I Shall Survive Using Potions Volume 1 Light Novel Review #LightNovel

hello everybody and thank you for joining me in this light novel review today I'm going to be talking about volume number one of Funes light novel series I shall survive using potions this one art is done by Sue keema and the translation is being done by garrison Denham for the English release by Jay Noble club currently this is a digital only release there are four volumes available in Japan so we're really not that far behind if you want to pick up your own copy of this one I've got a link in the description down below I shall survive using potions focuses on main character kuru Naga say and now choir rule is a she's just an average girl just coming home from work and well she implodes turns out that all of our multiple worlds worlds that are such like ours and dimensions and everything else are being overseen by celestial administrators and the administrator for our world was dealing with some kind of crazy out-of-control cosmic energies and oops kind of allowed kuru to get blown up well I guess imploded gives you anyway either way big splat kind of a mess and absolutely no way for her just to kind of conveniently pop back into our world and so the administrator is of course very more remorseful and says to Kaoru you know what I've made a deal with an administrator that I know and I like of another world she's willing to just like poppy right in there you can start off like as an adult you don't have to go through the whole baby thing and everything else yeah so we're good to go and Kaori kind of says you know what like you're putting me into a world that's kind of like a medieval type world there's magic and stuff like I don't want to die real quick so I'd like to be able to lead a good life so can I um basically be able to create any potion I wish for the administrators like yeah okay whatever you know that's fine she's like well and you know glass is probably gonna be really expensive and hard to come by so can I create any container for my potions that I envision that I wish for yeah yeah okay and you know I need to be able to speak the language and write and everything so I want to be able to understand all the languages of this world that's fair and can have a dimensional storage space so I can just put whatever I want there so you know cuz I don't want to get robbed because if I get robbed and you know I don't have a livelihood and God knows what might happen to me move pushing your luck but okay and oh by the way can I go back to my 15 year old self because you know if I go back and I'm in my mid-twenties in a medieval world that's like I'm like an old hag I mean come on fair that's not even the total list but the most important parts for you all to know and so caillou gets put into this new world with the ability to summon or create whatever potion she wishes in whatever container she wishes um the only poem is see she thought that this was being really pragmatic that you know if I wish for crazy magic abilities or to be an incredible fighter people are always going to be wanting me to get involved in crazy situations and wanting me to like save the world fight monsters demons all that stuff I don't want to so if I can make some decent potions I mean you know people always need a good potion especially in fantasy worlds with magic I'll just open a little shop and it'll be all good what she doesn't quite realizes that maybe the status of this world in terms of its magic and everything else has been inflated a little bit in its description to her and that maybe her skills aren't quite as quiet and mundane as she thinks now Funes probably most known for didn't I say to make my abilities average in the next life that one's been out in English a lot longer than this series and also that ones getting an anime so it is a pretty big series and what's interesting is that that's not the first series that Funai ever wrote it's actually this one I shall survive using potions that author mentions that in the afterword of the book that it was actually their first work that they ever posted and if you've read abilities you're gonna see a lot of sort of the genesis of that story in this one however this one has a very different tone to it it has a very different sort of style first off it does have some similarities in the fact that kuru keeps getting herself into trouble which means she got a skip town and set up shop somewhere else it happens actually more often in this book than it does in abilities average and it's kind of really different because of kuru herself for good or for ill Kaoru is a hard character to peck down in many ways she seems very very selfish and self driven I mean most of what she does is to try and get herself ahead to get a better situation for herself but there are also times where she seems to do things that really weren't necessary that our acts of kindness that she gains absolutely nothing from and so you have this character who is very in a way unpredictable because on the one hand she seems like a schemer and and I mean like really a schemer that at times probably goes a little further than what she needs to and a little more grandiose than what she needs to but then like I said on the on the flip side do you then have this person who seems to have a good heart and has her heart than the right place it doesn't help when you're reading description of kuru and it makes it sound like everyone thinks that she's this cute girl but it often mentions that she has a smile that would make children cry so even the way that she is described physically seems to be kind of at odds with each other and I I have to think to an extent this is intentional because like I said it's it's a mirror both in her behavior as well as in how she looks and how other people see her but what makes it kind of a good thing I mean I say it's a maybe a bad thing because sometimes when characters act in a way that seems inconsistent you know obviously it can be a bit bothersome you feel like you never get to know the character but kuru I don't think is really it's not necessarily that she's like that it's just that she doesn't always think things through as much as what she should she comes up with this really elaborate scheme and then she jumps right into it but she doesn't quite think of the fall out of what might happen beyond it and I think that what we see is that when the fall out becomes potentially a negative for someone else that's when we see Kaoru kind of being like okay well I got this innocent person that's mixed up in all this mess so I want to help them out I want to do something good for them it's sort of like that you get a feeling that the character has some reflection later on but it's kind of a fun thing because it means that you really just have no idea what she's going to do I mean she starts off thinking oh yeah I'm gonna go with the potions that becomes an issue then she's like well I can use knowledge that I have from our world and apply it to people's problems in this world and it'll seem like an incredible thing because you know I'm dealing with hundreds and hundreds of years of market research that you know they don't have yet but of course that becomes complicated and and so on and so home like again as I said it's it's funny to see how every single time she thinks that she's just doing something sort of quietly she fails to realize just how big an impact it might make or how it might draw more attention to her if you're really looking for an intricate plot this is not one of those books at least certainly not the first volume as I said most of it is just each kind of section is dealing with a new town that Carew has come to and what she decides to do in order to try and survive and what she ends up doing to try and making a mess of it that makes her have to skip town it's kind of like the cycle that you get however I will say that towards the end of the book you get the idea that things are kind of settling it down a little bit there's not going to be that same sort of cycle over and over all over again throughout the series and there are there are some hints that there are bigger sort of things that becoming involved in Cairo's life as the series is going to progress overall this is a pretty light read I mean there's it's not like you think that the world is about to be shattered or anything it's not a heavy read it's meant to be entertaining which if you've read Funes at least abilities average you probably know exactly what I'm talking about it doesn't mean that there's no stakes it doesn't mean that there's no tension or drama or anything but you're pretty confident as things go along that it's all gonna work out it's just that particularly with this character that you're just not sure what she's gonna do next that's the big question of the book that is what keeps you moving ahead in this book and and like I said just this interesting character that you can root for cuz you know she's kind of got a heart of gold but at the same time she is a bit of a schemer like she is a little bit there she's a little dodgy sometimes so overall this one I actually found quite entertaining it was a nice change of pace like I said a very different main character and it was her unpredictability that despite it lacking a very cohesive big plot or anything I still found that I couldn't put it down for my next review I am going to be talking about volume number one of 86 this series the war series between drones and the not drones but advertised as drones yeah it's a it's a pretty awesome book I'll be talking about this one next time until then thanks for joining me in this video I look forward to seeing you in the next one till then bye bye for now

