I Shouldn’t Have Stared At ENDERMAN In Minecraft – Part 8

[Sad piano music rain sfx] (rain sfx continues) The last episode the worst thing that could happen to a Minecrafter happened to this boy. I did that, I did that, I did it [echoing] I did it, I did It was so sad, I have never loved and lost as much as I ever have that one time I’ve been playing video games for a long time guys And I have never felt a twist of the knife in my heart Like I did the end of last episode. It hurt so badly, I legitimately actually cried and had to take a break. It was the saddest day of my Minecraft life. (rain sfx ends) Today’s mission – screw the nether! I’m not go back there I’m not going back to see the Dutch people. They’re all weird and scary and well, actually, you know what? That’s that’s racialism of me I don’t think Dutch people are a race. I don’t think that… whatever it wasn’t the people’s fault the the peoples of The nether it wasn’t their fault. It was my own stupidity for falling into a freaking hole That’s what actually killed me. So I went ahead and did some farming I loved playing this game, but I also want to make progress each episode and I’m always paranoid that people are going to lose interest Because I’ve never played minecraft before and I really want people to have fun and enjoy it as much as I am But I also want to make sure that I’m doing stuff each episode. So I went away and I. OOOOOOO! 19 gold for the big boy. I went away and I did some stuff. I I put these down I got this because my deeeeeamond Pickaxe was about to run out and I didn’t want that to happen So I made an anvil and I put some diamonds back into it I *scoffs* I went mining for like four hours just to get diamonds again So I got my diamond pickaxe again, and I managed to get seven other diamonds Well, I had more but I had to put some into the diamond pickaxe to repair it So I went off and I got some more obsidian again. I have 18 obsidian I also found a pirate ship where I found leather tunic which is enchanted. umm I mean which It, it looks cool. Only for the fact that has leather underneath it and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. Ahm no Wait can I not take it off! Did I just put something on and not realize that you can’t take it off once it’s on What – what is this? am- am I a joke to you video game? Also, I don’t know if this is done – hi Sam, what are you doin? [laughs] Sam get out of the wall I know I keep you stuck inside all day everyday. He’s he fun to compromise. He just scooted his booter over to the wall I also put pressure plates of all my doors. So now as I walked through a boom Is his face through the wall anywhere? [laughs] I don’t know. Um! What else has changed? I don’t know. Did I do anything else- Hi cows! TOP OF THE MORNING! IRISH SOUNDS! You have to Irish Bell for more Irish How are my cow doing? Pretty good That that’s amazing good cowsie wowsies. Hi Finbar! Are you taking care of them? Finbar’s like my guard dog. For my cows. Um, I did I change any of my castle since last time? I don’t know. I’ve been playing so much Minecraft. I had to farm for so long! I don’t even have enough for a diamond chestplate again. Why are you my going the worst way about this? So Let’s go up to our enchanting table because that’s where I really want to go this time I needed 22 levels. I wanted to do this on camera. Oh *giggles* ah, These bookshelves are here last timer. All I needed 22 levels to be able to upgrade my diamond pickaxe- Wait now it says 26! Why!? It said 22 last time okay, I need – I need more levels level 22. I need to go up levels NNNNOOOOOOOOO the temptation to go to the nether to do this again is Is really high. I also didn’t put a pressure plate on the other side because I’m worried that Monsters will be able to come stand on it and come inside my house. I don’t know how accurate that is I don’t know if that’s the thing that can actually happen in this game But if I go in and then step with the pressure plate it closes on its own anyway, so no bigness umm What are you doing- Sam? Get your head out of the wall. Sam Eat that and sit. Okay. Good boy, best boy. I’m still scared of losing you again. I’ve loved once before and lost I’m not letting that happen again. I also have calls to make my castle even greater. I know what you’re thinking Jack That’s the best-looking castle that I have ever seen in Minecraft. Hold your praise guys do whatever, okay? It’s just it’s just good old Irish noises guys. What I want to do is that it’s not Irish enough. Sure I have an Ireland Bell for more Irish noises. I have a whole field of spuds out in front of it I have a horse named Finbar, but it needs to get more Irish What I want is the entirety of the front of my castle to be an Irish flag I want the whole front of my castle to be green white and gold now. I don’t