I Read A Throne of Glass Novel a Day

to be near belladonna shoulda taken a break not enough water we didn't deter no class series this month on so many of the books are coming in May and then see if I can finish it up in like say June or July so yes I am starting things off with assassin's blade I am convinced I'm going to have a lot of fun reading is because I think a lot of people people have really really loved as a since played and believe that it helps to elevate sternum class even more also people believe that oh you could start assessing plate at any point in time I used to enjoy the series I like to be prequels before the actual story starts so that I can get the feel of the world and the feel of the characters so I actually do not mind I just I can't wait to start reading it so yes I'm probably going to be doing a vlog as I like read the entire series and then child I will be sharing my thoughts about the series yeah Tyler I think that the camera quality spent well over the Fiskars I'm going to record some of those things on my phone like I'm doing right now and then somehow will record on my camera and we'll just have this mix-match thing and let's see if it works but yes I cannot wait to share my thoughts about the books with you because ok for those I don't know I really really love a collage series actually no I did not like a pitar I love a coma for I enjoyed acaba and I really really like at the fast yes I know I was one of those weird people so um yeah I'm actually looking forward to starting after enough glasses because so people are like Oh fealty OGS way superior to aqua timez and like aquatex quick superior to teach and I cannot wait to come to their conclusions on my own so yeah I just finished reading that's a sense blade and my name is Sam Courtland and I will not be afraid see the thing about those five and novellas is that I loved some of the stories more than the other I think my least favorite strangely enough was probably their sons as I said on the pirate Lord because it took a while for me to get into it and to care but why let me go to the path of the slaves and I realized what Selena and Sam wanted tutors like okay I'm carrying I'm carrying I love this and then we get to the assassin on the ELA and I was like okay because I'm always a sucker for women teaching other women not to defend themselves and Selina understanding what she saw in urine and insisting that oh she's going to help her to defend herself and also help her pursue her dreams that that got to me because in a Somali pirate Lord she had a heart by the time we got assassine and deficit and the healer you could see that she had compassion she could think of others not just leave or even other women like her whose situations even though they started similar were different and who she saw in a possibility for better futures willing to fund and help that and then we got it as a scene on the desert and she's making friend she's getting companions and then you see the full extent of what IRA being did to her and I got so mad I'll any assistance on the other world like I saw the traps I saw the traps I was screaming at her for Selena's a Selena does she's that hot-headed and brush and strong as ever and one minute I loved and the other means I got to shake I shake her heart and be like see what's right in front of you see what trap you're walking into I don't I don't know what to say I don't know what city that was that was good and now I am in love with Selena said of him and I want her to take down and destroy every single one about it enemy started with I open a Mel I swear if he does not die a long slow and painful death in the box I will be so pissed because that's the only thing that's keeping me going right now they thought of him dying a long slow and painful death just saying well yeah I'm done with the assassin's blade and I've expected I am moving on to throne of glass now I know a lot of people said that okay to hourglass wasn't really good you know Selena didn't really do any much of killing people and I'm like okay sure I'll bite because I've already seen her – a lot of kick-ass things in des ursins blade so I can't hold on and who's gonna get better I like to find out with Selena we see variation of the Association you know Mia Coburn is strong and straight to the point and motorists are like nobody beats me I cover as an assassin in my book but with Selena I love the fact that she's strong as she's cocky and she's vain and she likes the finer things in life I just and she likes to read like I just love that about her I really do so yeah I can't read more of a story I'm follow more adventures okay so I'm on page 9 turn applause and uh sulfides nothing bad we eat I'm not really invested I was is like a three star read at this point you know I'm curious about who has been killing the assassins and draining out their brains and I do think that even great assassins great lady helps me connect more with Selena I cannot put myself in the shoes of people that never read a sense but I just went through nebraska's and certainly I like but nothing really no big deal is happening but so far she staying true to Carter she's too vain she still loves good clothes which we appreciate she's too cocky she still loves music she still loves books she still owes to eat you know so I'm finer things in life I get it I understand it I like her it's like if they follow through from who she was an assassin's blade for a bit scarred you know and she's still mourning the loss of Sam so um yeah I don't mind it so far I know word on the streets is that old turn up like if people tell me that throne of glass is boring and then it gets better I understand because I read the avatar series and aquata was a drag things picked up by book true so I know that's all it takes SJM if it's you know a bit a bit longer to get into our stride so I'm waiting for her to do so and I kind of wait when for when that happens but yeah so far I'm okay with it I will a shanshu pretoria and I'm like me I view her relationship with Dorian the same I viewed Farrah's relationship with Hamlin of course no it's not as abusive as timely note as at this point durian seems to have a problem with understanding boundaries like that boy is a spoilt brat yeah he's a prince yes he has good moments but he's a spoiled brat and he does not understand any form of boundaries not as he gets it I cannot just keep intruding in a space and consistently touching her and stuff like she doesn't owe you your father basically murdered an entire like and he knows like his father is responsible for the death of for the total