I Remember – Spoken Word Poem of First Love

I remember opening my eyes,
Bright and wide to white, Like when we met that day, half a decade was
a daze, Let me illustrate the grace when you take
a leap of faith. I remember first the look,
A smirk, then your eyes do work, Just to flirt with a half crook heart
That lacks to be smart when it tastes The dessert before a la carte.
You unwrapped the strings that snaps You back to reality, how’d you do it? It didn’t
make sense, We were a walking past tense;
A timeless gem surrounded by a chaotic fence. There were even times I had to let you walk
ahead So I can see what angels looked like amongst
us men. Then I remember the moments that flashed in
spots Old school cinema like motion picture in the
sandbox Your movement was a movement, expanding through
infinite, Like trees bleeding with scenery, your mystery
grew reticent Whiles your eyes stayed innocent; a blessing
in disguise Like when the tide dances with the sand during
sunrise. I remember never felt the urge to wake you,
instead, I’d rather witness my beauty in bed,
She’s peaceful, so I run my hand across her locks,
Delicate by touch, smooth as porcelain. Your eyes are nothing but everything to get
lost in Like light hiding behind a flower about to
blossom. The petals like your skin,
Thorns like poison Drugging every inch of my body until it coils
in. So criminal, that fate can manipulate what
is so visceral No meant to be but the life I see when you’re
smiling in front of me But the past is highlighted in gold in our
minds, And times change when we begin to trivialize
Nit picking, itching, scratching at our flaws Until all that’s left is packing out the drawers
Nothing less pleasant than goodbyes When there’s no good in unbinding our ties.
So you called it quits, but better yet, I saw it in your eyes,
That feeling when no matter what’s said, All we hear is black noise undermining everything
We’ve threaded together. So on that last day, it was runnin in my head,
Questions all over again, that after all we’ve been thru
Can we still be friends? What’s the future hold? Do we have another
chance at warmth After we treated each other so cold?
It’s an untold story, but familiar among many; How you’d do anything to carry the love on
your shoulder, But all thats left is the idea of the things
you told her, That there will never be another, a love of
a life time, Only to see that if love is life, life is
simply blind So I subside, and continue
Memory of you is nothing but a reverie of youth
It takes me back to what’s pure and good. Will our lives realign once again?
I remember when you said you’ll never forget But time has become my greatest friend,
So I close my eyes and wonder Will our lives realign once again,
Before i forget to remember… you?

14 thoughts on “I Remember – Spoken Word Poem of First Love

  1. This would have to be one of my top favorite poems. Beautiful. Keep up the poetry !

  2. if i could speak like that, i could make any girl fall in love with me lol

  3. This has been very helpful to me, thanks a bunch!!!!

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