“I Remember” – A Veteran’s Poem

I REMEMBER I remember the date: December 22nd I had never been on a plane Never been away from home for Christmas When we landed The musty smell of jet fuel filled the air The air strip had been hit by enemy fire Burning debris littered the runway I remember missing beer and fishing Cooking out on the grill Thick, gooey slices of Orlando’s pizza Biscuits soaked in gravy Taking long, hot showers I remember missing my family Missing my sweetheart I remember the humidity It felt like living in a sauna I remember trying a rub of snuff It made me so dizzy I had to go lay down in the barracks I remember buying ice cream for a child on
the street for a penny Next thing I knew, a hundred kids
Were lining up for free cones from a soldier I remember sitting in a club enjoying
A cold drink when a buddy of mine from high school walked in It was so good to see someone I knew Someone who knew me I remember coming back and hugging my mother I remember meeting my infant son for the first time I remember kissing the ground And thanking God For bringing me home I REMEMBER

2 thoughts on ““I Remember” – A Veteran’s Poem

  1. This was a really nice and emotional piece. These guys go through hell and have to come back to a place that might have changed. This was a nice piece. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was an honor to be asked to read this at the Veterans home located in Kinston NC. Meeting those men and women was an incredible experience I will never forget.

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