eradication of terracing for probably to death of my parents you know and he knows that so it's just I'm just sorry I'm not feeling it I think durian is it's entertaining it's fun boy I think of his relationship the same whoo I think of Elena's relationship with Nicole islands of in the converse in the Grisha trilogy because I love Nikolai Nikolai Spey nigga lies fun is funny and a little boy I do not see any chemistry between him and Ali and Alina Stockholm I saw them both as more as being friends you know dumping lovers so I had more chemistry to darkling put me on that but I guess my own point is that it's the same thing with Dorian like I see them as friends you know than lovers so I'm just like and if I'm going with you know what we've seen so far in Qatar series right haji mastan's to make it like oh you have the opportunity like they're usually the young person the young first love of your youth and then there's the first love as an adult and then you now move on to the person that you feel with which I appreciate because like very rare is it that the very first person you fall in love with to defer is the only person you would like spend the rest of your life waste like it really works out that way so understand John let me be sure she kind of like story and I can see it but just the relationship is bland Alaska elack's chemists streets very boring I'm enjoying it so far I can't wait to find out exactly who has been killing people like I have my suspicions if I want to know but so far I like the fact that you know of Selena is having friends the Nehemia sounds amazing I sincerely hope that she does not turn around and backstab her again like you know answer so please do not be a reverse a repeat answer please please please please that's all I need that's all and I'm still pissed because we serve us in Arab in ml which means that motherfuckas my I did and I need him to die I was reading about past 3:00 in the morning doesn't I finished it and kind of midnight see this is the reason why I'm saying for that I tend to buy my series like together because I can just be asleep in dreamer the entire series and I just imagine my life and how I felt it was after I've finished one book I have to wait for like months for the other people to get to me like now then about that night but anyway I finished through in a glass I gave it a 3 star because the piston was kind of off I wanted the challenges to be more you know challenging and what Selene I used to be I knew a lot of people are like oh my god you don't like a prop I don't know maybe it's because I sister I think it's because I read assassin's blade first so I understand her I understand the motivation understand where she's coming from and actually do you like her I like the fact that she's into French spin on the traditional assassin sir she likes girly things and ice cream gel she likes gorgeous just as she likes books she likes being pampered she's very she's cocky arrogant like I like that i with that is she the best assassin yakov a Whooper us like I am fairly certain meuk available her ass or on this channel when about picking two strong women against each other sir yeah mm which my powers should have me tied together me and broken on us right but if they could actually do recursive actually want to see not them fighting each other but their partner enough to take down somebody like I would have said conscious gay bar but that bastard said it's all for me a so maybe some mutual enemies that they have in common I'll be cool but yes I give it three stars like I said I like silly enough please please pussies if I would that dog that puppy makes me want a puppy and I'm not actually a dog person I'm like a person I'm done first of all what could I see that others don't have puppies do him like I still don't understand the fascination like I read that before this universe this planet are likable the boys in tights food is boring is entitled is annoying it's just the end of Cerne Abbas right after the door and our girl has been beaten blue black and indigo like she Allah asked wounds Dorian comes into our room and he's all mopey because it could not do anything like his focus was not on her on her pain and half life she was but on himself and then what's my what is that she had to unfuck Iman I'm like what the don't dumb stupidities dislike this make it make sense make it makes what kind of dumbass what kind of dumbass love interest think about what kind of dumbass love interest in that exact moment was all about their own pain instead of focusing on the person that you claim you love like it's boring do you have any chemistry is selfish it's not absorbed it has no concept no concept or idea of personal space so I'm just waiting until the actual of interest shows or because it's as GM surged a mass and if there's anything that Qatar service taught me the love interest I do not like on that I believe has zero Commission with the lead protagonist is really not the end game kissing points fair and Hamlin like I called that from Quan and I okay fine sure you helped that I already knew chosen to end up with but when I was reading it I was not driven by okay she's good end up in reason I just looked at and I like this matchup makes no sense and I was right to Torian I'm Selena knew and I saw that kind of midnight this morning and currently on painting p22 and the first one to two pages Dorian once again shows his ass if you don't – how long am I meant to do with this boy like how long I'm not sure if Selena what if it is I said people just be faking it all along what you should use they're like bitch and you dumb I are you Tom like anyway those are my thoughts Nehemia is gorgeous and amazing and we love her in his hand Alena yes please Selena I love flip fruits my baby I love kale I do believe – that is probably not going to end up with her because one of my favorite kdramas of all time that um replying 1988 you know one of the characters gyeongwan said something recent about it's not about destiny or fate like that's what we call it to make us all feel better it's all about timing it's all about acting immediately about letting the person you love know that you love them and you know it's all about you know speaking up and not just feeding into the shadow is what it's all about taking that chance when you get it I'm kill has had a lot of chances to let Selene and most know that he loves her but he has not taking that chance it's not taking opportunity Dorian has been doing that I wonder if an idiot so the national trend of Victorian kills time kill just keeps losing this moment so I'm calling it'll be another