seconds before Natsuki once again inches closer reclaiming the additional space while she hopes I won't notice I can feel her peering over my shoulder much more eager to begin reading than I am Wow how long has it been since I read the beginning huh you don't go back and flick through the older volumes every now and then not really maybe some some times out after I've already finished the series Hey are you paying attention uh I am but nothing's really happened yet so I can't talk it at the same time it looks like it's about a bunch of friends in high school typical slice-of-life affair I kind of grew out of these since it's rare for the writing to be entertaining enough to make up for the lack of plot so what did I expect from this is there going to be plot well obviously you'd think I would enjoy something that didn't have a plot dude I'm literally her when I read it when I read anime or watch anime I read manga I always watch the bow a stuff I mean well I guess I know what you're saying a lot of the beginning is about simple things like there's a really fun chapter where they're obsessed with the guy at the ice cream shop but that just helps you get to know the characters and besides it's still entertaining but later on there's all kinds of Sharla like when they get into their backstories and when some of the romance starts to happen that's really what makes it so good okay okay I get it now sook you were foreshadowing we're foreshadowing right now okay okay there are so many touching parts ah is that so it sounds like you really know what you're talking about maybe I underestimated you that's Sookie hey wait what's that supposed to mean wha Natsuki gives me a little shove what the fuck dude I just meant that I haven't seen yet senior hope our huh good save ah this chapter seems like it's about baking this is just a guess but there are a lot of baking in this manga well Natsuki pauses for a moment as if she doesn't want to admit something yeah why does that matter it doesn't I was just curious since you enjoy baking – right that's just a coincidence I just happen to get into baking around the same time I got into this manga like I would never get into anything because it's in a manga come on I feel bad for anyone that's that impressionable the same dude I mean I totally do that but uh dude I've actually heard it's not a joke definitely not a coincidence I guess that explains how Sookie's interest in baking still of all the hobbies to pick up from a manga that's definitely one of the better ones not to mention she's really good at it so who am I to judge whoa that's Suki you're looking awfully kawaii right now we read on for a few more minutes I finished a couple chapters at this point stop looking at me like that Sookie are you sure this isn't boring for you it's not even though you're just watching me read well I'm fine with that if you say so I guess it's fun sharing something you like with someone else I always get excited when I convince any of my friends to pick up a series I enjoyed dude my guy is such an insult you know what I mean huh hmm you don't um that's not well I wouldn't really know what do you mean you don't share your manga with your friends could you not rub it in jeez oh sorry huh like I could ever get at my friends to read this they just think mangas for kids I can't even bring it up with them being all like yeah you still haven't grown out of them yet makes you want to punch them in the face oh I know those kind of people honestly it takes a lot of effort to find friends who don't judge much less French we're all so into it I'm already kind of a loser so I guess I gravitated toward the other losers over time yeah we know you're a loser dude I should have named him something else cuz now I'm the loser dude but it's probably harder for someone like you hmm yeah that's pretty accurate wait which part I mean I feel like I can't even keep it in my own room I don't even know how my dad would do if you found this at least it's safe here in the club room cept Monica was kind of a jerk about it oh I just can't win can I well it paid off in the end didn't it I mean Here I am reading it well it's not like that solves any of my problems maybe but at least you're enjoying yourself right huh so jeez that's enough are you gonna keep reading or what yeah yeah I flipped the page suddenly Natsuki starts laughing I totally forgot that happens Natsuki puts a finger on one of the panels Meno D is my favorite character you always feel a little bit bad for her since she's so unlucky but it gets especially bad when huh I shouldn't be talking about that yet just finish this chapter am I gonna have to do this with all these girls I'm gonna have to read a book with every girl in here now tookies voice sparkles it's a save it it's a stark contrast to our usual bossy tone but if she's not used to sharing your favorite manga with her friends I can understand why it's hard to express in the words the feeling you get when connecting with someone like that and being able to provide that to nan Sookie for whom it's a rare experience the thought makes me smile a little to myself okay everyone yeah are you all ready with today's poems oh come on could your trying be any worse sorry I just need to make sure we have enough time but you do look pretty cozy over there huh oh yeah uh Matt Sookie suddenly notices how close she's gotten to me she hastily slides herself a good 12 inches away from me oh right I guess I'll stop for here for now I closed the book and handed towards not Sookie you're just giving it back don't you want to know what happens uh yeah but Monica just said don't be dumb just take it home with you uh is that really all right I said that mostly because I didn't plan on using my spare time to read this well of course it would take forever to finish if you didn't take it home just finish that one before tomorrow so he can start the next