know how to do that yet I don’t know how to make green blocks, and I don’t know how to make orange blocks I could make gold blocks But I really don’t want to spend all my gold making frickin gold blocks out the front of my house. That and it’s probably not look as good as the rest of the blocks so our mission for today Exploration! We need to head out into the long distances. I don’t know which way to go Anymore that way we need to find a desert. It’s baby time. Come on, grab your friends. We’re off to very Minecraft lands Okay, okay, okay okay .Nice nice! Make so many babies. Make so many babies that I can’t even see you guys anymore Uh oh It’s nighttime, nuh uh-uh uh I’m not letting that happen again. I’m not losing anything ever again. It’s time for the culling It’s time for the cow culling, look away children. Actually, you know what? Look at what I am doing, for this is about to happen in your lives soon enough ah, I need to get rid of something er, let’s get rid of -why do we have so much stuff on me. Let’s get rid of some sugar canes. I need the leather Look on children. uh oh Look on- Oh christ, I hit a baby! Nom nom wheat wheat for the cowsie wowsies! Become big and strong like your dead parents *jack singing randomly* Thirty!? It’s cause I keep adding bookshelves like a- dumb! I mean that’s good, but I’ve never gotten to level 30 before. Im at level 22 cut a boy some slack! Frick guys, what do you think? This is a Minecraft!? Yeah, okay, see what I’m worried about is normally I would just be like oh blah blah blah Oh 17 cool But I’m also worried that I’m only able to do it once and if I’m only able to do it once and then I come Back and I’m like dang it I can’t do it again And it’s all gonna be worth nothing guys. I also wanna make an elevator in my thing, but that requires redstone I don’t think I’m quite there yet. And in fact everyone watching this episode already knows that I’m not quite there yet So guys I’m just gonna say that I’m not quite there yet ah Where should I put all this stuff? I want to put my wood And my papiers in there And my other wood. Cool! Got it. All right. Off! On an adventure! Guys, all I do lately is play Minecraft the amount of hours it takes to do anything in this game is astronomical All I do is wake up, play Minecraft all day, work out, and then go to bed again [laughs] You know what?! I’m not complaining! It’s not a bad thing This is some of the most legit fun. I have had on YouTube in such a long time! I mean don’t get me wrong. I enjoy playing games I enjoy recording videos and everything But you can always tell when there’s that one game that you find that just really sparks your joy like, Papers Please is one of them subnautica Happy wheels Was it when I played that- like just a key that you can really? Grab and sink your teeth into and I can’t believe it took me this long to play Minecraft, It’s the best video game ever made! Don’t actually think that cause Shadow of The Colossus still exists, but god dammit this game. I mean Minecraft, heck it This is one heckin’ ass video game- Heckin’ butt video game. It’s hard it’s hard – Minecraft guys I didn’t make an axe *chuckle* That’s great There we go. Get rid of that Hi FAKE, Sam You guys actually do anything to me? They’re actually pretty nice. I thought they were gonna attack me Cowsie wowsie! how you doing? How you doing? Just don’t think about everything- [gasp] sheepsies I need you Want to bring sheeps back to my place [baah] You know what? For now I’m just gonna- no I’m sorry sheeps. I’m sorry! Make love not war! Make wool not.. murder I’m using every part of the animal It’s humane. I really need to bring sheep back. Ooh hi! I need to bring sheep back to my village teh- actually, you know, what? No, this is a village Mine is a straight-up complex. Mine is a military compound at this point. Have you seen my seige ready castle? Ireland – Irish people have not been in many wars But by god if we had castles like the one I built We i- we have better castles than the one I built actually back in Ireland. What’s this a lectern? Oh, I don’t have that. Can I- Let me steal your carpets? [laugh] Books! And bookshelves! I need an axe! do you guys a workbench anywhere? Ooh purple! Don’t mind if I do I’m gonna take this Thanos ground I’m gonna repurpose it for myself. What did I just hear? Oh OW OW OW OW!