love interest yeah I tried to stay away from through hourglass fan art because I don't miss forward it has been hardball mmm I've been trying so yeah but I like to point out that this series is just as fantastic as a guitar except what if I buy a coat I have to talk either to Isis annual that is talking to max book three because that eight books in this baby I need to like you know up the ante of the game but I spent all night finishing through the glass it's a new day I'm going to start I've started kind of midnight and I can't wait to see what happens I just finished round of midnight I know I finished it in a day what can I say Sarah J Maas has I don't know man she has magic fingers and magic imagination and I am invested in this world and invested in Selenas life or as raava should I just say alien because that ending Rock okay crown of midnight definitely better than definitely better than throne of glass now we can see her she's doing the skills of the trade you know we can see just how popular she is or rather what made her famous the skills that made her famous I swear her going after grace see doesn't I'm talking about make it slow and painful I mean really forgive her that she felt all guilty about you know how things went down because like I don't I think that deserved to die a long slow and painful death and I'm happy that she gave it to him just just saying but um yes ah god damn I was I wasn't saying that Oh SJM knows how to you know save us and she doesn't necessarily know up the stakes for a first bid a major death occurs in this and I am heartbroken and I'm I don't think I'm ever going to recover because that was hard that was hard to read that was hard to get through like seeing scenes aleena mourn and good show love that like that was just heartbreaking actually Torian surprisingly enough was not as annoying in this book thank God I think it's because you know that but I was like okay I'm good to let her go I'm gonna let her go I kept telling myself that mother mother not gonna let her go it just going to keep saying that and I was right because for a very long time he kept saying I'm gonna let it I'm gonna let it go but when eventually does and you know when they fall into this friendship that they have it's just it's beautiful it's beautiful to read like I think it works better as a friend and as a love interest because as a friend you don't expect them to have chemistry so it works you know as a love interest you expect to see chemistry and I don't see chemistry reaching both of them hand kill they're like I love kale until I think his biggest problem has always been the fact like he's always wanted to be a little too soldier like not literally but like a soldier a captain of the guard and that means that for all most of his life always wanted is this bigger higher entity to serve you know the worst part is that the king of Alderaan is not worthy of his loyalty you know is filthy and we could have said Dorian but Dorian is not yet king so all this person the person is swearing absolute obedience to is the king and the king is a I'm not gonna spoil it but the king is ugh so um do points is that every single time you know like I remember yesterday I was talking about how was it yesterday but this morning this morning I was talking about timing like because I was this – that everything kind of midnight I know I'm going to probably binge read this series like something does not be lonely this series of like 10 days like it would take me tend it would have taken me 10 days Judaism and I'm like I'm just thinking that what cause it'd be easy right now so I can devote my life to you know reading the series what some is my anyway Wow saying I said I'll add this morning that you know the thing we talk about fate and destiny is all about timing you know and being able to act when the time is needed and when the time is right switch eventually kill does learn and it does act and we're proud of him but then see that's the thing your start to understand the person you're in love with and Salinas Selena is not mmm she's she bears grudges she's an assassin she's not gonna forget you know she bears grudges but also she loyalty is everything to her because the reason why they went to can't get up from the mind from the Andorian mile is because she was betrayed so loyalty is everything to her for him not to see that that is a biggest currency just mmm for him to not I've given her the heads up like friendship is sacred you know when you know something is about to go down for my friend I would expect you to I don't know let me know I would expect you to give me the heads up not I'm sad I'm sad that it's based on that we dislike pork hill but you don't know what this means because she's travelling which means that yeah we're about to go into you know miracle you know is always when okay so my mom still think you guys really know she would turn her glasses for a guitar I'm thinking a cassava is always when they move like change the look locations that he now meets the app-v like the epitome of soulmates so I'm hoping that she meets you know the right person him and no I hope not to pronounce the place booked the end when he realizes who she is oh she really is when he realizes well yes exactly Center to beautiful now if only can get this era of his ass and like you know stop swearing blind loyalty to a dickbag would I be happy like seriously but anyway yes I enjoyed colonel midnight I would I probably would maybe read the first chapter of hero fire before I go to bed because I'm tired yeah I'm tired and also I have a video actually I'm just trying to stay awake because I have it actually I have a video that is going live tonight that's my butcher organization plus book haul video that's gonna out tonight but I also have to edit my wrap up my EP wrap up so I might just read a chapter of air fire and then edit some videos and then like after my video is gonna like go to bed because work is tomorrow and I do have some work but I want to see if I can at least get halfway true to you know air fire because I'm invested I'm invested in aliens life like yes I am so the time is 11:58 p.m. I know and I just finished arrow fire and this series gets so much better as you move forward and I don't know like okay the characters I like to see I like seen how far they come out they grew I love the fact that in this book we see Selena really coming to our own and how she finally accepts who she is you know I love there's the part with the flag princess you know when to devouring starts and she's surrounded by darkness and she literally hits rock bottom and she finally