I See You,… ( a spoken word poem by Westley Nash)

even from afar i can see you so perfectly the real you that easily evade the faint consciousness of the roaming crowds day upon day it is visible to me is the morning sunlight itself i see the sadness in your eyes staring out at me like a pale lost face hiding behind cracked glass I see how the terrible her that grips your heart of cold hand squeezing the life from a gentle spirit that was born to fly free Greg you mercilessly to the freezing earth ICU in the darkness surrounds your magnificent soul like a heavy storm and how your hand fight desperately to shield that tiniest flickering flame of hope you struggle to hold onto the most savage women’s that relentlessly threatened to extinguish its light forever this suffering this fight that I seen raging within use everyday it’s what draws me to you were here in my heart is the light you need to finally reveal unto yourself the beautiful spirit that shines bright within you started you to hold up high and look upon without tears burning in your eyes but alas I must watch helplessly while you slowly fade for a while I see you so clearly even from afar you barely see me a tool I

12 thoughts on “I See You,… ( a spoken word poem by Westley Nash)

  1. wow that is some video, very well done, I going to listen to it again just to take it all in, footsteps cool

  2. I feel at times the viewer and I feel at times the one being viewed…perception…connection…most often called, Miss Under Stood

  3. Another wonderful piece of work! Do you get your inspiration from your personal experience?

  4. Is it love… <3 whatever it is…. it is delicate and sweet 🙂 wonderful poem, Westley…

  5. I will be reviewing this for my channel, I keep coming back to this one

  6. That was beautiful Westley reading & watching your videos is healing so thank you I hope you are happy & at peace 🌻

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