I seen people: Part 1 (Poetry)AUDIO

I Seen people fal, l seen people down But let me tell you life Notting but trials I seen people man Never get back up a little bit pressure And he starts to crush seeing people try seeing people fail seeing people walk around tucking in their tail you don’t have to be locked up to be in jail and Incarcerated in your own mind is hell Hard times then the fake one start to bail never lose faith within yourself Some people hate to see you do well So don’t fall victim to your own self is easy to lay down is easy to sleep Some do drugs to escape reality. I know life is hard I do feel the pain You asked me how cuz I used to be the same Won’t stop can’t stop no I cannot to the day that i die, I gotta stay strong I gonna move on to The day I die, head above water man I can’t drown Time don’t stop so i can’t stay down I seen the Stars stars so far but i stretch my arms Out I’ll start to reach now here I STAND heart on fire Tired of being a thief a cheat and a liar a man who changes his old ways that’s the man that I most admire Passion in my words as a pick of this pencil a man living life thats far from simple Life beat me down man really had me cripple my mind frame vicious It was so survival, but I made it through I don’t know how Maybe it was God looking at me through them clouds Looking at me through them clouds, so I’m saying a prayer. My head I start to bow. Thanks for yesterday tomorrow and now To the day that I die To the day i die

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