comes to terms with the circumstances and the sacrifice that led her to where she currently is and just seeing her come from the person with me in assassin's blade I'm throwing a glass all the way to Arif I I'm just my mind is blown my mind is playing Sarah J Maas gave me what I never thought I would I expected to witness in the series because one this series is filled with such strong powerful women you know coming to terms with who they are and their powers and just I cried I cried because of what she's gone through I cry because of what she suffered and I cry because of who she is going to be because you know you I under percent certain that Aileen Ostrava Galan Tania's is going to be she's going to change the world and it's just I am not making any form of coherent sense I just I just know that I really really love this book I love the fact that this book did not actually do with romance like you know the Romans as is common and Sarah J Maas is Queen at giving you love interests that would travel the world for our protagonist right and you know they are deserving because our protagonist will do the same and I'm speaking as far with regards to fara with regards to Selena now it now aleem and it's just it's wonderful I also love the fact that you know the way she writes romance and a book so at least the two series she's written so far it's all like other writers like to do that olfi note you meet the love of your life and you're going to be with the love of your life for the rest of your life you know but Sanjay must doesn't do that because you know she knows that's realistically that is not necessarily always the case she knows that your first love might not be your forever love it might not even be your second or your third love but when it hits a hint and just I loved seeing that by also I really really loved the fact that there was no romance in this book because I think my favorite books is when Sarah takes the time to have the characters especially our protagonist really grow that reason why cause mr. fury was my favorite book in gakuto series because the villain was was fair as inadequacies and her fears which led her to not accept who she was and the main villain in arrow fire yes sure we have the king who is of course the main villain of the entire series and then you have the other people that show up aka Shawn ant and some grandmother I'm not going to get into that book you know we know the villains villains of the entire series are about the villain for this book or rather the character journey that aleem goes through you know to do with her grief to do with our loss to accept it so when she comes full circle and Rowan is tattooing a back and she's finally honoring a dead I just I cried I cry like I was a boiling mess I cry like a big baby like I'm not making any current sense but just know that I really really love this book like this book is fantastic I had always had a problem with like the other because I was like ooh Dorian was annoying me and they until was annoying meatball like you know they came around especially Dorian like after a lean durian has had the most amazing character development in this book and I'm shook really really shook like I have faith that kill is probably also entering like Sarah J Maas does the she gives this Carter such amazing card to development I'm just I'm old and I'm in love I just I loved the series I love the series I love this book loved this book so much as it's expected this book gets a solid 5 stars Sulli five stars and it just it has me hyped for the rest of the books in the series and also for the fact that I have bags under my eyes my head hurt I have been I don't be getting enough sleep or who needs sleep when you're painting the entire throne of glass series like sleep who I don't know her we don't know each other what I do know I love them is here on fire and Eden I need more of him in my life please let him survive I just I sell you a piece of ice ice and salió piece of iodine since Elliot like is the second person to join in these court man owns intro I was like I'm in love gotta love a girl whose first appearance is all like wait you have three men try to attack her you know I take her down and they're like coach run which and she's like language and then just eats them I love but I loved that I loved that I brush this is my baby I want to adopt that waving like oh god damn I want I will now even in my life I was out even in my life but yes so far we got to introduce two more characters are more invested in them I'm definitely still invested in selling our story excessively like you saying Selena you don't take a while for me to like you know switch to a limbo I'm definitely interested in a story and I want to see I cannot wait to read queen of Shadows and see where else SJM is taking us in this world because I'm in this for the long haul I can't believe it I just got to be 2:33 everyone is back I've missed him I've missed but it's cool that even has ideon but like it's hard it's hard to deal with that because the killer is still being a aspirin and he was really giving me as much of an IRA which is insane because I'm written about him and I'm just magically having to do it all that and I miss Dorian soon because I can't imagine him so chart another hold of some vlog parents I have been on the other hand though I sincerely hope that guys in this book and that's a long drawn up into death what ruin is back oh god I've missed him I started God if killed us I'll get his head out of his ass I'm going to go into this book and kick his ass like for real all the way to Tara Singh because what the so the time is 1024 a.m. it's Saturday I think today's the 11th I'm not sure but whatever D it is I will confirm like you just see Papa like down the screen but yeah I finally finished queen of Shadows I know I am definitely at this point in time I've just become Sarah J Maas trash and I don't care anybody y'all come fight me if you don't like her like this serious is brilliant my mind is blown and I'm saying so many times because I I think the fact that queen of Shadows right wrap things up so well and still left open threads finally allowed me to go like okay I could breathe because I think this is the first time since throne of glass that we had a fairly a non cliff anger ish type ending like I know way ends but like compared to the way air of fire ended or kind of midnight ended like this one was like solid like so I think that was what helped me because I finally got some sleep like I've been asleep for the last eight hours and like worth it because now my mind is Clare my eyes are wide open