one and if it gets bent I'll kill you by tomorrow only got part way through the volume so far it might fall behind on some shows if I try to get through this but I suppose that's an unnecessary sacrifice in exchange for seeing not Sookie's enthusiastic face or am i more scared of what will happen if I don't finish it all right then I stand up I return to where I put my stuff and carefully slip the book into my bag by the way did you remember to write a poem last night yeah yeah my relaxation ends I can't believe I agreed to do something so embarrassing I couldn't really find much inspiration since I've never really done this before well now that everyone's ready why don't you find someone to share with I can't wait Sarah and Monika enthusiastically pull out their poems Sarah is on a wrinkled sheet of loose-leaf torn from a spiral notebook on the other hand Monica wrote or is in a composition notebook I can already see Monica's pristine handwriting for her I said Natsuki and URI reluctantly comply as well reaching into their rags I do the same myself all right home time who should I show my poems shoot first obviously not Sookie that's my girl I'm loyal we all show it's an that Sookie boy let's go I told that Sookie I was interested in her poems yesterday it's probably only fair if I shared bud with her first okay well let's start with the things I don't like first of all um Natsuki reads my poem never mind I don't feel like giving you my opinion uh what's the point of sharing in the first place I wrote this one I could have been doing other things in fact remember I said I wanted to read your poems that's what I had in mind when writing this I want to help you feel comfortable enough to share yours like Monica said oh well I would be more comfortable sharing my poem and if yours was really bad yours a booster showed me some dumb poem and make me go huh well it's not that great let me show you what a real literature looks like and you went ruined it hope you're happy uh so in other words you're saying you liked it huh not Suki's the torch gets caught in her throat you're so you just you don't understand anything do you I already told you that you don't have to go announcing it to the world like you're all self-important pretty sure you never actually said that I say that mostly to myself now that Sookie must really hate me or something I can't figure out if it's a win or loss that you liked my poem in any case you still need to show me yours right girl fine I guess only because Monica will make me if I don't eagles can fly monkeys can climb crickets can leap horses can race owls can seek she just can run Eagles can fly people can try but that's about it okay time sukiya all right yeah I told you that you weren't gonna like it I liked it what just be honest I am why are you so convinced that I wouldn't like it well because everyone in high school thinks that writing has to be all sophisticated and stuff so people don't even take my writing seriously but isn't that the point of poems for people to express themselves your writing style wouldn't make your message any less valid yes exactly I like when I like when it's easy to read but hits you hard like in this poem seeing everyone around you do great things to be really disheartening so I decided to write about it yeah I understand but the other nice thing about simple writing is that it puts me more weight on the wordplay like I set up for a rhyme at the end but then made it fall flat on purpose it helps bring out the feeling in the last line so you did I guess more why didn't do it then I realized that's what it means to be a pro I'm glad you've learned something didn't expect that from the youngest what here did you yeah guess not I decided to humor her with that last comment I don't really care how old everyone is but if not Sookie is feeling proud then I won't take that away from her all right she's the lolly she's definitely oh my god whoo all right all right who's our who's our side bitch I'm picking I'm picking Natsuki as our main ho we need a side oh do the goth one you got the lolly in the goth the urea stares at the poem a minute past is more than enough time for her to finish reading oh it's just sorry I forgot to start speaking oh um it's fine don't force yourself I'm not I just need to put my thoughts into words hold on okay this is your first time writing a poem right yeah why do you ask I'm just making sure I guess that it might be after reading through it ah so it's that bad no did I just raise my voice uh I'm so sorry here he parries her face in her hands I couldn't help but notice that it's been several minutes and we really haven't gotten anywhere it might take Barry a while to get used to new people it's fine I really didn't notice what were you saying right um it's just that there are specific writing habits that are usually typical of new writers and I have been through that myself I kind of learned to pick up on them I think the most noticeable thing I recognizing new writers is that they try to make their style very deliberate in other words they tend to pick a writing style separate from the topic matter and they form fit the two together okay are you mansplaining to me right now Yuri are you are you manse plating the end result is that both the style and the expressiveness are weakened once he finds her train of thought it's as if her demeanor totally changes her stammering is completely gone and she sounds like an expert of course that's not something he can be blamed for there are so many different skills and techniques that go into writing even a simple poem not just finding them and building them but getting them to work together is probably the most challenging part it might take you some time but it all comes with practice and learning by example and trying new things I also hope that everyone else in the club gives you valuable feedback Natsuki can be a little