- Cat! Do you guys know where the desert is? Oh wait, I thought this is the place where I found my horse Okay, I need Some sort- A A H That’s a cartography table. I don’t even begin to want to know how that works. Oh, that’s how you work Okay, empty maps… are actually kind of good, I think do I just take them out and then do this? Yeah, look at that I can see all the land for miles to come,. There’s houses over there Wait, are those houses? Ooh, this one has like magic stairs on it! Who do you think you are with a fancy house like that? Have you guys heard of the good word of jacksepticeye? He’s a really great youtuber and he’s playing minecraft for the first time well, It’s not the first time now.. It’s like the eighth time ComPass. Yes! Now I need sticks. Punch that tree Strike fear into the hearts of these men, or whatever they are. Squidwards. Oh, look. There’s rocks right here Crazy, it needed to be done! I need to stone axe. How else is I supposed to get stone? Look, there’s plenty here. You can just pull from that and make a new house Complain to me and eat sheepie beepies. I need to bring them back to my base Cuz if I bring them back to my base -also Okay, finish your thoughts there Jackie boy If I bring them back to my base Then I have an infinite supply of wool like he needs to put the infinite supply of leather I have a leather factory back there. It’s not a farm land full of cows It’s a leather factory get it right call it by its proper name But, if I have that then I can make orange or gold wool Whenever I have it and then put that in the side of my castle because let’s face it Minecraft doesn’t exactly have a lot of structural integrity It’s just about aesthetics. It’s just- you can build your house out of feathers if you want And it’ll still look good and still stand up and you can put a whole Compound on top of it and everything will be fine. Hi pigs Look at me look at me eat the meat in front of you Yeah, you know what that to happen to you keep walking I’m just joking. I would never do that to you pigs. You’re so nice Umm. But I also real It took me a while to realize that I could just destroy my boat every time and go from shore to shore I kept being Like, oh man. I need to find my way back to my boat. *chuckles* Go back to where I got off and I get in the boat again and go but really All I had to do was destroy the boat and put it in my pocket and then walk away with it And then I’m fine and then I don’t need to find the boat again. It’s amazing. He’s beginning to believe. It’s amazing what you learn when you minecraft for a while. This place is wild, bro It’s also not an oasis. I don’t know where to find that. Look at me. I’m on top of mushroom tree Hello mushroom tree You’re a pretty epic The only reason why I even want to find the desert- the Oasis area is because number one I haven’t found it yet, and I want to know where it is and number two. I need cactuses, cacti, kak- tree..? I need cacti to be able to get green dye Otherwise how else am I supposed to Ireland intensify? Right now it’s just a regular old castle- Looks like an Irish castle But unless it has the blazing colors of green white and gold and decide that we’re basically pissing in the wind Irish flag is also green white and gold So technically a yellow dye is the closest thing we have to that or a gold bricks or something But I wanted to be consistent so I’m probably just gonna dye a bunch of wool and put that up there. Hello big flower I stick face in you! [INTENSE SNIFF] AHH Allergy season. Oh, you make a bunch of dyes, whoa! I’mma bring you home with me SHEEPSS It’s not murder if I don’t hate it *chuckles* Said every serial killer ever! *laughs* Can’t we- put me away to jail. I enjoyed it I hate that it was such an awful sound. You know what? I should have brought shears with me Okay, wait if I- okay I got an idea, I got an idea, I got it- hold on sheep-sees nobody else has to die We will kill sheep NO MORE! Why didn’t even build my shears in the first place. I’ve never used them once in this entire game Can I- Oh god am I full? Uhh string. Ain’t nobody needin some heckin’ string. What’s up sheeps baa baa black sheep. Have you any wool? shut your mouths no, I don’t *laugh* I wrote that song for you guys I R O N See, little baby Jack would be scared of this right now. I can’t see what’s iron any more! Did I get it all? I think so Little baby Jack would be terrified of this little cave. “Oh, no, so spooky scared.” It’s not that scary guys It’s fine. The scariest thing in here is actually me. Is that a zombie in gold armor? Where’d you get gold armor, what’s up creepy? Okay. Where did I build? *scoffs* Minecraft anyway guys, I don’t worry I built that little thing The little workbench, you know what I could just build a new one ti, I know. aww This is lovely Just me, the sound of the fire and all the sheep’s wool Ready to harvest. I have No idea how I get back to my base from here. I don’t know what direction I mean at all. Well, you know, it’s fine A real adventurer doesn’t need to know where he came from It’s all about where he’s going and eventually you’ll end up where you belong time to go shave some babies It’s gonna be a cold night in Minecraft for you sheeps KYAHH!! oh What up? What up? Mr. Skelly, man? you up You, that’s what’s up. Uh oh UH