I can start impulse storms today and it's Saturday so I have full full hope they'll probably finish it this weekend who knows because I've been at this race I've actually been reading one Thrun of class book a day right like even though even has gotten bigger like I've been reading one to another class book a day I am NOT going to keep myself a believer I'm going to finish Kinema fashion one day because that book is big and also because it's all going to be due in a week and yeah so I have worked like I've been finishing a throne of glass book a day and I am so invested in this world now queen of Shadows oh my god how do I get started I was telling one of my friends that the scene I love the fact that each of the books in the turn of glass series is all about a lien taking a step towards who she would eventually become you know what soybean through an hourglass the throne of glass was about her living and oviya right and basically shaking off she she never forgets the fact that she was a slave right but with throne of glass she becomes the King's champion you know she slowly acquires back the skill sets that she had and I've not used for so long since she was in and over there you know it was basically all about her finding a physical power right the second book that kind of midnight was the step she's freaking kind of mean and was all about her her coming around right and then we get the green finally have an idea of who she is right because he kind of midnight was over her pushing against showing that she has a code right she's not just going to kill randomly by the same time she finally takes that step that step of actually doing something right the step of actually doing something to free and their enslaved hairy trees and to honor a friend right arrow fire was her finally finally taking the step to accept a power to accept being fire heart to letting go of the grief that had kept her you know that letting go of the grief that had kept her bound and kept her from being able to move forward because when you realize what she's gone through you understand why she you know what she is or why she's been grieving and why she just would not let her power out and she finally does and it's glorious and now we have queen of Shadows where she's fine asserted a Monday to be queen and she's slowly building a court you know and now she has I just she has great friends she has people who are loyal to her and I just I love that I love the fact that it's not just a lien whose journey we follow through these books it's the same thing with Dorian it's the same thing we kill because I remember the Dorian um the during at the beginning of the season I could not stand his ass like he pissed me the off because he was so entitled and he believed that oh yes everybody would love him but you know when he finally came around I was I was very impressed I went from not giving two shits about Dorian Avila to being actively invested in his life to the point that when he finally broke that collar in that scene in keno shadow I lost my and I screamed and I was happy because god damn god and then killed because like kill god damn like oh god crown of midnight and arrow fire from crown of midnight from that period when he chose the king when his willingness he was so blindly loyal and obedient and what happened with me Nehemia happened I lost I was like I resent this man and then we get to air a fire away still all being stupid and I was like boy I must smack you and then we entered queen of Shadows the baron was all like it was disgusting of her like I understand but your points is that you cannot tell me oh she's fine she's monstrous when for so many years you were serving a literal monster you don't get to because I understood I understood what was happening it felt guilty and he could not come to terms with that so he was trying to transfer all of that rage and anger at himself we felt was himself at alena and I just I couldn't stand for it I couldn't stand first I was so pissed I was so pissed and then when if slowly started coming around and it became the kill we knew from trainer glass a rather II that when he slowly started accepting the role yet played and when he started actively making plans to change things I started liking him again Dorian is to my baby of course in a non romantic way because Alina's with ruin and we stand ruined like we stand and I love the phallic I love how surge a mask those female friendships you know how she understands the fact that for so long society has always tried to pit women against each other and she has our female characters in these books especially in the throne of glass series like chimera like even if it is that the eight had each other for them to recognize that society is what has been pitting them against one another and that they are stronger together like I cried like I love I love aliens relationship with men Kimia bustle of a friendship with lissandra and even that not to contain like her admitting the if she are actually taking that time if she had not been blinded and let her own prejudiced about allah please believe about cotton just been this airhead vapid girl then things could have changed like I love that even man on and alights em led the LED or a lights please someone tell me how to pronounce her name because I'm not listening to the red book so I'm like reading bite I don't know if it's a light or LED someone tell me down in the comments below bow even a friendship / relationship it led like I just man owns relationship like if man on bond with a strictly like without 13 I just I love that speaking of man on I love that which I love that I on which I am so saying whatever getting a perspective in the books I cannot wait to find out more about her I love her more and I practice I love that flower smelling star grazie whatever like I'll just like is adorable is a practices adorable I Valek this series is owned in my heart I just I'm not making any current sense but I love this books I will really love this and as to be expected queen of Shadows is five stars for me like five stars so oh my wait get my hair done and I forgot to add I really loved what sir did with the King just because when you're building it I we got a refill of oh my good way black I'm like bitch that liquor better die I don't give a I don't give a yeah sure we feel sorry for you you meddled with magic you should not have and then got possessed as a result of it do we give a no that was like my own point I was looking I'm like yeah better not be no redemption so when Dorian was like yeah yeah yeah die I was like bliss so yeah I forgot I am 100% with