I Quit (2020)

This is gonna make a lot of people sad and probably some happy, but I can’t worry about that now I quit Fine call me a quitter. I don’t care. I just can’t do this anymore I’ve changed you’re not to blame. I’m just not the same person you knew before So not to be rude at all, but I’m done trying to live up to your expectations and down to them Basically I quit being bound to them I quit following everyone’s opinion or what’s right for me I quit holding myself back live in emotionally trapped and not being who I’d like to be I quit being loyal to these negative thoughts that have never been useful I quit letting the guilt of my past get in my path and deprive me of a beautiful future I Quit letting people who have proven it. They don’t really care about me get to me I quit hanging out with friends who are most days I couldn’t tell you if they’re friends or enemies draining my energy. I quit letting society’s expectations and timetables Pressure me, direct my destiny, and stress me. I quit forgiving everyone else in the whole world except me I Quit wanting the cool kids to accept me I quit not saying what’s on my mind that important times letting fear come near and suppress me I quit being so emotionally tied to the likes and shares of people I barely know online I quit self-doubt and Self-sabotage I quit being a screw-up and a gonna doer I quit sleepwalking through life instead of living my dreams I quit waiting for ducks to line up instead of spreading my wings I quit not giving 100% I quit dimming my light so that others won’t have to squint I quit peer pressure and people pleasing I quit the prison of Perfection I quit the fear of failure and the fear of success I quit hesitation desperation expectations devastations, I quit And no I Don’t have a two-week notice, so please accept. This as my letter of resignation I Know it seems sudden, but trust me it has been a long time coming, but now my time here is up. Oh But don’t worry. I’m grateful for the experience And I have an amazing new life lined up I quit Hey guys now that you know what I’ve quit to live a happier life I want to hear from you go to my Instagram page right now and check out my latest instant challenge I want to hear your story of way you quit. We’ve got some great goodies and prizes available for a limited time I’ll see you there peace

100 thoughts on “I Quit (2020)

  1. This video is really inspiring. I would do the "I quit thing" but I'm trying to quit caring what others think so I won't.

  2. I quit
    -listening to people that don’t believe in my dreams
    -giving up
    -being lazy
    -fat shaming myself
    -hanging out with toxic people
    -bad habits
    -unhealthy eating

  3. I quit…
    Thinking and saying I’m ugly
    Trying to be a popular kid
    Trying to act cool for people I barely know
    Doubting myself
    I am me and that’s good enough

  4. I hate wanna be people they are so boring and they will not get anywhere in life people just need to stop being so rude.
    I’m done with it I can’t take it anymore😪

  5. I quit letting my life take it Over me because I always fell im always emotioanl and I’m going to make a change

  6. Here’s the thing that xxx and juice WRLD died but they never gave up thought legend never die and you can always embrace by making you delve new again that’s what Legends say

  7. i quit
    -getting bullied
    -cutting myself
    -scared of myself

    t-thinking im ugly
    -faking a smile

  8. I quit
    My stressing on grades
    I quit
    My anxiety of what society thinks of me
    I quit
    Doubting myself
    I quit
    Listening to negative thoughts
    I quit
    Letting go of every single dream.

    Thank you Prince Ea for inspiring me and telling us that it's not what holds you back it's about letting go of it and traveling to dreams then making them happen.

  9. 😪😪😥😪😪😪😪😢😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😨😨😪😪😪😢😨😨😨😥😨😩😪😨😨😨

  10. No!!
    You can't quit!

    Fine, if you're quitting then so am I.
    I quit
    – being too nice
    – being depressed (which is impossible)
    – apologizing for late uploads
    – being dramatic

  11. This guy:i quit…
    Me:dont quit…i wont know the future without u man…. im just a kid… i want to learn more interesting about the future but now is the future… but i just dont want you quitting…..love you man❤

  12. You say to never give up you to what your dreams go down now all of a sudden you’re trying to quit

  13. Good u should quit you faker! Fucking dumb ass and is this a Disney movie? U randomly started singing badly

  14. I quit having to give my friends my happiness,
    I quit being the person I am not,
    I quit making sure I am perfect,
    I quit crying myself to bed,
    I am me, myself, I and her.

  15. If your quieting….. Pls have good and family wealthy family and live more experienced life then you did while making YouTube vids 🙂

  16. I quit

    -letting others control me
    -letting myself be taken advantage of
    – letting my thoughts get to me
    – banging my head against the wall for doing something stupid
    – letting people scream over me instead of listening
    – faking the smile across my face
    – Wearing a mask in front of everyone even my family
    – feeling used and useless
    – letting myself be ignored by others when I’m screaming
    – letting myself sink deeper in the grave I dug
    – letting people I know aren’t friends of mine keep up their act
    – letting my mental illness take over
    – punishing myself for making mistake and being human
    – letting society murder me
    -letting my tears pile up on my pillows and bed when I sit

    I quit

    Have a happy new year 🎈

  17. I just quit Whatsapp and Twitter. I changed my life totally and bought a sailboat almost a year ago. I am enjoying my new life and i just want to quit with Social Media since it just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore. So from now on just text me on sms or call me.