OH CREEPSIES! run sheepies! Yes Oh Little naked sheep. Oh, that’s so sad. You look so cold. Now I don’t want you guys to be cold Can those creepers just really creep off? Creepers freaking suckin’- UHH! Oh my god. You killed him. *laugh* OW! Gosh ding dang That was my kill! I was going for the double Frick okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. Cause watch this. HUP HUP! Sheepsies! Give me all that wool wool! Not today Why do these skeletons have clothes? Well you’re dead. Now. How does that feel? See don’t chase Jack if you don’t want to get clapped back That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it. Oh, oh, there’s an Enderman over there right there Hidden in the night and the shadows do not fall into another hole Oh god, oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. AH AH, everything wants to kill me now. Oh, WHOA The Enderman just teleported to me. Oh, Is that him!? Oh god there’s another one over there. Is that another one? No, that’s a zombie- DAH! Is that cause I looked right at him!? People told me not to do that and I did it anyway. AH! This sucks, this sucks DUH Though there’s so many bad things Suck suck suck suck suck suck run run run run. I need sunshine, whatever whatever whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever Something’s chasing me and they don’t like it. Ah DAH!!! That is him What do you want for me!? I’m a nice boy. I’m just trying to minecraft. Give me the wool Give me the wool. You know what? You know, what you want? You eanna go buddy!? You want to go!? Okay, okay He’s scared He’s scared, he knows I can do damage now Uh, Uh, where’d he go, uh. Oh god, You’re legitimately super scary. HA Suck on these Mine-nuts, BEEEEEETCH OHHH Ain’t nothing but a thang guys I went to toe to toe with an Enderman. Missed his day up He’s gonna be so minecraft! I just returned that sucker to the lobby Man I didn’t get anything for killing him though Except immense pride. Give me all your wool please Come back, please. I need your wool. Thank you. I need to open up a new merch store Well, I just shared you guys any of your wool back already? wow You just get wool back if you eat? You see, it’s because I’m Irish. I know exactly how to shear sheep I know- watch you. Got to go. See that, excellent Super speedy technique, shears the maximum efficiency of wool off the Sheep without hurting the Sheep Just leaving them a little cold You got to leave suffer around the legs though, because if they don’t have all around their legs Then they’re gonna die. A lot of people don’t know that But I do [INTENSE COUGHING] More horsies? God I never gasped so hard that I almost killed myself. How much wool do ya’ll think I need? How much- How much do I have? I have 15 light grey 64 white- actually have more than that now Uhh Probably more right? Probably.. uh. Let’s get rid of gunpowder. I think I know where I am guys. I think I found my way back after all of these years Strapped stuck in minecraft Let me go. Man I really wish I didn’t put on that stupid enchanted leather Look so dumb. I mean, I am shiny. But now I’m like a beacon of the light everyone can see where I am I think my base is over in this direction. I think it should loom- there it is *chuckles* Cuz I – I think it should loom in the distance. See, this side of the castle looks badass. Oops Look at that, it has the fire on top of it now as well. That’s so cool I’m super proud of that All of you people out there judging my castle. I would say, let’s see you do better but some of you would but… Leave me alone. This is what I can do. Okay. Well, I broke the game My boat will be there watch this. watch this Boom boat see? I’m a Minecraft expert. Sam!! How’s it going? Sam? I almost died Not really. I just want love and affection from him. So I’m just gonna tell him that I almost died a, Okay, this is where I keep all of my animal products. All of the stuff that comes from animals stays in here So I have a lot of wools. Can I dye any wool any colour? Wait, I really should have them in my inventory shouldn’t I? Yes, yellow wool, how many do I need? [CLICKING INTENSIFIES] I don’t know I actually need quite a lot Uh, Okay, I Need more yellow dye. Okay sleepy time first sleepy sleeps. Sleepy sleeps, Sam sleepy sleeps TOP OF MORNING Top of morning! It’s morning time! Hello cowsie wowsies! Did everyone have a good night? I hope so. Whoa, kyua haha That’s funny. No You will die by my blade! I need the exp, I need to get to level 30 Or enchantment 30 I guess it would be wouldn’t it? cuz you used them Top of morning!! I’m gonna use some of the little carpets that I found Yeah, no actually looks kind of nice and then this is like, oh look come down here It’s kind of like a warning like you can’t oh, oh don’t trip down the hole Smack your head off my polished diorite. I know