kill the King I don't give a for that his excuses yes murdered and committed way too much atrocities for him to have been saved at that point so cuz I really hate about authors do that oh it wasn't me I was possessed and I'm like yeah boy you're possessive still killed a lot of people so once you excuse what's it wasn't like you're like a paid assassin Mikey what's your Excuse so yeah definitely and I think I went on Goodreads and I saw audio oh my god STM ruin the entire series because she like more and I'm drama but I guess it is the same set of people that probably read but how could I say I were all like oh my god she should have got to get it up firstly Tomlin is an abuser you're never gonna get me to gentleman about that secondly kill is a way que les fault either way we've been in person that's happening today about hope or dream to be but I still find it ironic that a lot of people that were all like it was out of character no it's not my baby maybe I see it with that self for I was talking to a couple of friends of mine a couple of days ago so he's like a couple of month weeks ago actually and we're talking about you know the characterization of the difference IRA porterhouses you know and the fact that each one of those houses could have like turn evil like nuts JK Rowling insisting that we are all evil for being evil see for example like I was like okay you have Gryffindor who are previous but they are also very brash and they always flounce the rules with the belief that what they are doing is right and I'm sorry there have been monsters in this world who have acted on that principle on that premise alone on the belief that's what they are doing is right right and then you have offer puff so I'll low yo but then there also it also means that they run the risk of staying loyal to friends have even gone evil like they would stick with you to the very end so they might not be the master it masterminds me I did but you'll be the number one staunch supporters of their friends like that is something that could happen to an extreme Hufflepuff Ravenclaw have our guest pursued knowledge by the same time there have been people that have pursued knowledge at the at the expense of human lives like human experimentation and all of that um so um yeah so that's that's my own point and of course we're in you do because JK Rowling hate Slytherin so we know all the bad parts about Venus literate well that's my point my point is that kill Westfall story especially people to understand that journey is all about him going from the man who is so blindly loyal right and obedience that II that when is low which of what them Selena said like in then I think it was in a kind of midnight yes right that it would make an awesome addition to any King sports because of his loyalty but as the thing it has to be a king worthy of him and he swore loyalty to him monster yes I loved Torian and at the end of at the end of arrow fire he did take a stand where all this while he had been loyal to the king so when people are all like kill acted out of carrots I'm sorry but he did not the thing about it was that for so long he was going to be monster and then he's finally breaking apart for me but it does not mean that the actions he took while he was loyal to those months to that monster does owe me that those actions to travel like consequences does not mean that all you wants to remember that and the fact that oh yeah like oh my god no I'm sorry about the minute he saw Salina them they saw beliefs truthful in front of midnight you could tell he was afraid that's likely repose yes it centered to weanling to protect the poor he just could all still wrap his head around it and for a man that has been blindly loyal to an empire and in Kingdom he has shown several times that is no born Paris he has always been Dorian and then Adeline right so no matter how he sees it Elaine is a threat to that at least to him which is ironic because the king he served did give totally completely destroy our family right why I guess that's just the thing he just showed that kill Wes for was or is human you know and there's nothing wrong with that well I'm looking forward to him we didn't do I'm looking forward to him like accepting those parts of himself and like being better and I've heard that thriller games how I've done more than we teams and somebody brought you in here because I loved him in I did love him in front of us he did do so superior economy night that was pissed at so yeah there is kind of an arrow fired of course queen of Shadows like so yeah that's about what I'm gonna answer you guys I put it to my hand and I'm going to start and whilst all just what my hands getting done so the time is 11 o'clock at Sunday I think it's the leper code I don't know Dave I don't know days I don't really take any more since I started this series and I just finished up have storms and look got to him you know I can remember crying this much I didn't last time I cried this much was at the end of crooked Kip dog Blake Sarah J Maas broke me she's broken me she turned everything I know it's a head and it's just she set up layers of devastation and sorrow and he just keeps hitting the end of em for storms just kept me just kept heated like it was it would not stop it would not let her all to the very end you're like what the what did we do to deserve this why why does she leave to torture us what did we ever do like what did I ever do leave you us bitch look on you piece of some people deserve long slow painful death and Maeve Maeve is high on that list like very high well yes I'm kind and in pain because I enjoyed like that was a fantastic book episodes episode was amazing I knew eventually at one point in time le Loup probably have to call him a debt but to see the way a brilliant mind works to see the way she played every single chess piece this is to see the way George a must wrote it all until they all converge into this devastating truth and ending like I love this book I love the series I'm Sarah J Maas Josh I'm proud damn proud of it I don't even sure what anybody else has to say about that for oh yeah I love the bonds of friendship I love the fact that each of the members of Ellie's Court especially the women especially the women each of them had their strengths and every single person I know the fact that every single person that is a member of our courts has been broken like we are strong they are broken but they are strong and in being broken in all the scars and tears that they have had to endure it makes them so much stronger for it they are not just a band of misfits they a band of broken