I Sink Underwater – Spoken Word Poetry – Poetry on NATURE

I stay underwater. The tides are in,
Green as ever It shimmers like the water
Bleeding rivers It’s only natural
For it to be beautiful As it takes your eyes away
For it to keep For it to heal
For it to cherish As it takes your breath away
To store in yet another ring of its bark And the smile of yours that flows in the sunlight
It stores in the hard layers of its outer bark
And each of the leaves Stores each of the blinks
Each time you are by it Blinded. I stay underwater. You can see the bubbles of pure air flow
From the depths of my throat Have you ever been inside nature? Read its currents
Its hollow insides that man has made? I go to these hollows
Hearing the float of each leaf, Of each drop of water in its veins
And breathe And see little bubbling air rise up to the
surface As I am by it:
Blinded. I stay underwater. Where sounds travel faster than the
Whispers you give your best friends My wrinkles store your every blink
My face smiling under it all As I feel your breath in currents,
I go beneath, In your normal world
Open, Free,
To hear it all truly, I go
Under the trance of Nature’s Water world
As the rain falls upon the green, I stand with you: All this
Transparence? You are only by it

2 thoughts on “I Sink Underwater – Spoken Word Poetry – Poetry on NATURE

  1. your music is interesting, but doesn't sound quite right with the poem (just my opinion, i love your stuff!)

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