it’s nice. Very nice I like it a lot. I think I’m gonna have to bring some sheep over. I think I’m gonna need to put in a sheep farm. Maybe separate out these Half this, put sheep in one half and cows in the other. It seems like a good idea. What does sheep eat? Are sheep attracted to the wheat as well cuz right now I have 27 yellow wools But I need a lot of wools I’m ready to figure out what- how much it is because this is not symmetrical so I’m gonna have one color is gonna have to be less so to be like 3 blocks of gold 3 blocks of green and then 2 blocks of white maybe I don’t know we’re gonna have to figure that out gamers. That’s – that’s a big brain mission. Whoa Never been over here. Ah, is this all ice? Whoa! Icy boys! This is what the Titanic crashed into the Minecraft-Tanic crashes that iceberg right there Is that neat he’s a history? I need to find sheeps again And I don’t want to have to go as far as I did last time because that was an ordeal I just want to find the Sheep, put him in my boat, bring it back, and then come back find another sheep Put them on my boat, then bring them back Is that so much to ask? Oh, white horses. Oh you’re cool You kinda look like you have armor already The Finbar’s cooler though, is that a sheepie on top of the hill? Sure is! Hi! Baahh, yeah, I agree You guys want a wheat? Yes Just follow me guys. Follow me gang Come on dow- Jeeps okay. Well if- if, if two of you get in the night, then I can’t get in Guys *sheep bleat in protest & thuds* This is working, exactly, as intended *laughs* I can’t believe that actually works. You can use a boat on land How does that work? You know what? I’m not going to question the Minecraft physics or the minecraft gods I’m just happy that it works and I still have my sheep because I ran out of wheat Yes Oh Hello! You got a little witches hat! Ocean-sama?. Hey! HEY! It’s a bad potion man! He threw a thing at me! How dare you?! This is minecraft! Can’t do that, that’s illegal sheep I’m sorry that you had to witness that. Wait, am I different now? What did he do to me? Oh, it’s wearing off good. did he make me slow? I also realize that it has not once rained in my map of Minecraft That doesn’t sound like Ireland at all, that donesn’t sound like the Emerald Isle. I thought it was rebuilding Ireland from the ashes of its former self Oh, look at the big looming boy See the bigger the base the easier it is to see and you think that that would work for enemies as well But no the bigger the face the more intimidating it is for them So win-win. Come along sheep Yes Now you’re going in with these guys How’s the gate? There we go. Coming in here with these guys but everyone in here is lovely hey! HEY HEY Let this be a lesson! Let this be a lesson to all of you do not escape or it defiant deathly fate befalls you Haha, missed. How do I get a sheep? To not be in the same pen Okay, how many of these across is it? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven. I don’t know Let’s just do here Alright time to split it in half or as best we can No move. This isn’t working!! You defined little It had to be done Nice Now I won(want?) sheep right here. Now. We just need a second sheep. Come on little sheep Get him boat, get in the boat. Thank you. Get in my land boat *laughs* That’s how you kidnap sheep everybody just you just oax them in. You just poke em on the but say goodbye to your loved one sheep. Say goodbye to everything you knew before I’m gonna give you a better life, but you’re still gonna be sad that you don’t have this one. Okay. Well, um, sheep Sheep, I’m not gonna lie to you, were a bit. Uh, we’re in a bit of trouble here. ♪deja vu, I just been in this place before, higher on the streets And I know it’s my time to goooo♪ Coolie goo! This is epic sheep This is so epic! Look at us. We’re sailing across the land, don’t you realize how awesome this is? Can’t find a way. Mr. Sheep will make away Screw you mother earth. I have a flag to make. Uh Oh, we’re sinking. sheep! uh oh I didn’t know my frickin boat could sink. Nope, nope, nope. Nope, don’t you dare think about going back? Up onto the land, Hup. Come on sheep Hup There you go. Yeah, good sheep back in the boat We’re not done with this yet this mission is far from over sheep. Ah haha On the open water the way I’ve always wanted to be. What are you? Is that a rabbit? Is that a rabbit floating across the ocea?n What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be there. Oh no! Rabbit! Oh God. No, he wants my sheep. Row, row, how dare you? Is that a polar bear? This game has polar bears Friendly? Friendly polar bear? friendly nice nice? Hi. Oh, you’re cute! Okay, I’m just going to leave you mr. Polar bear Have a good time. I’m sorry that I’m chopping down all the trees and global warming’s destroying your habitat But have fun I Wonder