people who are slowly healed and new scars are their strength and who have become so much better for it and I love that I love the fact that we could see through the entire book and I love the father it was not just her band of merry people or even the allies even our allies right god I just I don't know what to say this is going to probably be my shutters updater photo post because I'd have anything witty like you're not at this point in time but I love the characters you all know that if you've read this book you know exactly how diversity said unbroken I'm feeling right now so I don't have anything to sex about but I just I want to start Howard on immediately like two years I can't greet my roses block like I've been reading since yesterday I finished this morning I'm gonna pick up a load on my just a lien is my crane just just say just say and I know I know from what I heard I know that I'm top dog is most is action or mostly Bob all kills perspectives so you all know how I felt about kill or do I was heartbroken about you know way was at the end of window shutters but you all know exactly how pissed I was at kill so everybody said that towel done was like a really really good book like a really great book I'm not surprised Sarge a must I wrote it like oh it's a really great book and that is redeemed so yeah I'm just I'm here for the right I'm here for me to be wrecked a heartbroken I'll just keeping my fingers because see I distinctly remember saying in the echo when I was in my not really reviewing review of the ACOTA series that's what breaks me so much is the fact that like no no brittle but like what has me relieved with the echo acaba series was a you know a lot of you were like oh it was a cheap cutter like nobody really died no but I really must have died in a plan everything and I remember distinctly saying that sometimes you want a book to devastate you case in point cook at Kingdom and the ending that says Emperor storms and sometimes you just want happy moments and which is what Sarah J Maas gives and I remember saying that that's what the Redeemers games and I sincerely hope but that is sophisticates we at the end of the series because so the time is a little bit it's after 1:00 it's also one it's Monday the 13th and I have finished how I've done and okay you know when I was when I was starting this book and I know people are like oh my god he's killed scurries only kills perspective and they didn't expect to like it but he loved it I'm like okay you know what I don't mind because I actually care was my favorite up to he made some stupid decisions and unlike every other country because every other character adds up to this point I had to come to terms with who they wear their prejudices letting go of their prejudices and then becoming who they are meant to be for kill has not had that journey yet so um when they said how I've done was killed story I was expecting till to have that journey and he had it and more in this book like it was utter an absolute perfection I cried I love the fact that Naqada net is just like this is what you know it's hairy tree a country should be I love the fact that it was futile for people of color who you know allowed an acceptance for you do love law in the sense that okay it didn't matter whether you and know bubonic Coronel your punishment is the same if you committed a crime I love the file that I was freedom of religion I love the fact that they did not keep slaves I know the father that was universal education like this was a yet another concrete I which we can like Adeline for they did it better and they did it right and I just I appreciate it like I just I love the I love the cargo net the cakana is it economic or cotton it's the cousin it is big I want everything on a t-shirt because I love love it I love I love all the characters we met him yeah I liked I liked Nasreen right in in queen of Shadows but I did not love love her but to talk Donna no I love her another basic one of the character that I loved Nasreen during us come so far since necessarily HeLa seeing her here I'm just like oh my god mmm yeah yeah yep and I also really love love the fact that we saw more of a diversity with Tower of dawn I'm I know that there's been talk about you know Sarah J Maas not a cracker though being diverse well I think when you reach out don't you realize that she is learning and she is doing better you know eyesight is definitely a favorite material and beautiful and so gay like I love her I love her but yes I do love the fact that like I said I love that for that history the story is primarily about our characters evolving from who they were – who they are meant to be even from you mean having to you know come to terms with the the lasting pain that she has that has kept her from achieving and like as in reaching that height of who she's meant to be to kill you know having to deal with the darkness that was present that was left over from all the trauma and pain and the fact that he hasn't even learned to forgive himself you know so many things and even like so many things that I had to do it I learned further we saw that in this book as well in fact I was also about necessarily because each one of them it was less limpa less mean finding who she discovering who she is I'm finding home and like coming back I guess I really love well I love God I love I love this book like I cannot wait to reread this series and I cut up on all the things I miss the first time I was reading a because like it's so good it is so good and I love god damn I did not expect that revelation with mouth what the princesses I did not see that coming as well like seriously like I know we kept saying Val Kings are like Val princes whoa why did I not think that they could ever be female like and the reveal about the Stig and Tiger time spiders I love that I love it I also love the fact that even the spiders over millenia have also evolved like those on the north and those on the South have been totally obviously different people really enjoy that not as much and I just I love this book five over five stars of course and now I am moving to the last book in the series which is in thing because I remember where we stopped and the last chapter the final chapter in this book just that's all I'm just a girl I'm saying boy I am thankful I actually did reach out like I know some people just jump straight from arrow fires kingdom of Oz because they wanted to know what happened next but I'm really thankful and happy my red towel done first because now I can just I'm just waiting for all my characters to reunite and like I said at the end of improv