bit biased to the bias how well never mind I shouldn't be talking about people like that Oh somebody's jealous somebody is jealous of Natsuki boy oh she jealous I'm not sure if Yuri's apologizing to herself to me or to her Natsuki do you mind if I read your poem now please do I'd love to share my thought process behind it oh my god I hate her Yuri smiles dreamily as if that's a rare opportunity for her which itself is kind of funny hahaha after all it isn't that supposed to be the literature Club Oh ghost under the light the tendrils of my hair illuminates beneath the amber glow bathing it must be this one the last remaining streetlight to have withstood the test of time the last yet to be replaced by the sickening blue green hue of the future I bathe calms breathing air of the present but living in the past the light flickers i flicker back I'm sorry I have such terrible handwriting what I wasn't thinking that at all but it took you a long time to read uh well I just don't read script very often I actually think your handwriting is pretty oh that's a relief also I liked the poem even though it's short it was really descriptive it wasn't too sure I usually write longer poems we're not at all I'm really glad you like it I'll be honest so this is our first time sharing I wanted to write something a little more mild something easy to digest I suppose are you into ghosts Cherie whoo-hoo-hoo actually this story isn't about a ghost at all Beca Lou really I must have totally missed the point well I suppose you did only glanced over it after all I feel like she's angry at me but remember that poets often expressed their own thoughts feelings and experiences in their work all right we get it you're depressed they usually do more than tell a simple story or paint a picture in this case perhaps the subject of the poem is only being symbolically compared to a ghost lingering in her last remaining place of comfort unable to let go of the past and assume to be left with nothing that's a lot more solemn putting it back way I hadn't even thought of that kill kill kill that's impressive it's nothing really well it makes me happy that you think that just remember that it won't be long before you pick up on these things too yeah maybe you're right I guess I'll have to keep trying I'm counting on you okay all right who's next Monica hi Becca Lou well having a good time so far yeah good glad to hear it by the way since you're new and everything if you ever have any suggestions for the club like new activities and things we can do better I'm always listening don't be afraid to bring things up okay all right I'll keep that in mind of course I'll be afraid to break things up I'm much better off going with the flow until I'm more settled in anyway want to share your poem with me it's kind of embarrassing but I guess I have to oh don't worry Becca Lou we're all little bears today you know but it's that sort of barrier that we'll all learn to get past soon yeah that's true and Monica my poem mm-hmm I like it Becca Lou really it's a lot cuter than I expected oh geez no no it's kind of makes me think of something Natsuki word ride and she's a good writer too so take that as a compliment ha ha ha if you say so look yup by any chance have you read anything by shel silverstein maybe a long time ago he's famous for telling all kinds of stories in just a few simple words his poems could be funny and dear it or even sad and sometimes there are only a few lines long they might even feel like they're written for kids but if you think about them they can express views of the world that would apply to anybody I see so you're saying that Natsuki is kind of like that sort of maybe she's not an expert but you probably won't find much filler in her poems they might be easy to write but they're super challenging to get the meaning through so I can see why I'd be your kind of poem to explore I'm sure I'll end up trying different things a lot it could take a while before I feel comfortable doing this that's okay I'd love to see you try new things that's the best way to find the kind of style that suits you everyone else might be a little biased towards their own kinds of styles but I always help you find what suits you the most so don't force yourself to write the way everybody else wants you to write it's not like you have to worry about impressing them or anything oh you feel anyway do you want to read my poem now don't worry I'm not very good you sound pretty confident for someone who claims not be very good well that's cuz I have to say I'm confident that doesn't mean I always feel that way you know I see well let's read it then hole in the wall it couldn't have been me see the direction the spackle proc troops a noisy neighbor an angry boyfriend I'll never know I wasn't home I peer inside for a clue no I can't see I feel blind like a film left out in the Sun but it's too late my retinas already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image it's just a little hole it wasn't too bright it was D it was too deep stretching forever into everything a hole of infinite choices I realize now that I was looking in I was looking out and he on the other side was looking in so what do you think it's very freeform if that's what you call it sorry I'm not really the right person to ask for feedback oh yeah it's okay yeah that kind of size got pretty popular nowadays that is a lot of poems have been putting emphasis on the timing between words and lines when performed out loud it can be really powerful what was the inspiration behind this one ah well I'm not sure if I know how to put it I guess you could say that I had some kind of epiphany recently it's been influenced in my poems a bit an epiphany yeah something like man I'm kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it's kind of coming on strongly maybe after everyone's better friends with each other anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day sometimes when you're writing a poem or a story your brain gets too fixated on a specific point if you try too hard to make it perfect then you'll never make any progress just force yourself to get something down on the paper and tidy it up later yee-haa another way to think about it is this did you keep your pan in the same spot for too long you just get a big gun put a finger so just move your hand and go with the flow that's my advice for today thanks for listening show my poem too next I guess I have no choice but to do so say worried uh say Orie here we are again can't even button up your own shirt for school uniform this is a good poem Becca loo are you sure it's your first time of course it's not that good I'm the kind of guy who would be writing poems in his spare time am I the kind of guy I guess you're right but that's why it impressed me well to be honest I was afraid you undo it seriously or that you wouldn't write one at all I'm really happy that you just wrote one it reminds me of how you're really part of the club now not to mention the fact I'm standing in front of you in the club room of course I'm not really into it yet but that doesn't mean it I'll break my promise see it's like I said before deep down you're not selfish at all you know trying new things like this for other people that's something that only really good people do thanks Avery I'm not sure if Sarah sees the full picture of my motive here I'm trying to bang these bitches then again I can't deny that she's part of the reason I joined knowing how much this means er at all yeah and I'm gonna make sure you have lots of fun here okay that will be my way of thanking you all right I'm gonna hold you to that then yeah yeah now you'll read my poem too right don't worry I'm really bad at this we'll see about that I'll be the judge of that little girl dear sunshine the way you blow through my blinds in the morning it makes me feel like you missed me kissing my forehead to help me out of bed making me rub my sleepy sleepy from my eyes are you asking me to come out and play are you trusting me to wish away them to wish away a rainy day I look above the sky is blue it's a secret but I trust you too if it wasn't for you I could sleep forever but I'm not mad I want breakfast okay say Orie this is just a guess but did you wait until this morning to write this no just a little bit she had the best poem for sure you can't answer just a little bit to a yes-or-no question I forgot to do it last night well at least that makes me feel a little better about myself don't be mean I still tried my best gun back there uh yeah I didn't mean to say that it was a bad poem it came out nicer how should I put it it sounds just like you really yeah especially that last line I mean eggs and toast even though you were late to school it's bad to skip breakfast I get all cranky well I guess there's no point in arguing anyway thanks for showing me that was so much fun Monica is the best yeah but next time I won't forget and I'm gonna write the best poem ever well I guess I'll look forward to it yo I can kind of block to this music I guess that's everyone I glanced around the room that was a little more stressful than I anticipated it's as if everyone's judging me for my media for writing abilities even if they're just being nice there's no way my poems can stand up to theirs this is a literature club after all I sigh I guess that's what I ended up getting myself into across the room sorority and Monica are happily chatting my eyes then on the EURion Natsuki they gingerly exchanged sheets of paper sharing their respective poems as they read in tandem i watch each of their expressions change not Sookie's eyebrows furrow and frustration meanwhile uri smiles sadly what's with this language um did you say something oh it's nothing Natsuki dismissively returns the poem to the desk with one hand I guess you could say it fancy ah thanks yours is cute cute did you completely miss the symbolism or something it's clearly about the feeling of giving up how could that be cute I know that I just meant the language I guess I was trying to say something nice yeah you mean you have to try that hard to come up with something nice to say thanks but it really didn't come out nice at all um well I do have a couple of suggestions dude Yuri is so freaking mean you know like she's so like she's goth and like she's just like pretentious as Frick dude if I was looking for suggestions I would have asked someone who I actually liked it which people did by the way say you already liked it and Becca did too so based on that I'll gladly give you some suggestions of my own first of all excuse me I appreciate the offer but I've spent a long time establishing my writing style I don't expect it to change anytime soon unless of course I come across something particularly inspiring which I haven't yet and Becca Lee liked my poem too you know he even told me use impressed bias that Suki suddenly stands up oh I didn't realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member yuri that's not what I music you're just Yuri stands up as well maybe you're just jealous that Becca Liu appreciates my advice more than he appreciated yours huh and how do you know you didn't appreciate my advice more are you that full of yourself I know if I was full of myself I would be deliberately going out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy oh um is everyone okay well you know what I wasn't the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as pet who started showing up nut nut Sookie I'm not talking that that's a little this doesn't involve you I don't like fighting guys suddenly both girls turn towards me as if they just noticed I was standing there yo these girls are fighting over me boys Becca who she's just trying to make me look bad that's not true she started it if she could