if I could have a pet polar bear if I gave him fish. Break the boat Here you go. Mr. Sheep. Okay. Come on. Come on. You want the wheat, don’t you nom, nom nice nice nom nom Jump up here you dumb Jump up on the- jump up in the land. I made the land for you. Here you go Aha, not so dumb no more. Are you? Make a baby sheep, Baby Sheep AAWWWWWW AW YOUR SO CUTE NNNNNOOOOOOOO UUUUHHHHH YOUR’E SO TINY That is adorable Oh my god, you made that! You two- you made that You made that absolute ball o’ cute oh, yes, that is so adorable, I love it okay now; sheep farm, cow farm excellent and a Finbar Finbar’s just here to keep order. It’s time to commence operation Irish flag. I think I need a better name for it than that, but you guys know what I mean, huh? wow Alright, where just starting how much of the castle do I want to have an Irish flag on it? the entire thing? That sounds like a good idea me So Do I add to it or do I- No, I’m gonna have to destroy some of it With each block we destroy another one. We’ll take its place A better one a golden one. You must break down before you can build up to To truly create one must destroy Now that’s poetic *mutters* Okay, let’s- ok there we go Yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘Jack, what kind of Castle is made out of wool?’ a cozy one It’s still battle-ready. It’s still seige ready. It’ll still get the job done. This is probably actually too high Still want the castle to remain somewhat the same on the outside This is gonna be epic Oh my god *laughs* It’s a good start that’s a very good start *laughs* oh no All right I’m gonna need- I’m gonna need a lot more wool I *sighs* I forgot about the inside *laughs* Okay, I’m actually gonna have to do this then. Okay I’m very nervous because they tried this tactic again of going into farm in the nether and it worked because now I have level 30 So I’m taking my levels and I’m getting the F out of here, how do I get down it’s over this way? Okay, I almost fell down a hole again as well. Well *grunts* Oh Gody, while I was doing this- that would have been the worst! Okay keep looking down. SEE, there’s holes everywhere Block them, up block them up. I don’t care I don’t care, this sucks I was also gonna take down these Cuz I built them up to get stuff but I realized that there are actually good beacons to show me which way I’m going They kind of stand out. Alright nether portal, nether portal, nether portal Oh The nether scares me There is so much potential for loss- oh look at that, that’s lovely big shining Irish beacon in the night Okay sleep because I don’t want to go up to my room and suddenly there’s a creeper inside of it or something And then I’m like, oh man, I’m gonna enchant this pickaxe again I’m going to get what was taken from me before Okay, I think level 30 is the max unbreaking three, okay, what else did we get? That’s all! It’s just unbreaking three That sucks! You know what sucks about the last episode as well, I was farming To to enchant my chest plate Just so I could get fire protection and the thing that killed me was fire If that’s not poetic, I don’t know what is. poetic- misery Is what it was? Okay, you know what? Let’s just do this I’m too paranoid about losing things. Unbreaking two Awesome Man, I get a much better pickaxe before. What did I get out of it, I can’t remember was like unbreaking and then ah it was something else. It was like efficiency or something. Let’s see how fast it is at breaking rocks and stuff Yea see, it’s just the same After all of that, after all of my pain. but you know what at least we have it now If I repaired this, do I lose my enchantment And then I have to do it again. I don’t know how the enchanting works. Well I did it at least. That was another mission for today. If I couldn’t get – I can’t get my wall finished just yet But at least I can get my thing enchanted so we can move on with that and I get to spend some of my levels It’s weird that I need level 30 to get it but then to use it you only use like three I mean that’s great because that means it’s more efficient to use my levels that way so I guess I go farming again at some point and Then we can enchant some more stuff and the more stuff that I can enchant the better of the be and the happier I’ll be but I think it’s just kind of orangey when it ends up getting enchanted every time so we’ll see what happens Maybe you guys can let me know how enchanting works a little more or maybe I’ll just play the game on my own The way I have been and spending too much time and getting really far ahead and not really being able to get feedback from the comments because I just get from way too far ahead because I just love this game so much and I want to play it all the time. *laughs* But you know, we always say here guys IRELAND *Outro play* ‘I am everywhere’ by Tekxnoaxe