storms I'm hoping that Sarah J Maas who's the Sarah J Maas and gives all my cards of the matter happy endings I don't care if it's too convenient I don't care if it makes no sense for everybody to survive the war I don't give a give me that face thank you I love the disability that we got with kale I'm an evil but it woman so I would not be able to see if it's accurate or not but I just I love the fact that we got a full-fledged book that was all about kill who up to this point I'd be defined by his body by the strength of his body because he is a soldier is the captain of the guard he used to be the captain of the guard so for someone who has taken such pride in the strength his body has always afforded him for him to have to not deal with the fact that you know what now he can't walk is paralyzed and love that cirrhotic he knows through that journey taking us through careful steps upward to the point where kale can say without any form of resentment and you know he means it that is not his chair is not a disability is telling man he has always been a man animals to fight as one where that is walking or using a cane or sitting in a chair or riding a horse like we came full circle with that and I really you know I look miserable my face is swollen my eyes are swollen my nose is blocks I can't breathe I'm exhausted yes this is exhaustion this is our exhaustion nerves but this is what it looks like when you finally finally finish Kinema Bosch because I finished in a mirage like it took me a day and about 12 to 18 hours but I finished the series and god damn I love the series I love this final book I keep saying it though I'm Sarah J Maas knows how to write a good war scene right because so many authors when it comes to like this battle has been building for a very long time and then it's over just like that to the blink of an eye case in point the Battle of Winterfell if you want emotions you know that game of transition in Episode three was stupid that is it I'm not backing out from it I believe you were stupid not when you said set us up for this massive battle and then that cop out of an ending no but Sergey must does not do that like we got an epic battle scene we got like several you had all the characters converging I love the fact that she leads so many threads and then just wove them all intricate into this amazing tipis tree that was a plot that was the ending of Kinema gosh I love the fact that she broke me I cried and then I laughed and I know a lot of people are like oh my god I'm sorry miles does not have got big stakes in my books you know we've seen that in the end of aqua war and even the end of kingdom of a snake a lot of people survived that you know it would have broken I was expecting them not to and when they survived it was a breath of relief but even with that there was a particular death scene in page 751 I broke down in tears I cried myself to sleep and then picked up the rest of it when I woke up at soon this morning I know like I said I've not slept so yeah I just I don't have words for the end of the series I love where all our characters ended up I love the character development that they each on that took I love the fact that our characters have grown so much I just I love the series I love the series though I love it more than the aquitard series though I come office to my baby so I don't know man I don't know I definitely definitely one of my favorite series I love this like I am full on Sara J master I'm full on sword you must trash the fact that it took me it took me work I read in front of glass novel a day except for kingdom of ash which took me day and a half and the novellas which because I was at a point in time I was just reading one of Li day because I didn't I wasn't our investor I wasn't to be in this world but yeah if that does not tell you how much of energy much trash I've become let me just say categorically and I am sorry much trash and this series I love the series I'm definitely going to be read it sometime soon and um pick up on all the little things that missed initially bought I loved all the characters I love the fact that I love the fact that this was a real hug first of all right the stakes were high and yeah I did feel sad also you know about that other death that occurred in page 864 I did feel sad about that though it's a loss I can deal with but the one that 751 they're so heartbreaking remembering it but I love I love reading about strong women and I love the fact that issue is is populated with them whether they are old or they are young so many amazing amazing women and oh my god like I don't know what else to say but definitely definitely if I star read for me I loved every moment of it this is I love the series I love the series I love the series hello my door and ended up I'll overkill ended up I love oh my god a b-tree urine urine is bae bae I love what sorry I love well we're a mess dream ended up I love where I lied ended up like man-on-man on black big like and swallow let the maggots believe oh yeah I will love the the last scene we get of the old king like so many threads this is a big book but it's an amazing story and I enjoyed it and yeah I cannot wait for what other worlds and stories a gmask gives us um keeping my fingers cause that you know the next set of books do have more diversity because this is is very white and very straight but I still love this goddamn series like also can I see shout out to a lien for doing that with the gods you know what because Tina you ass bitch you lying no-good bitch I'm not gonna spend for anybody that's now read that part but if you've read that part in kingdom of ash whaling was like you know what this I will no longer be a porn I was like they deserved it not mala probably not so bad because you know but the rest of them after that is the end of my reading vlog if it makes any form of sense my face is swollen I have to edit this and then head to work I'm going to be going to work late but it's going to be worth it because the book was so good so yeah that's the end of my reading vlog if you liked it if you like the throne of glass series let me know if you preferred the aquitard series to the throne of glass series kind of like I do let me know just share your thoughts down in the comments below if you liked this video please don't forget to give me a big thumbs up check out my other videos subscribe if you want to I make new videos every Sunday's Wednesdays and Fridays and I will see you soon until then stay passionate love yourself strange addiction month I just can't explain myself

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