    Social Media is bullshit, just sharing emotion is done hand by hand, eye by eye and heart to heart. That's why i QUIT.

  18. I quite being sad
    I quite being a person that I am not supposed to be
    I quite being depressed
    I quite everything
    It never changed…my story is a lie I been left out but my own self is not quiting anything I won't quit on being alone in depression all I need is a little bit of support and that's it all I need is some love and passion but I won't quite what's in my MIND and HEART

  19. I quit
    -being shy
    -letting people bully me
    – stop letting bad influences get to me
    -hiding my ideas

    Maybe this will make my life better….

  20. I quit:

    Thinking about my past and letting it hold me back

    Giving up on my future because of the present

    Thinking about others who hate me

    I quit giving up on happiness

  21. The world may not hear you but ( at the time of writing) the 5.07 million subscribers you have, they're inspired as can be.

  22. To be hiding my sexuality and to be closed inside and to not saying thing are on my mind

  23. Depression is real so don't access of fake depression as if depression is not fake it's something that everyone might go through and can't prevent it and it's not there fault as if it's what they think and what the hear so don't come at me with your not depressed because if you don't know how I am or act don't talk shit about me if you don't now me now fuck off prince ea with this shit know that is what I call my response to a stupid idiot

  24. I Quit Quitting

    (Unless Its Drugs Or Downright Illegal…)

  25. I quit
    •bieng annoying
    •hanging out with my friends who sometimes ignore me in front of our friends.

  26. ..I quit..
    Not being myself
    Being two faced
    Saying and acting how people want me to
    Hiding from the outside
    Letting people walk over me
    Thinking I'm not good enought
    Wanting to be accepted
    Constantly being scared of screwing up
    Not letting people abuse me mentally or physically
    trying to live up to someone expectations

    Thanks EA you've really helped me grow you're words are inspirational
    I've been going throught some really tough times lately and well you've helped me even if you dknt know it I want to say
    Thanks even if it dosent mean much Thank You
    Heres to a new year of 2020 when we quit things bringing us down when we push to save our planet and ourselves when we help others even if it means facing our demons who thought they could bring us down
    Thank you to everyone who has been with me and even if you dont know it you EA have helped me 🌺

  27. I quit
    being scared of people noticing my weight
    being scared of going into a dark room by myself
    begging for online things
    being mean to people
    I quit

  28. like i don't give a fk what people got to say about me or what i do.. i am who i am and i love myself.

  29. I quit being understanding and a good listener
    Cuz i understand them and listen to them but they didn't even try to understanding me and listening to me
    I quit

  30. I quit
    .Self – harm
    .Self – doubt
    .Trying to please everybody
    .Blaming myself for not being the perfect gf,Ex, friend or slut for him
    .Anxiety that temporarily turns off my brain
    .Depression that makes me cry every morning and night
    .Thoughts about death everytime life brings me down
    .Attachments with people who don't value me the same way
    .Giving too much without leaving anything for myself

  31. I know I’m a year late, but I going to try to stop slamming the brakes and turning around when taking action in 2020.

  32. i quit
    •Being weak
    •Being Sensitive
    •Caring about anyones opinion about me

  33. I quit

    . Worrying
    .letting things that don’t matter get to me
    .letting little mistakes hurt me
    .words that don’t matter kill me

    .and not quitting

  34. Yooo toxic relationships, whether friendship or romantic, are so mad for mental health. I can’t deal anymore. So I quit. I quit thinking I’m not good enough. I quit letting the toxic people get to me.

  35. I quit~
    • Being someone else
    •Fake friend
    •Being fake
    •Plastic Face…

    I start~
    •Being my self
    •Losing Anxiety
    •Not being loser
    •My self forever
    •Not to wear makeup
    •Having the best personality

    Btw I actually dozen wear makeup… But idk what to type more…So…Yea…

  36. so true about the friend part,
    i have the same prob bro… you're not alone

  37. i'm a little lost, is he quitting you tube or what he just said he's quitting ???????????? -_-

  38. sorry if my comments take up a lot of space but this guy really got to me…
    i quit letting people control me,
    being afraid of being myself,
    and thinking that what others think about me, matters. thanks Prince ea, by this video you changed my life

  39. I wish I can quit being embarrassed and nervous all the time even about the small things but I just can't

  40. I wonder why he had to put "(2020)" in some videos-

    Oh well, nothing to worry about!

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