14 thoughts on “I Shall Survive Using Potions Volume 1 Light Novel Review #LightNovel

  1. Is this series written in the same way as "didn't I say to make my abilities average in the next life?"? I didn't like how that one was written. The pacing was terrible, and it felt like it was trying to tell you what happened instead of writing it in such a way that the reader feels like they're experiencing the story with the characters. I found myself bored with it, especially at the beginning after she gets reincarnated.

  2. I read this one. It's decent. I hear it's best to keep reading this series, as V1 doesn't really have a slam bang kind of ending, kind of ends on the promise of escalating conflict created by her existence in this world with her power set.

    Like FUNA's other works, a lot of characters introduced throughout, and some drop out of the plot as our heroine keeps running away from trouble. The whole "find the dream life" is still very much a part of this one, the heroine searching for a comfortable but fulfilling life, specifically one where she can have a husband that loves her and be able to care for children.

    I don't really love OP-ness, so it was nice to see there be reasons for her not to hide her abilities at times. That seems like it's going to change once she is known and upfront about who she is, but at least she has her own personal restrictions about who can receive her healing.

    Be curious to see how much they use that "flashforward" type device, like a Realist Hero has. Just one instance first volume afaik.

  3. Interesting. It at least sounds like a nice fun read. Loved the review! Definitely look forward to hearing about 86! I think it's amazing so far.

  4. Its out as a manga. Quite a cute story. Makes a change from usual Isekai. Using her wits rather than being op.

  5. This series is one of my favorites to read. And yes, Kaoru's personality and how she gets out of the messes she unwittingly gets herself into are the real highlight. I don't think this particular world could hold up very well on its own (and it makes sense as the author's first work), but the characters raise it up to an enjoyable level. I'm looking forward to reading through the pre-pubs of volume 3 soon on J-Novel Club.

  6. I actually like the flow of this review. Feels more on point you know.

  7. I found the character of Kaoru to be one of the big draws in the book. I also found the descriptions of her that others gave to be a quite funny at times.
    And yes, the series doesn't really go all out, so far, but I kind of like that part about it. So, while I might've read it already, thank you for another great review!

  8. You forgot the part of her asking the asministator wishlist "being her friend" ,-))). Kind of understand now why i found this the weakest of the the 3 Funa series when its her 1st. Safing 80k gold for retirement is in pretty much in the same style but with a bit diferent twist. Personally i like Ability average the most since Miles screwups and character in generall is the more likable and funny despite her powerlevel being the highest of all 3 . Whats make this one a bit hard to shallow is her "creativity" concerning potion containers easpecally later on. Well not that some of her wishes dont backfire on her in a pretty funny ways ,-)))

  9. I enjoyed this one and I realy liked how she lied about stuff. That was new (at least for me, have not read every book there is)
    Usually people in this tipe of books are good and never tell a lie or they keep quiet abou where they come from and what they can do. Other then that was normal.

  10. I’ve been excited for this, I can’t wait for the print release but knowing how the scheduling is, I’ll have to wait a while.
    To be honest though, I expected the main character to use the potions to become super overpowered and fight a whole ton of monsters but hey, this works too.

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