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  10. Sean-"Ive never felt the sa,e twist of a knife in my heart"

    "His fans"remembers valiant hearts 😭😭

  11. He said he found an enchanted armor in a pirate ship, I knew it was curse of binding, I just fucking knew it.

  12. Jack already getting scared while I'm waiting for his reaction to the End.

  13. If you're looking to learn Redstone, go watch Mumbo Jumbo. He does quite a lot of redstone contraptions.

  14. watching jack put on that tunic was like watching a car crash in slow motion

  15. diamond/emerald duplication glitch

    you need
    -1 dropper
    -2 repeaters
    -1 block of redstone
    -2 redstones
    -1 redstone torch
    -10 diamonds/emeralds
    make the dropper drop the 10+ diamonds really fast and while its dropping diamonds to you open the crafting table and spam the diamond/emerald block to craft it just when you have enough diamonds/emeralds it will usually make 2 blocks instead of 1
    have a good day

    edit: only on console because you cant spam the crafting on pc

  16. 🙂 17:23 haha
    28:16 xD someone needs to acc make this into a meme xD

  17. Jack: Puts on Cursed armor
    Hardcore minecraft players: You are not a clown, you are the entire circus

  18. I started screaming at him to not put the curse of binding chestplate on, oh well he didn’t know what would happen

  19. Our flag is green white and ORANGE not yellow or gold…… I’m sorry it’s just triggering to hear another Irish person say it’s yellow/gold instead of orange :/