get over herself and learn to appreciate that simple writing is more effective and this wouldn't have happened in the first place yo these girls want me what's the point in making your poems all convoluted for no reason you guys are really fighting over poetry like stop girls ladies ladies relax the meeting should jump out from that the reader not forced them to have to figure it out now let me explain that door look wait there's a reason why we have so many deep and expressive words in our language it's the only way to convey complex feelings and meaning the most effectively avoiding them is not only unnecessarily limiting yourself it's also a waste you understand that right well how do I get dragged into this in the first place it's not like I know anything about writing whoever I agree with they'll probably think more highly of me so of course it's going to pee of course I'm loyal as hell to my girl okay Natsuki that's my girl bro you're Yuri you you're really talented uh well but Natsuki has a point I think that I racked my brain to an attempt to back myself up I think that conveying feelings with a few words can be just as impressive as well it lets the reader's imagination take over and now Sookie's poem did a really good job at that yeah it did didn't it the ha shows how much you know the that's not Natsuki I think that's enough huh but she was so mean to me not Sookie's voice whines look what we talked about yesterday was right writing is a really personal thing and sharing it can definitely be hard it looks like we learned that today even small criticism can lead to something pretty heated look at my speech I'm giving up frickin speech I glanced over my shoulder say Oriya is nodding vigorously yeah so uh you don't need to feel threatened you're a great writer Natsuki uh-huh that's the keys voice gets caught and surprised thanks for noticing she finally mutters that barely audible Yuri huh he looks at me dejectedly with a face like that I can't help but feel bad for her as well yo it's pink versus purple right now dude it's the pink first purple war I'm sure that Natsuki didn't mean everything she said so you don't need to feel threatened either well if you say so hey it's not like you need to apologize for me bet blue sheesh Natsuki takes a breath I the thing about uh Natsuki glances around the room what everyone stop staring at me not surprisingly not Sookie has a harder time with it than she boasted I'm sorry and Monica look away huh anyway the thing about your boobs I didn't mean it okay that's all Natsuki looks away avoiding eye contact with anyone yeah you're naturally beautiful Yuri say Ori I'll go make some tea yeah I was just trying to help I'm sure she appreciated it say I pass theory on the shoulder well neither replace that everyone read each other's poems right hope it was worthwhile for everybody especially you Michael ooh yeah-hah and to be honest it's a nice change of pace in the lazing around we get a little too used to oh yeah ah somebody joining the club was responsible for ruining the atmosphere no not at all not at all no no no pata pata pata Matlock there's still time before we're gonna go home so we'll we're all relaxed a little bit of course it's not chatted we do literature related things in the club room so maybe you can take the chance to pick up a book or do some rides left after all that's the clubs for I disagree Monica yeah about wood that's not the most important thing about the later at your club the most important thing is having fun yeah aha of course of course well I guess that's why you're the vice president say we in the end though Monica's right but in the end it doesn't even matter I guess it's been worth it so far okay everyone is just about time for sleep sugar how did y'all feel about sharing your poems it was a lot of fun well I'd say it was worth it it was all bright well mostly bacala how about you yeah I'd say the same it was a neat thing to talk about with everyone awesome in that case we'll do the same thing tomorrow and maybe you learn something from your friends too so your poem will turn out even better I think to myself what a wonderful I did learn a little bit more about the kinds of poems everyone likes without any luck that means I can least do a better job in pressing those I want to impress I'm mad at myself with a newfound determination Becca Lu okay basically what's going on is come a bottom-feeder right I gotta pretend I like the stuff they like and then I gotta grab them by the by the bus I gotta grab them by the heart and I got it just like win their hearts in this literature club ready to walk home sure let's go say or he Bebe's at me it truly has been a while since a re and I have spent this much time together I can't really say I'm not enjoying it either say Ori what happened earlier yeah what do you mean you know between Gary and Natsuki does that kind of thing happen often no no no that's really the first time I've seen them fight like that I promise they're both wonderful people you you don't hate them do you no I don't hate them I just wanted your opinion I can see why they make good friends with you oh you know Beca Lou it's nice that I get to spend time with you in the club but I think seeing you get along with everyone is making me the happiest and I think everyone really likes you too that's he every day is going to be so much fun sigh it looks like saiary still hasn't caught on to the situation I mean sure being friends with everyone is nice but does it really need to stop there I'm kind of bone every one of these girls we'll just have to see what the future holds Avery I pants a Orie on the shoulder I said that more to myself than to her but it's easy to you say or yes an internal monologue sometimes okay yeah let's do this shit on in then they'll John dude we're gonna do this again row climax one fuck


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