  20. seán: i’m trying scariest thing here
    enderman: hold my grass block

  21. Jack: "Look at what I am doing, for this is about to happen in your lives, soon enough."
    Me: "You're going to kill us?! "

  22. Sean: I need gold dye but yellow is closest

    Me searching Irish flag: wait a minute
    Irish flag: 🇨🇮

    Sean: makes yellow wool

    Me: face palm

  23. Sean:Its baby time cmon grab your friends we’re of to very Minecraft lands

    Me:Sam the dog and Sean the human the fun never ends it’s baby time

  24. Sean: I’m really getting this game now
    kills sheep with a. Diamond. Freaking. Pickaxe.

  25. 35:48 – It's weird that I need level 30 to get it, but then to use it you only use 3…" Let me tell you about how it used to be. A bit father back, it took 30 and used 30. But even longer ago than that, it took and used *50* and you weren't even guaranteed to have a level 50 enchantment in the table, you had to open and close it until you were lucky (and hopefully didn't close it again and missed it!)

  26. My mom is in her 40’s yet she absolutely loved Minecraft. But sadly she gets dizzy and feels like throwing up from the textures and stuff so she stopped playing 🙁
    We literally played for hours before lol

  27. Felix: Makes Swedish flags everywhere
    Jack: Makes entire part of castle into Irish flag

  28. actually the worst thing in MC is losing a prot IV set with sharp V sword
    at the hands of a hacker but its close enough i guess….

  29. Here's a Minecraft tip for you: Enderman hate water. if you get chased by one, jump into some water and it will leave you alone. Also if you put yourself into a corner, the enderman won't sneak up behind you so you can attack it from the front and kill it. And it won't attack you if it's raining outside.

  30. Jack,I wouldn’t lose interest in your Minecraft series.I love new Minecrafters.

  31. He does know that he can just go to the save point where he killed the pig man and go from there

  32. Of all those maps, you Made maps of 2 parts of the word, you Made 3 of the same maps, twice

  33. Jack in his first Minecraft video: i feel so bad for killing that animal!
    Jack in this video: the baby cows must watch their parents die so that they know what to expect

  34. Its not siege ready until you build a wall to isolate and protect the farmland inside the compound

  35. *the fact that my name is acc Ireland makes this so funny to me, screaming my name " lmao

  36. sean: look at me eat the meat in front of you
    pigs:thats cooked beef you dumb dumb

  37. Jack: Baa baa, black sheep have you any wool?
    Me and no one else: No sir, by the way, WHAT THE HELL ARE MORALS!!

  38. The twist of a knife in your heart you say? Feels bad but, when your favorite villager moves away in Animal Crossing, you'll be rolling on the floor.

  39. Screaming at my screen as Jack says he doesn't know how to get home when THERE'S A COMPASS STARING AT HIM FROM HIS INVENTORY

  40. At around 23:40 you said "less" and it made my Amazon echo go off and start beatboxing

  41. Jack: getting chased by endermen
    Me, screaming hysterically: get in the water, GET IN THE GODDAMN WATER

  42. Can we be honest how long until jack spirals like me and buys the baby animal Minecraft plushies?


  44. jack: a real adventurer doesn't need to know where he came from, it's all about where he is going, and eventually you will end up where you belong

    also jack: TiMe To Go ShAvE SoMe BaBiEs

  45. I love his minecraft series but it reminds me so much of Felix with the bell and talking to his dog all the time and dying in the nether

  46. Theres actually a super easy way to make an elevator without redstone. It uses water and signs

  47. Tip:if dogs aren’t your friend and you hit it a dog will attack you

  48. Jack: kills enderman
    also Jack: i didn't get anything for killing him
    experience: am i a joke to you

  49. Those holes in the Netherlands is because of the Germans digging holes in our beaches 😛 (stupid Dutch joke)

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